Fake AI Music has the Artists Worried | Can Blockchain help?

[Music] All alone [Music] Do you recognize these voices that's Right it's Drake and the weekend except It's not neither of the two artists took Part in creating this song a robot made It The song is called heart on my sleeve And is an example of AI generated Content it went viral back in April and Gathered millions of views on YouTube Tiktok and Spotify AI is taking the music industry by storm It is opening new opportunities for Music creators but these opportunities Come with serious challenges will AI Generated content take over human Creation how can artists compete with Robots and how does blockchain Technology come into play We'll find out in this coin Telegraph Reports before we get started if you Enjoy our content and believe in the Future of blockchain make sure to like And subscribe So how exactly does generative AI work AI technology gathers large amounts of Data across the internet it elaborates On it learns from it and uses it to Generate new songs artists can use AI Generated music to enhance their Creative process AI can also dramatically reduce the time

And cost of production It makes creating music more affordable Than ever before Harrison first an American songwriter And producer has been experimenting with AI in his creative process so if I'm Already creative already just me using AI tools will make me more creative I'm Not really the best vocalist and I can't Have my artist come to meet me because I'm in Tokyo right now so then I use one Of these AI generated AI sites where I can take my reference Vocals put it in and make it sound like Somebody who's credible or or better Than I am the problem is that AI Generated music is entirely based on Pre-existing content created by human Artists most of the time the AI uses it Without the artist's knowledge or Consent which has serious legal and Ethical implications Who owns the rights to this AI generated Songs how should they be licensed or Monetized and how can we ensure that the Creators whose work is being sourced or Replicated by the AI are adequately Compensated to get a better Understanding of these challenges we Talked to Hana colored a music industry Analyst at media research because of how The generative AI works you can't really Tell what has gone into it and how that Results in what comes out so you have a

Bit of an input output problem Um where you can't really attribute Original creators the problems that this Poses is you know misinformation And deep fakes just just a lack of trust And what you can see on the internet the Pandora's Box has been opened and the AI Generated music is impossible to stop The only way forward is to learn how to Use this technology ethically so that it Becomes an additional tool in the hands Of creators some artists are already Embracing generative AI American Composer Holly Herndon has created a Website where anyone can generate songs Using your voice [Applause] [Music] Electronic artist Grimes has even Offered to split royalties with anyone Using her voice to create a new song With AI but these are just individual Cases that don't address the broader Problem we need tools to track AI Generated content to their human source So that artists can get compensated for Their work we need a system to Distinguish AI generated music from Human generated content This is where blockchain technology Comes into play the blockchain is an Immutable Ledger that can keep track of The provenance of digital content Including AI generated music digital

Intellectual property rights are Represented by tokens minted on the Blockchain let's imagine that an artist Creates a song and the AI uses that song As a model to create new content Blockchain can track the original source Of the AI generated song and ensure its Human author gets their Fair composition There are already some blockchain Platforms that offer these sorts of Solutions for example pixelinks is a Music company that allows users to Create new music content together with Their favorite artists by using AI tools Blockchain tag keeps track of the Original content ensuring that the Author is fairly compensated an artist Being able to be paid in real time Transparently and understanding where That Revenue came from is such an it's Such a simple but meaningful uh value Proposition so as we start to not only Let artists create new content with Their fans using AI on our platform the Obviously the key goal is to let them Distribute this content and then Actually monetize it transparently in Real time finally blockchain based Solution can help bypass intermediaries Such as labels and music Distributors Which take large cuts from the artist's Revenue that creates a more direct Relationship between artists and files By buying tokens and nfts files can

Directly support the artists and at the Same time acquiring a part of ownership In their favorite songs I can mentor Project And you know generate twenty thousand Dollars you know in Revenue Um whereas if I'm only relying on Streaming the same Spotify Apple music And whatever Um It could take me I probably won't even Generate twenty thousand dollars in Streams uh on my music even if it's One million streams that I've received That's probably only like around 4 000 USD now most blockchain-based music Platforms are still far from becoming Mainstream blockchain is still a niche Technology and taking over the dominant Industry players won't be an easy task And when everyone's listening to Spotify And some new player comes on the scene And they say we've created this really Cool platform where artists can have Everything attributed and they're going To make way more money and it's going to Be great the audience member goes well That's awesome but I have all the music I want on this platform that doesn't do That and there are only like 10 artists That I like on that other platform and So I'm gonna stay on Spotify a solution To this adoption problem may appear when Already established streaming platforms

Will start implementing blockchain to Track and verify content the fast spread Of AI generated music could be the spark That brings that scenario closer I Believe traditional dsps will have to to Evolve because this is just the way the World is moving and competition will Mean artists and customers expect new Ways of you know experiencing and Connecting with with their favorite Artists and fans it's going to be a bit Of an existential like oh do we Embrace This or do we resist and at the end of The day if you embrace it you usually Benefit and if you resist you usually Don't so something's up the convergence Of blockchain technology and the AI can Revolutionize the music industry Blockchain ensures Prosperity Fair Royalty distribution and ethical Standards while AI allows new ways of Creating and experiencing music this Synergy could Mark a pivotal moment in The evolution of the music landscape That's all for today's report I'm Giovanni your host see you next time [Music]


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