FTX’s SECRET Bank: This SBF Story Will BLOW Your Mind!

The headlines following the collapse of FTX and Alameda research have been Turning heads for months but there's one Very important story that seems to have Been memory hold by the media This is the Revelation that FTX had Invested in a small U.S bank with Peculiar connections to tether now this Is significant because as I've said many Times before Alameda was the largest Recipient of all the usdt Ever minted by Tether So today I'm going to summarize one of The craziest articles so far about FTX And Alameda research and tell you why it Suggests that SBF was secretly doing the Bidding of some truly powerful people Oh Hey so uh look I I just want to say Um I know a lot of people have like a Lot of questions right now about what Happened and you know Um look my main motivation in all of This was totally focused on being able To make you know enough money to be able To devote eventually Um all of my time to playing League of Legends like that has been my goal all Along uh yeah to to reach that Challenger level and uh become you know The LOL player I was always meant to be So Um to the best of my knowledge any Illegal activity that may have taken Place at FTX was

Um you know not my fault because you Know when you've taken a cocktail of Adderall and quinoa and played 18 Straight hours to improve your MMR then That doesn't you know make for the Um uh optimal conditions to oversee a Multi-billion Dollar business so so my Focus was definitely not where it should Have been so it is quite possible that Other parties at FTX were able to you Know buy a bank in the middle of nowhere Without my knowledge yeah uh anyway look I I'd love to be able to say more right Now but um I have to go and do a a Twitter spaces and and then I'm Appearing on like several podcasts later Too so like I hope that makes everything You know clear And uh yeah what when I get out of here In 100 years time my sole Focus my my Soul Focus then will be to make sure That FTX customers are made whole Yeah Yeah The article I'll be summarizing today Was published by unlimited hangout an Independent media outlet that was Founded by journalist Whitney Webb in January 2020. Whitney is famous for Writing a two-volume book titled One Nation Under blackmail published in 2022 Which recently became a bestseller the Book is about the network of Corporations intelligence agencies

Criminal groups governments Global Organizations and politicians that gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein The tldr is that U.S intelligence merged With organized crime groups in the 1940s And has been trying to take over the World ever since now this sounds insane Until you read the book everything is Meticulously cited and sourced and Whitney has repeatedly challenged anyone To provide evidence to contradict her Claims Now given Whitney's interest in folks Like Epstein you might be wondering why She's currently investigating what Really happened with FTX and Alameda Well the short answer is that Whitney Believes that FTX and Alameda may be a Part of the financial apparatus that Epstein was allegedly operating For context Whitney's book makes the Case that Epstein was a master money Launderer his purpose was not only to Blackmail powerful people by having them Engage in disgusting activities but also To make their dirty Money clean and Potentially even provide outside funding To intelligence agencies as most of you Will know Epstein was arrested in early July 2019 less than two months after Sam Bankman freed founded FTX As most of you will also know Epstein Was found dead in his prison cell in Early August 2019. the verdict was

Suicide and well let's just say that Plenty of people don't believe that for One second This left a money laundering position Open that FTX and Alameda were perfectly Positioned to fill if you've been Keeping up with our coverage of FTX and Alameda you'll know that there was Basically zero record keeping there are Tens of billions of dollars unaccounted For and the top creditors are unknown it Really does look like the aftermath of a Very elaborate money laundering Operation now to be fair this could be Nothing more than a coincidence it could Also be a coincidence that Sam and his Family have close connections to the Exact same politicians that Epstein was Involved with What's harder to explain however is that Sam hired the same legal team as Elaine Maxwell last December for those Unfamiliar Maxwell was Epstein's partner In crime and she was sentenced to 20 Years in prison for helping him do Things I dare not repeat here on YouTube She now sits in a minimum security Prison in Florida which offers vegan Food and allows inmates to play sport Now from what I can tell Whitney's alarm Bells went off when she heard that Sam Had hired the same legal team as Maxwell Two days later she published an article Titled quote FTX and the Curious history

