Experience comma.ai’s openpilot in this test drive with founder George Hotz | TryTech | TechCrunch

You can see it doesn't have his feet you Know resting over the break or Accelerator yeah right now it's Detecting the red light it knows that It's appropriate not to go like very Unusual for Vegas I feel like I've spent Half of my time here sitting at red Lights but this is handling a very nice You put on the blinker and it made the Automatic Lane change do you have to Nudge it at all yeah are you also having To check your mirrors and stuff or is it Checking your checks for you if I try to Do a lane change now Okay Okay if you weren't to turn the blinker Off put it Can you do more Lane changes yeah only If you nudge it again without an End-to-end system you can't tell the Difference between stopping for a car Stopped at a red light and stopping for Car stop and go traffic we've been Through these two things very Differently humans will come up much Faster to a car and stop and go traffic Because they think that it might go Whereas if you see a stopped car and a Red light you'll actually slow down much Earlier and you can see that's what this Is doing here


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