FTX Exec (another one) FLIPS on SBF!!! 🚨 5 Altcoins BIG News!

The cftc has filed fraud allegations Against former FTX official nashad Saying he of course is the former head Of engineering at FTX the now defunct Crypto exchange and Matt this news out Of regulators here in the U.S which Would be civil charges is after we got News earlier today that Singh also had Pled guilty to criminal charges here in The U.S so much is happening in Cryptocurrency you miss a day you miss a Lot in today's video I'm going to take You through it everything you need to Know make sure you subscribe to our Channel for Daily cryptocurrency News Keeping you informed on everything you Need to know about involving Cryptocurrency a former FTX director has Turned on Sand bankman freed former FTX Engineering Chief nishad Singh pleaded Guilty in a cooperation deal against the Cryptocurrency exchange's co-founder SBF This news out of regulators here in the U.S which would be civil charges is After we got news earlier today that Singh also had pled guilty to criminal Charges here in the U.S yeah I mean I'm Not sure how the criminal case would Affect a civil suit but if you've Already pled guilty in one Court it Would make sense Um that you're going to plead guilty in Another he's got a deal it seems like With the doj for his testimony and the

Question is does that carry it over to The CFT suit in terms of giving him Leniency the kind that we would expect To keep him out of jail for a longer Period of time in exchange for his Testimony Yeah very good point and of course we've Already seen other former FTX and Alameda officials cooperating with Prosecutors as well so of course a story That continues to evolve again the cftc Filing fraud allegations against nishad Singh In other news this is a huge win For crypto adoption web3 adoption gaming Adoption I told you crypto gaming is Gonna be huge it's not a matter of if It's a matter of when and this makes me Realize that the dominoes are falling a Lot faster than we all thought the Leading platform for game developers Introduces an online storefront for Decentralized tools adding support for Major web 3 players metamask commuter Blacks Solana as part of the toolkit Unity is adding support for 13 different Blockchain based software kits sdks from Chains and products including algorand Aptos flow immutable X metamask Solana Tezos Unity aims to provide game Developers resources to connect with Web3 gaming a crypto sector that's been On the rise with the decentralization Storefront in the unity asset store Developers can build in blockchain

Technologies such as non-fungible tokens And the metaverse to bolster gameplay Experiences quote the gaming industry is Rapidly growing and the web3 gaming Sector is attracting significant Investments metamask said in a tweet our Listing in unity will bring web3 values To the gaming industry it's a whole new Era for gaming devs Foreign Established non-web three company Adopting web3 technology this movement Is bigger than web 3 according to the Secret Network's founder we have the Best chance to steer these massive Companies in the right direction we need To give them better incentives until I Think a few years ago there were not Really big incentives for big Corporations like Google and others to Change the ways I think that is slightly Shifting not enough it's like baby steps But like whether it's regulation whether It's web 3 whether it's like all these Uh privacy enhancing technologies that Were sci-fi until a decade ago but are Actually becoming realistic and Practical in these days even companies Like Google are putting a lot of Research and then turning that into Production effort into privacy Preserving Technologies so and I do Think this whole privacy preserving Confidential Computing you know whatever

You want to call it more movement goes Bigger than just web 3 it goes back to Web 2 but I think web3 just says the the The Let's say We have the best chance and most Likelihood to basically steer those big Companies in the right direction because Without that they're not incentivized to Do it did you even realize this polygon Studios quietly changed their name to Polygon gaming basically a complete Rebrand to focus solely on gaming it Happened so seamlessly you probably Missed it trust everyone knows gaming is The conductor of mass web 3 adoption Again check out our top 10 gaming tokens Video If you haven't watched this Already it's interesting also that Polygons Rebrand happens around the same Time that coinbase launches their base Their eth L2 not saying that the events Have interconnectivity but you can Visibly see a race between two Powerhouses starting coinbase is L2 will Attack the same Market as polygon both Companies are branding themselves Accordingly and coinbase's L2 roll-up What a watershed moment in the evolution Of ethereum's roll-up L2 ecosystem if You're unfamiliar what is coinbase's eth L2 what is base fine Maddox put out a Great short he has a great YouTube Channel what is bass coinbase is