Of Farmington State Bank which was Co-authored by another amazing Journalist named ed Berger To give you a taste the introduction to The article States quote the Farmington State Bank since at least 1995 has had Ties to some of the most covert and Criminal offshore Financial networks of The modern era with connections to Intelligence-linked financial fraudsters Of considerable notoriety I'll leave a Link to the full article in the Description and I'll reiterate that it's Easily the craziest article I've read so Far about the FTX and Alameda situation Now the first part of the article Provides a bit of history about the bank In question the Farmington State Bank is A fully regulated Bank located in rural Washington State it was founded way back In 1887 and for most of its history it Only held a few million dollars in Customer funds however in 1995 the bank Was suddenly acquired by Archie Chan a Brit living in Hong Kong Archie acquired Farmington using a shell Company in the Caribbean the man who Helped him set up the acquisition was The former chairman of the Federal Reserve branch which oversees Farmington Buckle up this is just the beginning Now although Farmington was owned by a Shell company in the Caribbean its Offices were in Hong Kong

The office building belonged to one of The largest trading companies in Asia That was known for trading opium during The colonial period now for reference The UK basically owned much of Asia Once Upon a Time Archie's ancestry has its roots in the Early colonial powers of Hong Kong which Along with the location of the office Suggests a connection between Archie and This Trading Company Archie was also the top executive of Glorious Sun an SEC regulated company Which owns real estate around the world Glorious sun was founded in the 1960s by A Chinese man named Charles young and His brother what's Wild is that Charles Was actually involved with the Handover Of Hong Kong from Britain to China in 1997. not surprisingly Charles has close Connections to the Chinese Communist Party or CCP also not surprisingly Charles has a presence in Hong Kong as Well as Macau another supposedly Autonomous Chinese region that's known For gambling and money laundering oddly Enough a Macau bank called Seng Heng That was allegedly involved in this Money laundering was sold to U.S Politicians what's even more odd is that Senghen was eventually sold to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Or ICBC the ICBC appointed Charles to Senghen's board of directors note that

The ICBC is the largest bank in the World by assets under management with Over 5.5 trillion dollars of assets Then there's Charles's brother who was Allegedly laundering money in the Philippines with glorious sun which You'll recall had Archie as its top Executive Gloria's son was later accused Of stealing wealth from filipinos with The help of the Filipino president who Was closely allied with the U.S The Filipino president in question was Ferdinand Marcos who seems to have Helped the United States Finance Entities in China who were opposed to The CCP using glorious sun and other Enterprises lo and behold Marcos was Buying weapons from a man who worked Closely with Epstein to launder money So to quickly recap Archie buys Farmington Archie serves as the top Executive of Glorious Sun an SEC Regulated company which appears to be Heavily involved in money laundering in The Philippines for the purposes of Propping up pro-us entities in China Something also being facilitated by Epstein and here's another fact to add To the pile Archie was given a royal order by the Kingdom of Poland in 2009 this was Thanks to a sponsorship by another Powerful fellow who has holding Companies in the same place as the

Holding company for Farmington in the British Virgin Islands the Shady fellow In question is Paul Chan whose company Works closely with the Chinese military Ironically Paul was eventually Recognized for his humanitarian service By the late Queen Elizabeth Paul now operates multiple companies in China with the help of the Chinese Military Now in the second part of the article The authors expand on farmington's Connections to FTX and Alameda they Start by correcting the reporting by Protos that claimed Archie hadn't done Much with the bank since 1995. clearly There seems to be some evidence of shady Activity given his connections Then they reveal that Farmington was Sold to a company called fhb Corporation In 2020. fhb was founded in 2019 and its Chairman is Jean shalopan Jean Subsequently joined farmington's board Of directors and the author's note it's Not entirely clear why he purchased the Bank in any case Jean also happens to be The chairman of Del Tech Bank and Trust A bank based in the Bahamas which Initially held the reserves backing Tethers usdt Dell tech was also the main bank for Alameda research which was of course Based in the Bahamas now as you might Have guessed deltek has close

