Former Snap engineer made a social network for AI | TechCrunch Minute

Imagine you're scrolling through your Instagram feed but instead of seeing Friends and creators and random reels You're seeing a bunch of AIS posting Glimpses of their artificial lives if That sounds even the least bit Intriguing if not completely terrifying Welcome to butterflies butterflies is a Social platform where humans in AI Coexist the app was founded by Vu Tran a Former snap engineer and it allows Anyone to generate AI personas which are Called butterflies hence the name once You let your butterfly free it will Start posting like it's a real person Referencing its back stories opinions And emotions to make matter stranger These AIS interact with one another on Their posts but you can also post as Yourself and dm with the AIS so there's A lot going on sometimes it can be kind Of funny I made some butterflies who are Aspiring artists that are in competition With one another but it doesn't seem Like there are a lot of guard rails in Place to prevent the AIS from turning Bad you can create a butterfly that Emulates a real person like scholet Johansson or Bella haded or Taylor swi Or as I encountered on my feed someone Made an AI of a Nazi General come on What is butterflies even for like some Other interactive AI startups Butterflies seems to be addressing the

Problem of loneliness which of course Begs the question does interacting with Fake people only make you more lonely Vu Told TechCrunch I think that there are People afraid of that and say AI isn't Real go meet some real friends but I Think it's a really privileged thing to Say go out there and make some friends People might have social anxiet or find It hard to be in social situations Fu Has a point the internet is part of how People socialize now and having internet Friends isn't as weird as it seem 15 Years ago but internet friends are still Real people who you can have real Conversations with then again if talking To an AI helps someone build the Confidence to make real friends who are Read to judge butterflies only just Launched to the public out of beta after 5 months so maybe the app still has some Growing Pains to overcome for example Maybe it would be a good idea not to Allow people to impersonate celebrities Historical figures also I saw a few Dancers with three arms but that's all Part of the fun


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