Finding the NEXT Pepe Coin: The Truth About Crypto

What you saw was probably coordinated by Some pretty big whales on Pepe and those Big whales only come out to do that kind Of stuff here and there once the real Bull Run starts I believe the whales Will be more focused on today I Interview long time crypto commentator Elliot avello trades as he exposes this Meme coin Mania we're seeing in crypto We discussed the coordinated rise of Pepe the next Pepe the next crypto Project the whales really may be Interested in but before all that Elliot What are your general views on Meme Coins the memes the memes they are Happening you know what's funny is every Time we see a meme coin Season if you will uh it there's a lot Of people who have no context on the Meme coin Seasons that have come before Now if you look I think Ivan showed a Chart on his a video recently where he Shows the price of Bitcoin and the Volume of meme coins um as like the Oscillator on the bottom was like meme Coins and the price of Bitcoin was a Normal chart and most times almost every Single time the the coming of the meme Coins has signaled has been the the Horsemen of the Apocalypse for bitcoin Price and that's because effectively What it is is a fully divorcing it's a Complete div like I'm Giving Up on Utility I'm giving up on this stuff

Doing anything here's a meme here's a Here's a nothing project that we Promised nothing it promises nothing Except maybe it'll make you money most Likely it won't maybe it'll make you Some money it's pure gambling pure Casino Um and that is usually like a last-ditch Effort if the only thing working is Casino there's some issues right and so Um doesn't mean that you can't make Money on Meme coins of course some People do and those stories I would Argue are fairly damaging because those Stories are the ones that everybody Shares right when you hear about the Average tick tocker they came to crypto Because they heard of people about People getting rich on Doge right they Heard about the Dogecoin millionaire They heard about people getting rich on Ship right and and that's what brought Them into the space and so they weren't Here for you know decentralized Consensus mechanisms and for power to The edges and censorship resistant money Like they they learn about that stuff Afterwards they were here because they Heard someone buying an eight picture And getting rich they're here for you Know and as much as I love nfts I think They're not quite the same as meme coins Like some a lot of them are memes right And so

Um I think it's really important to Recognize that mean coins in specific That promise nothing and do nothing Usually signal the last push of a of a Of a little bullish run in the market we Saw it in 2020 we saw it in 2021 and now We're seeing it again now uh I Personally stay away from them and I've Been pretty harsh on Meme coins this Week because I see this as the perfect Time to be accumulating good stuff Tech Real L ones l2s D5 uh gaming project Stuff where you have teams that are Pouring their hearts the soul into Building something Innovative and Delivering and growing and those teams Will continue to be relevant into the Future those teams will make news in the New Bull Run and they will attract users In the new bull run but there's data to Support that those hard tech projects Usually won't pump until Bitcoin enters Price Discovery territory so I put up a Tweet the other day uh where I was sort Of showing how polygon is a great Example everyone last Bull Run knew About polygon everyone was talking about Matic all throughout 2018 all throughout 2019 Um all throughout 22 I think it actually No no it did launch in 2018. but it sat In a range from 2019 to 2020 and it was Pretty much didn't move and after a While I personally gave up on Matic and

I wish I hadn't right I wish I had Stacked a lot more of it because as soon As it broke out of this range when Bitcoin hit a new all-time high it began Its Journey from one penny up to almost Three bucks 300X 288 X but it did did Not break out of that range despite all Of the positive news it created despite All of these sort of wins that the Protocol had a mass it didn't create the Price uh reflect the price wasn't Reflected in the charts and so this is True not just a polygon but it's a it's A hyperbolic example just to help you Understand that there are these Protocols that will have these mean Coin-like gains but only when Bitcoin Does its thing and then the narratives Start to come to life uh no narrative in This industry and and back when I met You in 2019 this was the moment I was in Where I was starting to lose faith in The narratives in the tech in the Fundamentals that are so interesting About this industry and that is the Trap I believe and so when meme coins come up At this moment after people have been Beaten up by a multi-year bear Market my Heart hurts because I realize that a lot Of people are going to Chunk in a major Portion of their portfolio lose that and Then that might be the sort of death Knell on their crypto career because They're like screw it I've lost I've