Connections to Epstein but the authors Direct the reader to purchase Whitney's Book for the details well played Here's where the connections become Concerning one of the directors of fhb Is Noah Perlman who was the chief Compliance officer of Gemini when fhb Was founded and is now Gemini's Chief Operating Officer in case you missed the Memo Gemini was hit hard by ftx's Collapse via Genesis trading it just so Happens that Noah was reportedly the Person who pushed Gemini to partner with Genesis for its Gemini urn product Genesis closed its doors when FTX Collapsed due to its exposure to The Exchange which resulted in Gemini earn Having to do the same anyways Following fhb's acquisition of Farmington the bank pivoted to providing Cryptocurrency and international payment Services this was facilitated by Farmington officially becoming part of The Federal Reserve System in June 2021. Last March Farmington rebranded to Moonstone four days later FTX invested 11.5 million dollars into the bank via Alameda research as reported by Cointelegraph alameda's investment was More than double what the bank was Actually worth note that Farmington only Had three employees Shortly after that Ronald Oliveira the CEO of revolutes U.S operations became

The CEO of moonstone what's strange is That Ronald resigned as CEO of moonstone In August just a few months after he Took the position now for those Unfamiliar revolut is an online bank That's popular in the UK and the EU Revolut was created by njf capital in 2015 and the authors revealed that the Founder of njf capital Nicole junckerman Was a quote close and intimate associate Of Epstein the authors state that it's Unclear whether the Epstein connection Is why Ronald was appointed as CEO of Moonstone but argue that it's likely This is because of tether whose Co-founder Brock Pierce has apparently Bragged about his connections to Epstein Recall that Del Tech was tether's main Bank too What's funny is that the authors Initially allege that tether is a Ponzi Scheme but then seemed to backtrack on The allegation by pointing out that Tether was able to process over 10 Billion dollars of withdrawals after the Collapse of terror's UST not so Stablecoin on that note the authors Highlight the fact that FTX Alameda and Genesis are currently under Investigation for crashing UST now this Is something I've speculated on for Quite some time consider that UST was Quickly becoming a competitor to top Stable coins like usdt and usdc or at

Least it seemed to be more about what Happened to Terror in the description Now the authors then go on to underscore Something that was revealed as part of FTX and alameda's bankruptcy process and That's that the two companies had a Total of 17 Accounts at deltek most of These accounts belong to Alameda and Contained large denominations of non-usd Fiat currencies again if you've been Keeping up with our coverage of FTX and Alameda you'll know that Sam was Technically in total control of Alameda Despite him saying otherwise This begs the question of what exactly Sam was doing at Dell tech and Moonstone's balance sheets seemed to Suggest an answer as I mentioned earlier Moonstone AKA Farmington never had more Than a few million dollars in customer Deposits this all changed in the third Quarter of 2022 when the bank's deposits Exploded from 10 million dollars to over 80 million dollars 70 million dollars of Which went into just four accounts The authors applaud protus for pointing Out the obvious quote it remains unclear How a bahamas-based company like FTX With ongoing investigations by top Financial Watchdogs was able to purchase A stake in a federally approved Bank Remember that FTX had invested in Moonstone through Alameda The authors also tip their caps to the

New York Times which said quote the fact That an offshore hedge fund that was Basically a crypto firm was buying a Stake in a tiny bank for multiples of Its stated Book value should have raised Massive red flags for the FDIC State Regulators and the Federal Reserve it's Just astonishing that all of this got Approved Now this ties in to the third part of The article which covers a suspicious Partnership between Moonstone and a Crypto company called fluent Finance Shortly before FTX collapsed It turns out that Oliver Gale one of the Co-founders of fluent Finance invented Central Bank digital currencies or cbdcs Or so he says what's interesting is that Oliver has reportedly had significant Influence on the cbdc policy papers of Central banks around the world what's Even more interesting is that Oliver Believes that cbdcs should operate on Public smart contract cryptocurrencies Not private and permissioned blockchains Naturally the purpose of fluent Finance Is to quote accelerate crypto adoption By issuing a U.S Plus stablecoin what's Scary is that this U.S plus stablecoin Is described by the company as being a De facto cbdc given that it will have Quote built-in digital identity Standards Now this is eye-opening for two reasons

