Florida man arrested for allegedly shooting down a delivery drone | TechCrunch Minute

Florida man is at it again this time This particular Florida man saw a Walmart drone and allegedly shot it down Because he thought it was spying on him In reality this mysterious flying object Was part of a Walmart drone delivery Demonstration conducted to attract Business and interest according to Fox 35 Orlando the local news report Explains that the delivery crew stood in A CLD AAC waiting for the Drone to Descend to make this foe delivery Instead they heard a loud gunshot then Saw an older man holding a gun toward The sky the suspect ended up getting Arrested with charges for discharging a Firearm on residential property and for Criminal mischief resulting in damage of Over $1,000 according to Walmart the damage Actually amounted to around $2,500 Mostly to the drone's payload system Okay Florida man jokes aside what does This incident mean for the future of Drone shipping it's not just Walmart That's invested in this technology Amazon and Google also want to send our Packages flying through the sky but is This even feasible I know these are Incomprehensive L wealthy multi-billion Dollar companies but investing in drone Shipping is wild to me in 2022 Amazon Was estimated to be spending $484 on each drone delivery and while

That price has been estimated to drop to Around $63 that's still almost 20 times More expensive than ground delivery on The off chance that these drone costs go Down will these companies hopes be Dashed by people shooting drones out of The air like imagine you order some Printer ink on Amazon that's supposed to Get delivered by drone but then you get A notific that your printer Inc has been Shot down and will never be found again I mean maybe that's a concern because This is not the first time this has Happened and with each successive drone Shooting we keep running into the same Issues in which the law has not been Written to legislate violence against Flying Amazon deliveries in a 2016 drone Shooting incident the Federal Aviation Administration pointed to a law on Aircraft sabotage though that was more Focused on manned aircrafts then Similarly to this recent Florida Incident a 2020 drone shooting resulted In felony charges related to criminal Damage and discharging a weapon in city Limits but all this might not end up Being relevant because the Drone Deliveries are so expensive so if a Walmart delivery drone Falls and no one Is there to hear it did it really make a Sound


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