GALA Games: this is the SECRET SAUCE that will SEND this Gaming Crypto! (Top 25 INCOMING)

Blockchain people are finally beginning To realize that user experience is an Important thing that's that's a hugely Hugely vital point for the mass adoption Of blockchain I absolutely think that we Can be a top 25 project in terms of Utility and in terms of creative output And there really isn't anyone else in The space that's making games the way That we are we want people to understand What is really happening in this space And the building that is taking place so I invite you all to come join us and to Come check it out because it'll blow Your minds Right now Jason what excites you most About Gala and crypto at Large That's a good question man that's a good Question so for me what excites me most About what we're doing at gala is I like Seeing the increased interaction between The various parts of things as well as All of the plans that we've been Building for years and years now finally Coming to fruition I was just in Discord Last night talking to some of the Community and it's like I just made a I Did a little leak for our Gala gold uh Our Gala gold Discord and basically was Just saying that oh we have this thing Coming and they're like oh we thought You guys weren't going to do that and It's like no no we're definitely doing It if we say we're doing a thing

Sometimes it takes longer than we want It to take but if we say we're going to Do the thing we're going to do the thing And it was really nice to be able to you Know tell them about that and then you Know as these games come out last Expedition The Walking Dead Empires you Know The Reincarnation of town star you Know there's just so many amazing things That are finally actually coming out you Know that sort of hearken back to Earlier times when when we had just one Game and a bunch of plans now we have a Whole bunch of games and uh also still a Bunch of plans and then in crypto in General I think the thing that that Excites me is that Blockchain people are finally beginning To realize that user experience is an Important thing and that's that's a Hugely hugely vital point for the mass Adoption of blockchain because for the Longest time we've sort of been a little Bit of a crypto Elite if you will and Sort of a little bit Ivory Tower and It's very difficult for a normal person To approach blockchain and that's Finally starting to change and turn Around and I'm very excited to see that Continue to happen for those who don't Know I guess two-part question number One what is Gala and then number two What has Gala accomplished since 2021 When it got on so many people's radar

Okay So Gala is essentially a entertainment Company Crossing all verticals of Entertainment we started out with games We're in film and we're in music we've Got six feature-length film projects That are currently moving forward in Partnership with some pretty big names We've got some awesome stuff going with The gala music ecosystem and of course We have lots of games we've got close to 50 different games that are currently in The ecosystem in various phases of Production and testing and things like That when we started 2021 when we got on A lot of people's radar it started with Two things one there was town star And two uh we mentioned mirandas as Something that was was coming and Miranda's is an MMORPG that we're we're Working on and that was where we started And where we've gone since then we've Got we've probably done demos for close To 20 different games you know full Fleshed out vertical slices we're Beginning to penetrate the mobile Markets with you know some pretty pretty Popular games that are moving out into The mobile space we've got spider tanks Live we've got play tests for things Like The Walking Dead we've got last Expedition which is hands down the most Fun that I've had in a long time we've

Got Superior we've got grit we've got I Mean there's just so much going on in Terms of games and there really isn't Anyone else in the space that's making Games the way that we are I mean there Are some other games out there that are Quite cool but it's usually you know you Have a a project and then there's this One game that is is on that project or Maybe you know a couple games that are Super close and and but all sort of in The same little tiny ecosystem with us You've got all sorts of things for Whatever your play style is there's Something to to lean in on and we're Working very hard to bring these to you Know Esports to make them much more Competitive to uh you know build out uh Tokenomic structures that work for a Variety of different game systems uh While also you know working to advance All of entertainment together and still You know have a positive impact in People's lives and so we've accomplished A hell of a lot in the past few years Yeah yeah so like there's Gala games There's Gala film there's Gala music Correct is there a vertical that's the Main focus and then the broader question Is what vertical is best for tokenomics Because I assume they're not all the Same They're not all the same I I will not Speak to film and music I'm not

Particularly deeply involved in that so It would be very easy for me to misstate Something to answer your question Directly the gala token is something That is used across the entire ecosystem Okay it's the thing that powers the Founders node Network which runs the Which runs Gala chain which is our L1 That we're in the process of releasing Right now we've got games live and Running on it so music runs on as well The gala token is what powers all of That so it kind of stands alone by Itself outside of these other verticals For my purposes as you know I'm I am the Quote unquote president of blockchain uh Barbarian path of the Berserker I have The best job title ever I swear from From my perspective I focus a lot on the Overall to economics for the entire Ecosystem what does this look like for The founders nodes how does this work Going forward into the future what does The L1 do how does it do it what third Parties are coming to build on it we're Going to be making an announcement later This week that's you know pretty Phenomenal about something that's coming To the the gala gala chain ecosystem There's an entire new social media Network that's like going to be built on Gala chain we're not building it it's Not our project but there's a third Party that is and uh there's a lot of

