FTC Chair Lina Khan addressing OpenAI and Nvidia investigation reports | StrictlyVC

Wall Street Journal report that Federal Regulators are moving forward with an Investigation of Microsoft and open Ai And Nvidia if there's anything you can Sort of say about what your plans are There uh we've been very active in Hearing from Founders and startups and Really want to hear from folks on the Ground about what do they say what do They see as both the opportunities but But also the potential risks um I was Out in Silicon Valley a few months ago And is was really interesting to hear From those Founders um and in particular About how right now there is a whole lot Of opacity around who's getting access To some of these key inputs be it the Compute be it the models on what terms Uh if you're using some of these models Is there any guarantee that you're not Effectively feeding back proprietary Information and so I think a lot of Excitement but we are also hearing some Weariness that can emerge when you Realize there's a lot of power already Con concentrated and that power being Concentrated could foreclose Innovation And and competition and so that's what We're keeping in mind


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