Florabot is using robotic arms to make floral arrangements

Foreign Are still made completely by hand And it's very labor intensive there's a Huge labor shortage in the flower Industry floorbot is a company that is Automating the process of making flower Arrangements we started about a year ago And we moved into Mass robotics about a Month and a half ago We decided to implement as much existing Technology to automate this industry you Will go up to the tablet and order the Arrangement that you like and then the Robot will make it for you in front of You on demand What you see at first are the Roses on a Jig then the robot grabs the roses and Puts them into the arrangement and so The robot is going to know what flower Goes in what position One of the materials we're using here is Called a water pick so it's a small Water tube the water picks are actually Plastic tubes so it gives a little bit Of a standardization when we're picking Up non-standard stems when you're trying To differentiate between flowers Majority of the Rose is a green stem With green leaves and so it all looks The same so it's very hard for let's say Our vision system to pick up the Variations on one side there's not Enough standardization for us to pick up The stems and then on the other side

It's too much of one color and standard Look for us to see the variation There's a lot of variety they're a soft Product picking up soft materials is Still very difficult for robots so That's a big issue and picking up Anything that isn't very standardized is Very difficult for robots and flowers Nothing that grows out of the earth is Standardized


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