Really really cool stuff that is coming So for me that's where I focus most is Building out the larger broader Ecosystem I am pretty heavily involved In games just because I really really Like games but it's it's it's more of a Passion than a job if if you will And so if you know gaming succeeds or The film succeeds or music succeeds is There is one of those better for Tokenomics are you saying it's kind of Just broadly all goes together get the Gala token okay uh Powers all of it okay So across the board in terms of Tokenomics film and music each have Their own very distinct models that are Focused on like a a listen to earn or a Watch to earn type structure but I'm not Deeply involved in their tokonomic Structures for that but the gala token Itself is separate from any of the Single individual verticals a lot of the Games function on different types of Structures depending on the game so for Some games you can have a system where You know a percentage of the tokens that Are essentially paid in as Revenue get Paid back out to players in other cases You have secondary tokens like spider Tanks has its own token called Silk Which is used in inside that it really Depends on several different factors it Depends on the contract that we have With the developer some developers

Really want their own token inside their Game others don't or you know they They're ambivalent to it Um some games the play style is more is Better suited to a new token versus just The the continued use of only one token So it really depends wildly on the Specific game and how the economy is Structured What would you say is gala's Secret Sauce that you guys have and not a lot Of other people have We actually ship games man we have like And I I hate it's not as bad as it used To be like in 2022 when somebody would Would say like hey you know come check This this blockchain game out and you go Look at it and you're like that's it That's a game that doesn't look like a Game to me and it was always a little Bit embarrassing right like if you were A gamer and you introduced a friend to a Blockchain game in 2022 chances are your Friend would think you were insane Now if you look at games like last Expedition last Expedition is it is Insanely beautiful and fun and wildly Crazy I could even show you I could like Give you guys a little bit of alpha demo On uh on stream if you want it's ue5 It's absolutely gorgeous I'm going to Get myself absolutely demolished here in A second so this game is most like what Popular game would you say I would say

That this is a nice mix of it's got some Elements of like sort of your standard First person survival horror type games But also the the fact that you have to Work with a team to is to to capture a Core which is what I was walking to Before I fell down this big ass hole This is last Expedition and it is Brutally fun this is why you plan on the Team though because you can have a Really really fantastic experience with This and your friends it's uh the new Build brutally fun like it is brutally Fun is it PVP PVE first person shooter Extraction shooter where you drop onto a Planet and you have to fight your way Across this planet with your team while Fighting other teams it's it's a it's a Full-fledged beautiful game the team Running it is head up headed up by Phil Wattenbarger who's uh who is the Project Lead for Halo infinite and the Call of Duty multiplayer editions for the The Last Call of Duty so it's being made by A legitimate AAA team that makes Legitimate AAA games and it is a Legitimately AAA game and I absolutely Love it That's what I think is the secret sauce Honestly is is we make we make stuff we Deliver now we had a really cool thing That happened two weeks ago where AWS Went down AWS like absolutely crapped The bed to our entire Community uh

Wanted to know if we could actually play Games while AWS was down and we were Able to load up and take a look at the Users and Run the game on a node which I Think is is super super cool because our Entire ecosystem is decentralized so all Of the video games that you see most of Those are running on actual user-owned Nodes I was looking at dap radar gaming over The last couple years and as far as Games they get you know the daily Average unique user connecting to the to The blockchain on a daily basis Splinter Lens was number one I think alien worlds Those were like number one and number Two regularly is that a metric that Matters and you know how do you guys Compare with those so this is one of the Things and this is this is in no way Shape or form throwing shade at the guys Over adapt radar they're they're amazing The question is is at what level is the Blockchain integrated into the game okay And it depends largely on what Blockchain you exist on whether that Blockchain is something that they index Or pay attention to and what your what Your gameplay experiences you take a Game like Splinter lens for example Which is Um if I remember correctly is on wax Right for a game on wax it's really easy To produce nfts it's one of those I

That's true it might be Hive I don't I Don't know which which one it is but the Point is is that every single match Every single card matches something that Happens on chain so you definitely need To connect to the blockchain for the Purposes of Doing anything right there was this uh Article that was that came out last year I want to say it was like last September Or something like that and it was uh you Know some sort of like kataku hit piece On on blockchain gaming and how there's Only like X number of users that Actually connect to the sandbox you know And it's like it's like 30 active users In in some time interval or something Stupid like that right Anyone who knows anything about it Realizes that that's that's a gigantic Straw man right Um because you don't necessarily need to Have blockchain interaction to do Anything in that in that particular game Environment some of our games are like That where you don't necessarily you can Play last Expedition without Connecting to a blockchain because You're you know your your main items are Just ownable items that you happen to Own and if you you know you don't have To move them you don't have to initiate A transaction to play a game right so It's kind of it's kind of a little bit