Lost it all again and I just can't Imagine winning Um whereas right now if you go to the Boring places that will not be boring in The future and you understand that Bitcoin needs to do its thing before These things can truly wake up that's The sort of magic which is that Bitcoin Once it enters into price Discovery Above 69 000. Um that's when you'll start to see the Real Tech pick up and there are meme Coin-like gains over there but it's much More likely that you'll hold a coin that Has that fundamental value for the time Needed for it to grow More than you know wojak or Pepe or Whatever and not to say I don't like Pepe as a meme but I just think as a Financial instrument as soon as Pepe Starts dropping like I think it's down Like 80 or 70 over the last few days It's really hard to hold that it's Really hard to hold that with conviction Because Who knows right it it's very gambling Um but if you look at something like a Like a Matic or you know I don't want to Say specific coins but look at the top Layer ones look at the top layer twos Like there's a lot of stuff that is down And uh there's a lot of reasons why it Won't be in the future and that's Exciting because you can continually

Accumulate that stuff throughout the Bear and looking at Matic as an example There can be multi hundred X's Um on stuff that's good on stuff that's Great Tech but it won't happen just Because it's great Tech it has to happen At the right time in the market cycle And so not losing your patience not Losing your focus that there will be Another cycle is really key Um just to recap we talked about in the Last video but I switched my mentality From complete defensiveness to Accumulation when the FED bailed out the Banks when the banks first got bailed Out and they reversed about half of the Quantitative tightening they've done Over the last few years that was my Signal that something's changed Something has started to break that's Something I've been saying on my channel Now since the beginning of 2022 we want To see some something break see the FED Come in and fix it with money which is How they fix things and that's when it's Things have starting to to change shape There could very well be some like Black Swan that we don't know about so I'm Going into slow accumulation mode just So that if we get really low prices I Can buy down there uh because I believe That that's the life-changing stuff is Remaining bullish when things are really Really bottomed out

Um is probably the most important part Of this this whole game we call crypto The thing that the one thing I respect About meme coins most of them that They'll tell you right up front like hey This is dog crap this is the biggest Piece of crap I've ever seen and don't Buy it people do anyway the thing that I Wish It was made a whole lot clearer is that Truly in my opinion not that you can't Invest if you know what you're investing In if you if you want to do it but like The game of mean coins to me is you Can't be the last to buy and you can't Be the last to sell because somebody's Going to be and it's sort of that game Like Hot potato and then people get burned Yeah well the problem is that Meme coins Have this effect where the reason why They sucker you in is because it's not The first pup it's not the second pump It's the fourth and fifth pump where you Go oh my God this thing something's Different something's Unstoppable There's a movement happening here around This idea this Meme and just to be clear Memes have value like attention on the Internet has value and when everyone's Doing something in the same way there's Value there uh people watching a Mr Beast video 50 100 million people Watching Mr Beast beast video this this

Brand is now a billion dollar brand Right and so there's value in ideas and Memes the thing is most people will not Invest early in the meme coin that goes A thousand X they'll miss the big meme Coin and then they'll Chase lower and Lower to your meme meme coins you just Realized people are creating like 20 of These a day 50 of these a day so like The chance that you're gonna get the one That goes on a run is not so hot right It's a low chance the chance for you to Pay pick a alternate like a like an eth Competitor or a l21 to eth and see that Thing go on an absolute ripper in the Bull Run that's actually pretty solid Like your odds there are pretty solid And so from a probability standpoint Your chance of picking something that Has decent Tech and it doing something In the Bull Run is way higher than you Picking the magic meme coin that said as Long as you don't like put in too much Money like you you could do really well On Meme coins but you know most people Will see their buddy they I know people Who made millions of dollars on Pepe I'm Happy for them I truly am I hope you Guys don't don't think I'm hating the Pump I love that people made that money I'm scared for the people that hear that Story and then they jump into the next One without you know without thinking About the negatives uh and they get

Crushed because the meme coin pump will Disappear like that it'll be an instant It'll it's like Russian Roulette you Know that thing can go away in a second Whereas when Bitcoins on the up and up You know has momentum after X years of Bear it's starting to make newer and Higher highs the altcoins start waking Up those are trends that have data and Reasons why you would have confidence That those Trends could continue and and You can see historical evidence of them Continuing Just much more likely for you to sort of Time things by right now picking up Stuff which is at Bargain Basement Prices uh it might go have a huge drop In the future I don't know that's why I Didn't put all my money in uh over the Last few weeks right after the banking Bailout we could still see the ultimate Lows I don't know I don't have a crystal Ball but I know that uh If the Fed is Already starting to fix problems and Plug the leaks with money I just don't See us going too much lower without them Having to bust out a bazooka Cannon of Money because because if they really let Things break the price tag goes up Exponentially Um I saw something like 700 banks have Uh have less than 50 percent of their Balance sheets reflected if they had to Pull out all of their uh all of their

