Feds Investigating Whether SBF Trades Cause Terra/LUNA Stablecoin Crash [ Crypto Espresso 12.08.22 ]

It's Thursday which means we get to pick A random obscure holiday to celebrate Let's see brownie day no no no pretend To be a time traveler day not into it Lard day yeah yeah we're going with lard Happy lard day from all of us at coin Market cap I hope the lard fairy stuffs Your stockings full of the white mushy Good stuff and on this holiest of holy Days it is my honor to read to you the News because I am your host Andrew and This is crypto espresso your teeny tiny Daily shot of caffeinated crypto Headlines let's dig in but before we Delve into the seemingly unending twists And turns at FTX some interesting news About ethereum Max a judge has thrown Out a lawsuit that accused Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather of Misleading investors by endorsing the Altcoin emacs which let's be clear has Nothing to do with ethereum has fallen By 99.82 from an all-time high set in May of 2021. the Court ruled that Plaintiffs suing the a-listers couldn't Prove whether they had actually seen Their ads on social media Kim K was paid 250 000 to post about ethereum Max on Instagram with British Regulators saying Her financial promotion may have the Single biggest audience reach in history She paid a 1.26 million dollar fine to The SEC earlier this year okay well now With the non-ftx news out of the way

It's FTX time prosecutors are examining Whether Sam bankman Freed's Empire Helped cause the implosion of terraform Labs and Luna earlier this year According to the New York Times tens of Billions of dollars were wiped from the Crypto markets when UST and algorithmic Stablecoin lost its Peg to the dollar Causing a bank run on Luna in the Process reports suggest spf's trading For amalimator research had placed big Bets on the price of Luna falling that Didn't pay off it's claimed that this Caused loans taken out by Alameda to be Called in prompting it to borrow Customer funds that FTX allegedly had no Legal right to lend all of this comes as A criminal investigation into the Exchange's demise continues in the Bahamas meanwhile over in Congress U.S Politicians are determined to get Answers from Sam bangman free feed Maxine Waters has said the house Financial Services committee May issue a Subpoena if the embattled crypto Entrepreneur fails to testify on Tuesday Meanwhile the Democratic chairman of the Senate Banking Committee has officially Invited SBF to appear at a hearing next Wednesday in a letter to ftx's founder Senator Sharad Brown said the 30-year-old must answer questions about The clear misuse of funds at his Exchange SPF has been given a deadline

Of 5 pm today to confirm his attendance And brown warned that he is willing to Issue a subpoena to compel his testimony If he fails to do so and finally Nigerians can now only withdraw 45 a day From ATMs with officials attempting to Boost adoption of its Central Bank Digital currency the new policy which Caps weekly withdrawals at 225 dollars Comes five months after the Central Bank Of Nigeria's Governor criticized local Financial institutions for failing to Support the E naira this cbdc was Introduced to the country of 211 million In October 2021 but less than one Percent of its citizens have yet to Embrace it corporations are limited Withdrawals about five times larger than Individuals and banks are being Threatened with severe sanctions for Aiding and abetting circumvention of the Policy Banks Their Fear the cbdc will Hit their profitability and cut them off From customers but you'll never get cut Off from crypto espresso by staying in The new and you can do that by liking This video subscribing to our YouTube Channel and clicking on that little bell Icon to get buzzed whenever a new crypto Surprise video goes live and what'd you Think about today's episode let us know Good or bad in those comments below Because I read them and I take criticism Perhaps a little too hard questions

About our headlines or crypto in general Ask Alex in that description below Alex Is a great resource for all things web 3 And the metaverse end that about does it For today again I've been your host Andrew these have been your headlines And we'll see you all tomorrow enjoy the Lard


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