Everything announced at Samsung Unpacked 2024 | TechCrunch Minute

If you missed Samsung's unpacked 2024 Event we've got you covered like Basically every other company right now Samsung is really driving home the AI of It all so much so that our Hardware Editor Brian heer counted how many times AI was mentioned in the press release For its two newest foldable phones it Was 25 times these new phones are the Galaxy Z fold 6 and the Galaxy Z flip 6 These are both thinner lighter models Than their predecessors and the fold six Bumps the aspect ratio on its front Display but that will come at a price These phones start at $1,900 for the Fold and $1,100 for the flip which is $100 more than previous models back to The AI what exactly does this do for Your phone these phones use the same Snapdragon 8 gen 3 chip as the Galaxy S24 which came out in January Google's Gemini app is fully integrated in the Galaxy Z series and you can access Gemini by just saying Hey Google or Swiping the corner of your screen Poor one out for Bixby these phones also Use the hyped Circle to search feature Where you can literally Circle something On your screen and Google it and in the Notes app you can use AI to transcribe Translate and summarize voice recordings There's also an AI feature that write Social media posts for you but come on You can write a tweet let's move on to

Wearables Samsung revealed its Galaxy Ring which is its first smart ring it Looks eily similar to the aura ring and It also has a battery life of up to Seven days which is how Aura describes Its own ring so far it seems that the Galaxy Ring will focus on monitoring Your sleep and I hate that this is so Shocking but there's no subscription fee To use any of its features so that's one Benefit over the aura ring at least Samsung's ring is $399 and aura's ring Starts at $299 plus the $6 per month fee So make of that what you will finally There are the Galaxy buds 3 and the buds 3 Pro wireless earbuds that look a bit Closer to Apple's airpods than past Models especially when they're in the White colorway what's the difference Between the three and 3 Pro Models Samsung says buds 3 Pro is a canal type For those looking for immersive sound While buds 3 is an open type for people Who prefer to use the device in a Variety of situations for a long time The buds 3 Pro are $250 and the buds 3 Are $180 so that's just an overview of what Samsung launched today but if you want To get into the really deep details Check out our coverage on Tech crunch


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