Expect a BAD 2024 Recession! “Worse Than We Predicted” Bitcoin News

Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell has Just dropped a bombshell on the western World with his latest statements Regarding Federal Reserve interest rates Inflation and recession I've always Thought that the soft Landing was was a Plausible outcome that there was a path Really to to a soft Landing I thought That and I've said that since we lifted Off it's also possible that if the path Is narrowed and it's widened apparently Uh ultimately Um admit this may be decided by factors That are that are outside our control Federal Reserve policy will remain Unchanged between 5.25 percent and 5.5 With at least one more rate hike Expected this year possibly no rate Hikes and next year expectations are Rates decrease what's concerning however Is Jerome Powell's statements on a Looming recession and a soft Landing it Has been the fed's goal to raise rates Curb inflation and Achieve what's known As a soft Landing what is a Fed soft Landing you ask if the FED raises Interest rates a lot it may cause a Recession known as a hard Landing However if the FED can raise interest Rates just enough to slow the economy And reduce inflation without causing a Recession it has achieved what's known As a soft Landing Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell now says a soft Landing

May not be a plausible outcome and may Be outside their control I've always Thought that the soft Landing was was a Plausible outcome that there was a path Really to to a soft Landing I thought That and I've said that since we lifted Off it's also possible that if the path Is narrowed and it's widened apparently Uh ultimately Um admit this may be decided by factors That are that are outside our control we Will restore price stability we we know That we have to do that and we know the Public depends on us doing that uh and We know that we have to do it so that we Can achieve the kind of labor market That we all want to achieve which is a An extended period sustained period of Strong labor market conditions that Benefit all we know that The fact that we've come this far uh Lets us really uh proceed carefully is As I keep saying so I think um You know that's that's the end we're Trying to achieve Um I wouldn't want to handicap the Likelihood of it though it's not up to Me par for the course with these guys Say one thing do another and they just Assume U.S citizens will forget because I remember when Jerome Powell and Actually other high up government Officials when they allowed the mass Money printing the stimulus of 2020 and

2021 they deceived us and made us Believe that inflation would only be Transitory inflation has been out of Control for the past several years you Know this I do think deceive is a good Word to describe what I'm about to Remind you of here do you remember when They repeated this to you I really doubt That we're going to see an inflationary Cycle the most economic analysts have Believed that it will have a temporary Or transitory impact faster than Expected increase in some of those Prices is actually a good sign the Overwhelming consensus is going to pop Up a little bit and then go back down No one's talking about this great great Deal this is something that will settle Down transitory and the data shows that Most of the price increases we've seen Are were expected and expected to be Temporary there's nobody suggesting There's unsect inflation out of the way It's on highly unlikely that it's going To be long-term inflation that's going To get out of hand I don't know anybody Who's worried about inflation over the Last couple of months we actually saw it Trended downward President Biden's Chief Of Staff Ron claim enthusiastically Retweeted an economist who had said in Part most of the economic problems we're Facing inflation Supply chains Etc are High class problems what is the grand

Home plan to increase oil production in America Oh My god well the number one thing that The president can do is help get covered Under control that we know is the root Cause of inflation President Biden this Afternoon saying he thinks we're at the Peak of the crisis right now and that Lower prices are on the way the Inflation has everything to do with the Supply chain make no mistake inflation Is largely the fault of Putin I'm going To do everything I can to minimize Putin's price hike here at home if you Want to get rid of inflation the only Way to do it is to um undo a lot of the Trump tax cuts ever since you've come Into office things are really looking up You know gases up rent is up food is up Everything Hey join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is an epic Bitcoin Conference use code altcoin daily 10 off Tickets get this ticket or get this Ticket ticket prices increase as we get Closer to the event so many awesome Speakers are being added every single Day use code altcoin daily for 10 off Hope to see you there they said Inflation would be transitory it wasn't They then said it would be a soft Landing at this point it doesn't seem Likely that's going to happen what's

Next guys subscribe to altcoin daily we Show you what's really going on we keep You informed on the cryptocurrency Market like no other channel does make Sure you subscribe make sure you join Our team so it looks like a soft Landing Is less likely so is a recession in our Future JPMorgan analyst explains the U.S However we think is probably likely Headed to a recession towards the end of This year's start of 2024 we think the Primary driving force of that is going To be tightening credit conditions as Bank balance sheets particularly among U.S regionals remain somewhat flawed and Still have to be repaired in order to Get Bank lending going again so we think That the drying up of credit conditions Will be what will bring the U.S to a Recession at the end of this year start Of next year when exactly will this Recession hit I like what Santander Chief U.S Economist analyst said about This listen it's been inflation is Probably going to stay pretty high and So Um it's we've gotten good news but it's Not clear whether it's going to persist So in this environment how long would You have to see a trend of less hot Inflation if not deflation to sort of Feel like okay we're on more solid Footing here yeah so we have two months Of good CPI numbers I think if you get

You know three or four then you're Starting to get to a point where you can And say okay at a minimum we can be very Patient maybe you know maybe we don't Have to go or or we can just pause for a While and see what happens but there's Always the risk inflation may come down For a while and then re-accelerate right So you're always kind of Hostage today How do you handicap recession risk if at All I don't think we're going to see a Recession in the near term but I think 2024 there's a little bit more of a risk I think we'll probably muddle through But if we're going to get a recession It's probably going to be next year that Will be interesting in a political year A very much so yeah because it's very Hard for an incumbent to run against a Slowing economy sure right yeah yeah I Mean you know you you uh we're not Thinking too much about that just yet That's going to be a big deal in six or Nine months and that's really the key Next year is an election year personally I'm voting for the pro crypto Pro-working class Pro-american candidate and guess what When the economy turns around that's Going to be very good for crypto make Sure you're subscribed make sure you Tune in every day now is the time to get Serious about your cryptocurrency

Education we're in a bear market now is The time to make moves


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