Assets from the bond market right now so It's just dark uh dark times for the Banking sector there's a lot of reasons Why things could be unstable Um but I I do see this as a huge Opportunity right now for the good Altcoins which are getting no love Because they haven't pumped in so long And that's exactly the generous game of Crypto which is that it grinds people Out and it gives everyone the second and Third and fourth chance to ride it all The way up which I just personally see It happening Um and I'm excited for it but you know I Think as content creators helping people Reframe and the bottom of the bear is is The most important thing we could do This is my biggest fear and final Question or thought my biggest fear is Like this meme coin Mania seems it seems So much so many more memes are being Created it seems so much easier because Now people understand hot wallets or Defy wallets so much better it's like Are we going to see you know when the Bull really does sit just like we saw Defy summer and then defy did fine in 2021 are we going to see is this is this Not is this going to last longer and be A big Fu to the man the regulation that The people see is like oh I'm investing In this that's an F you to Gary Gensler Uh no uh so the thing about it is uh

It's always been easy to make meme coins It's really not that hard right and so Um if you just want to make a coin like It's been easy there was something Called ether party back in the day Um in 2017 or or maybe even earlier Where you could make a a coin in just a Few minutes and so it's always been easy To make a coin for anyone who knew how Um maybe it's been democratized a little Bit but uh that's not the factors that Lead to meme coins getting popular uh What you saw was probably coordinated by Some pretty big whales uh on Pepe uh and Those big whales only come out to do That kind of stuff here and there once The real Bull Run starts I believe the Whales will be more focused on stuff That they can make more money on which Is going to be the the bigger narratives Which Inherently attract more capital and so Um I think that there is a possibility I Mean memes are a part of the ecosystem Meme coins are a category they will be Here forever I don't think that what we've seen Dooms The ecosystem I think that it's just Classic bear Market things you know uh People are bored so when there's boring Moments in the market people will resort To creating their own entertainment and That's what I saw Um but I don't think it changes

Fundamentally anything we saw about like 100 million dog coins come out in 2021 I Don't think this is that much different Um except that they're using maybe Respectfully to the dogs better memes Because you know Pepe is a much better Meme wojak's a great meme all these Memes are great memes Um but uh but yeah I mean we saw I I had I knew someone who's making a dog coin Meme generator back in 2021 we've seen This behavior before I don't think Anything's different this stuff has all Happened before and again part of the Advantage of having seen these things Play out before is you don't you don't Worry so much about things fundamentally Changing you you recognize the patterns And I believe the pattern that everyone Should be paying attention to is look at The range-bound lack of excitement on Amazing projects from last bear market And then how they took off once Bitcoin Did make new price uh all-time highs Entered into price Discovery once eth Did enter into price Discovery what Happened to the nft markets once eath Hit new all-time highs what happened to Nft volume spikes what happened to like The ecosystem as Bitcoin and eth did Their thing that's the relationship I Think people should be focusing on Because it gives you Clarity over why Things are maybe not performing now and

What might happen once that changes Elliot's sound perspective the links for Your channel your Twitter down below Thank you man final thoughts for the Audience Um yeah I I think that if you're here in 2019 it's time to start really paying Attention 2022 was about de-risking and Being defensive uh 2023 is about finding That excitement that you had for crypto Again uh digging deep understanding that It might still be 12 plus months before You see the fruits of the labor but Now's the time to start really looking At the way things are in 2023 and get Excited about the things that I believe Are going to change or you believe are Going to change this ecosystem because I Think with enough research I believe in You guys or gals to find the good stuff And to to actually have these Life-changing crypto moments but this is When the work begins this is when the Hard work happens and if you do this Right by the time the Bull Run happens You'll be smiling you won't have to be 24 7 glued to the screen you'll just be Smiling watching your portfolio print Green numbers and that's what I hope all Of you guys get get to experience Okay


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