Different because I think it was Mark Twain that said There's there's lies there's damned lies And there's statistics that kind of Might be one of those great examples of Of that uh In Living Color what do you Think the biggest misconceptions are That people have about Gala Okay I think that one of the biggest Misconceptions that people have about Gala is there are a lot of people who For some reason think that we're we're a Metaverse token which I think is Interesting because we sort of popped up At about you know a little bit after but About the same time as you know the Sandbox and decentraland and things like That and we just sort of got lumped into This group of projects that gained Popularity during covid when everyone Was locked in their apartments and Virtual reality seemed like a really Great idea and we sort of got lumped Into that so I think that's that's one Of the the biggest misconceptions I Think there are also a lot of people who Don't understand sort of our our Fundamental tokonomics or how uh how our Blockchain works and what exactly that Means for the long-term viability of the Project and ecosystem as a whole because There's a lot of How do I put this um blockchain is is is Really bad sometimes for having

Practices that are not necessarily good Practices but they come become very Popular for whatever reason and the sort Of community of users slash investors if You will get an inaccurate perception of What a thing is like a burn for example You know most people understand a burn In the context of an Ico that mints Max Supply at the you know at an icos Initial Inception they have the token Generation event they make a 100 billion Tokens they sell a bunch of those tokens And then they have a burn that removes Whatever excess Supply they didn't sell Or things like that that's how they tend To look at things they don't look at it As hey this is a tool that exists on a Blockchain for a particular reason how Does that make a sustainable long-term Economy so things things like that are Are misconceptions people have okay now You came on our show about a year ago And that was really kind of just getting Into the bear Market And one of the things you said was like I want to assure everybody who's Interested in Gala that we're well Funded we're going to make it through This Market we're going to come out okay And so far you know that has proved to Be true what you said did pan out you Guys are still here you guys are still Doing it so here not going anywhere so Yeah that's my question now let's have a

Outlook into the next two years five Years are you guys still doing okay and What can people expect over the next two To five years sure sure I mean I think That that for me the things that I would Expect and the things that I would look Forward to is the continued growth and The continued decentralization of the Project uh we haven't stopped working at All and we've we're still incredibly Engaged with the community constantly Pushing things forward constantly Pushing new games new updates uh Gala Chain is as it's being released is is Fundamentally changing the way Blockchain and gaming work together and I'm super excited about that you're Going to continue to see that but you're Also going to continue to see an Increase in decentralization you're Going to see an increase in us taking Parts of this ecosystem and and opening It to the community for developers You're already starting to see this with Gala chain where we've got you know Third-party developer is using apis to Build their own apps to track uh you Know statistics and things that happen In game you know and in over the next Few months you're going to see a Dramatic acceleration of this as we open This to more and more and more Developers because ultimately at the end Of the day

It's not just us it's not just the People who work at gala games the Company right it's the entire community Of developers all working together and Yes we we work hard to build something But at the end of the day it takes Everybody so it's not just an us thing It's an everybody thing do you think Gala has the potential to be a top 25 Project by market cap I Am extremely Hesitant to make a statement about that Because if I were to make a statement About market cap I am making a statement About token price and that's not a thing I can do what I can tell you is that in Terms of relevance and utility and Things that we're actually building and The ecosystem and what's coming into the Ecosystem I absolutely think that we can Be a top 25 project in terms of utility And in terms of creative output Can I say that does that work I think That works that's that works man yeah I Just want to know what you truly think And that you know that does give me some Insights and help me understand We're very we're very very very cautious About some of the things that we say Um because that specific question is a Thing that I've I've seen another Project get slapped for Um and we want to make sure that we are

As always in compliance with the the Absolutely ridiculously unclear Regulatory space that we all exist in Um and and sometimes I know that that Irritates people because they would Really like me just to come out and and You know say yes right but that's not a Thing that I can do for a variety of Reasons And I apologize I wish I could it's all Good man you're responsible you're Running a legit responsible company I Appreciate that and you know the fact That you can't or that's all you can say Now totally understand it Jason give us Your final thoughts on Gala guys make Sure you follow Jason below make sure You check out Gala linked below final Thoughts for the altcoin daily audience Oh you want to see something you want to See something boom that's how you can Follow me right there I have a button Now Um so I am on the Bird app at bitbender Brink and then you can also follow uh us At and here I'll uh I'll turn off the me And turn on the at go Gala games I love My buttons these are great I just set This up last week so yeah definitely Follow us my final thoughts join us join Our community guys we're a it is hands Down the best community in the Blockchain space join our Discord at and come in and hang out

And talk to us we're doing some really Really cool stuff and It's It's really easy in the blockchain space To get wrapped up in Um in sort of the the the the whole you Know bear Market bull market thing Number go up number go down all of that We want people to understand what is Really happening in the space and the Building that is taking place so I Invite you all to come join us and to Come check it out because it'll blow Your minds


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