Everything you need to know about Google’s new AI chatbot Bard in less than 40 seconds! | TechCrunch

Google's chat GPT competitor is finally Getting a public rollout and here's Everything you need to know just like Open ai's Chachi BT which Powers Microsoft Bing's chatbot Bard is based On a large language model which means That you can interact with Bard by Asking questions and refining the answer With follow-up queries Google says that Bard Works particularly well for Nora Questions which are questions with no One right answer as of right now Laura Does not have footnotes with web sources To help you check the accuracy of the Answer at the moment Bart is still a Separate product from Google search Engine meaning you can't interact with Bart alongside search like you can with Bing if you've been able to try a Bard Let us know what you think in the Comments and if you haven't head over to Bard.google.com to sign up for the Waitlist


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