“Everyone Is SO WRONG About Solana” | Raoul Pal Real Vision

I don't have a huge bet in Solana but I Have a bet Global macro investor Raul Paul just made a bold prediction on Solana now right before this we did just Talk about ethereum how high will Ethereum go in 2023 I will link this Clip down below but with Solana in 2023 What makes Raul so bullish I totally Understand for all the reasons you Mentioned why ethereum has sort maybe Some of the best upside potential with Some of the least risk in crypto But what is that why Solana because it Seems like they have so much cell Pressure from the FTX and owned a lot of It what makes you bullish Because everybody thinks the same thing Everybody got forced down Everybody's like the chain breaks tell Me something we don't know Do you assume that that um The team at Solana who are very smart Don't know that and haven't been working On it of course they have Um well all the VCS are all stuck does Everybody knows this so So then you've got to say okay What happens if everybody's wrong What happens if it is actually that Vibrant ecosystem that has the second Largest nft community and is onboarding A lot of people and has retail stores And has a mobile phone And is doing deals with meta and is

Okay Well then the price is well wrong So I just flip up the chart of 8th in 2018 And then put it against the chart of Solana They're pretty much identical Heath did 47 x from that low And we got down to nine bucks or Whatever it was or eight bucks in Solana I mean it's already up A decent amount Already And so you've got to ask yourself is is The narrative right it's the same with The recession idea right if everybody Knows it to be Then everybody's position for it So in which case imagine if Solana Continues to do well and they're Hacker houses continue to build great Products and they get Traction in places That we didn't expect They're one announcement or something Some adoption moment away from everybody Having to panic and if I look at the Chart of the eth Solana ratio It's been this beautiful downtrend and It's touching its nose up against that Thing now does it break out I don't know I don't have a huge bet in Solana but I Have a bet and I would if I saw the Right situation move some of my Ethan to Salama and that applies to other things

Too but what Solana is interesting is it Got battle tested Right others haven't been battle tested Polygon's not really been battle tested In the same way yet you know we haven't Seen the full size of the community Solana is very vibrant so that's why you Battle test something you've got the Lindy effect where it survived And then we have a crypto spring and Bull market arriving And we can see real economic activity Going on there okay I like that so what Raul is saying is that if every investor Is thinking the same thing he's willing To make a bet on the counter narrative And I do clear up this isn't so much a Long-term thing this is just a trade for You right it's not what I'm hearing is It's not so much long term you're Willing to take the bet no I I I'll take This bet for the next you know for this Whole cycle so you know I'll take that Back for two years and wait and see now If it doesn't play out and something Happens I'll change it because it's not My core well ether won't change you know Sure I might eventually use some of my Some other stuff and some other bets Where I think it might outperform me but Generally that's my core position Um and then you know we'll see how it Goes now the final thing we ask around All is the obligatory price prediction

For Solana if this is a trade what are Your price expectations Bitcoin get Let's say 120k to 150k this cycle if Ethereum is getting close to 10K this Cycle Solana could maybe get to what This cycle thousand Hair to dream Dare To Dream Maybe not Maybe it's 500. maybe Spec's the All-time high any of those are all great Outcomes You know but any of us will take that So we've got a battle tested chain that Has real economic activity that can go From wherever we are today 24 to 240 Whatever the high was 283 I can't Remember whatever it was is well okay I'll take the 12x that's the worst case Give me your thoughts on Solana down Below and of course for more Clips be Sure to click subscribe you do not want To miss a daily video


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