First the world economic forum and Others have actively discussed if not Outright promoted a so-called synthetic Cbdc where the assets backing the Stablecoin are held directly by the Central Bank you'll notice if you Watched our video about the wefts crypto Report second and more importantly Sam Bankman freed had said that FTX was Planning on launching its stable coin in The not so distant future Sam said this At the end of October around the same Time Moonstone partnered with fluent Finance and shortly before FTX collapsed This is why I can't help but wonder Whether this is why the powers that be Decided to take down FTX and Alameda Research in case you haven't noticed Competition between stablecoin companies Has been extremely intense and it Wouldn't surprise me if circle is the Last stablecoin issuer standing more About why that is using the link in the Description I digress As for the authors at unlimited hangout They speculate that quote if tether is Set to unravel in the wake of ftx's Collapse then us plus seems designed to Be the trustworthy counterpart meant to Herd the Legacy Financial system into The cbdc era where central banks will Have total control One thing is for sure and that's that Quote the connections revealed by

Pulling on the single thread of ftx's Relationship with Farmington State Bank Revealed that the corrupt actors and Entities in this story extend far beyond Bankman freed and FTX I couldn't have Put it better myself so this brings me To the big question and that's whether Sam was secretly doing the bidding of Some very powerful people While the evidence discussed in the Unlimited hangout article is mostly Circumstantial it's hard to ignore what You see when you put the facts side by Side like this To be honest I don't have much to say About the Farmington side of the story I Reckon every single Financial Intermediary has been involved in some Degree of illicit activity this means That these Financial intermediaries can Never be trusted and that's why Cryptocurrencies exist This is something that seems to have Been forgotten on the FTX and Alameda Side of the story both companies were Ultimately intermediaries and this left Them open to the same corruption as Institutions in the traditional Financial system What makes FTX and Alameda different From the other crypto exchanges is that Sam and his family had uncomfortably Close connections with some of the most Powerful people on the planet if you

Watched our video about the FTX Testimony you'll know that Sam's parents Were very involved in his work too the Fact that they are not facing nearly the Same degree of scrutiny is evidence to Me that there are some very powerful Interests at play here never mind all The stuff about the top creditors having Their identities concealed as well as The identities of the people who put up The collateral for Sam's Bond speaking Of which I don't buy the idea that Sam Was Dumb and didn't know what he was Doing he clearly did know what he was Doing and I'm confident this will be Proven in court what I want to know is Who was telling him to do what he was Doing because he doesn't strike me as a Mastermind this is something that was Picked up by the authors at unlimited Hangout Too in the introduction to the Article they speculate that there was Someone above Sam at FTX and Alameda This is because the names of the people Who appointed ftx's new CEO and fdx's New law firm Are reportedly unknown this Is even more circumstantial evidence to Suggest that FTX and Alameda were part Of a much larger operation this Operation could be Financial it could be Political heck it could be both This is simply because you can do Anything with money especially when you Have access to black holes offshore of

All the possible operations that FTX and Alameda were involved in the one that Seems most probable to me is the ongoing Operation to either control or kill the Crypto industry something currently Being spearheaded by central banks and Other institutions in the traditional Financial system in retrospect it's Possible that FTX and Alameda were Primarily created to collect sensitive Information about the largest crypto Companies and projects such as tether The financial and political components Probably came much later consistent with Farmington's 2020-2022 timeline Usdt is the largest stable coin and Sam Probably has lots of information that He's ready to reveal in return for a Lighter sentence maybe he'll even walk Free if he does I will take it as proof That collecting info was FTX and Alameda's primary purpose all along make No mistake if these assumptions are even Remotely correct then we could be on the Brink of a crypto Crackdown unlike any Other the good news is that everything That's decentralized Will Survive the Bad news is that most cryptocurrencies Are centralized and they won't stand a Fighting Chance More about decentralization in the Description trust me folks it's never Been more important than it is now



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