Ethereum L2 explained space he's a Recently announced ethereum L2 built by The coinbase team similarly to other l2s Bass is a separate chain that extends Ethereum and inherits its security Guarantees this allows for scaling Ethereum by creating a low-cost Environment able to accommodate new Users base is built on optimism's open Source op stack op stack is the Standardized shared and open source Development stack that powers optimism And is maintained by the optimism Collective building on the op stack Means that bass is creating a specific Type of L2 called an optimistic roll-up Optimistic rollups execute transactions Outside ethereum but post transaction Data to the ethereum mainnet optimistic Are considered optimistic because they Assume transactions posted to ethereum Are valid in cases where transactions Are not calculated correctly optimistic Rollups rely on the fraud proving scheme Not to mention ethereum l2s in general Just killing it arbitrum surpasses Ethereum in transaction volume the L2 Has surpassed the L1 in transaction Volume video from the boys over at Bankless this is a big week for arbitrum Transaction volumes through the absolute Roof the new all-time high in Transaction volume of for arbitrine I Think 2x is previous all-time high

Arbitron passed ethereum arbitrum and Layer 2 by itself past the ethereum L1 Transaction first time this has happened Ever ever and it won't be the last get Your tickets to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through 20th Miami Beach this year Use code altcoin daily 10 off this is The biggest Bitcoin Conference of the Year ticket prices continue to increase As we get closer to the event use code Alt Point Daily 10 off get your tickets Now what about cardano I mean Unity is Adopting ethereum metamask eth altuz Solana algorand Aptos why aren't people Doing this on cardano what about cardano Nfts point of view you're a cardano Holder at nft Paris locked in Lucas Featuring not thread guy which blocks if Maxi I'm more into the cardano scene you Know why you don't like it Really bro do you like it like it's much Better than Ethan Solana and all of Those shits man really why bro is like The future man like the revolutionized Okay when the straight face Which blockchain man which blockchain uh Everything yeah so but mostly mainly so Soon Cardano cardano you don't need the Cardano I have like hold some of it no Really bro I know you don't like cardano Bro no no you What about privacy now I would say that Monero is the most private

Cryptocurrency with the greatest Adoption however in his reporting on Chain analysis and others a wired Reporter found that XMR Monero is Traceable too I wanted to show you this To put it on your radar I like Monero But what do you think about this Alpha Bay came back online in late 2021 now Run by its former second in command and Alpha Bay now only accepts Monero as um You know for drug transactions or crime Transactions basically I think that's a Really interesting example Monero is There's no doubt far far harder to Traits than Bitcoin has ever been it it Like kind of Tangles up people's Transactions and hides the amounts of Them and And and so you know it may seem that Like this golden age of cryptocurrency Tracing is coming to an end that people Are wising up but I think it's maybe More accurate just to see it as like a Another phase another step in this cat And mouse game and in that same leaked Chain analysis presentation That we talked about They claim that they can trace Monero in The majority of cases you know they say That that's like in I think like Something like 60 of cases they can get A usable lead subscribe to our Channel If you want to be a part of daily videos Covering the entirety of the

Cryptocurrency market and rest assured That cryptocurrency is the future we Believe that the internet needs a Currency Square slash cash app slash the Blocks coo and CFO subscribe to the Channel join the altcoin daily team I'll Leave you with this I wanted to ask you About Bitcoin Um you have I think about 1.83 billion Dollars as of Q4 uh in terms of uh Revenue down seven percent you also have Uh Bitcoin on your balance sheet how Much is there right now Over 130 million dollars of Bitcoin on Our balance sheet as of the end of the Year with a fair market value being Above that Um you know look uh ultimately for us This is a long-term potentially Transformational initiative to build Utility into the Bitcoin ecosystem we Believe the internet needs a currency Um that will help bring down uh Inefficient costs in the system that Exists right now uh particularly for Underserved consumers around the world And in Emerging Markets so our Focus Here is on the ways in which we can help Build resilience utility into the Bitcoin ecosystem but we're doing that In a disciplined way


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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