Former OpenAI Board Member on AI Legislation and Regulation | StrictlyVC | TechCrunch

Sort of all the experiences you've had Working with both open Ai and some of The other companies you work with Through the work that you're doing now Are you optimistic we're going to get it Right like huge uncertainty and I think Anyone who is sure one way or another Sure that things are going to go fast or That they're going to be really slow Sure that they're going to be amazing or Terrible um I I think it's misguided to Have a ton of confidence either way so I Think um I think there's a really wide Range of potential Futures and um in one Way it's going to be very exciting to Get to see where things go um hopefully It's just exciting and not you know not Scary or bad um but I think I think we Should take seriously the possibility That there's just a very wide range of Ways that that the future could play out From here


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