Exploring the Vibe Interactive Whiteboard

So I recently brought on a seventh Member to my remote team that's been Helping us get more organized and Productive a VI board as most of you Should know time is my most valuable Asset and this is why using tools like This Vibe board has been so awesome for What we do Vibe has allowed me to Quickly sketch out ideas plot Out video Structures and even brainstorm with my Team no matter where they are what I Love about this product is that it's a Whiteboard Monitor and even has a camera Allinone need to share analytics all Done on Vibe visually map out new Materials for our upcoming course yep Vibe again it's not just a tool it's a Digital canvas that holds my creativity And business growth I use Vibe almost Every week and it's a game changer for Content creators Educators and teams who Aspire for more efficient collaboration So if you want to check them out you can Learn more in the pinned comment of this Video


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