Ethereum’s price is about to EXPLODE! BlackRock is IN!

Breaking news for all cryptocurrency Investors black rock is attempting to Launch a spot ethereum ETF like the Video support the channel let's make Sure everybody knows about this send This video to a friend this is the exact Filing you can see I shares ethereum Trust right here this trust would be Turned into an ETF you can see black Rock right here now we told you about This on Twitter almost immediately as Soon as it happened guys make sure You're following us on YouTube make sure You're following us on Twitter let me Explain to you the significance of this The ishares ethereum trust has just been Registered in Delaware for context black Rocks ishares Bitcoin trust was Registered in a similar manner 7 days Before they filed the ETF application With the SEC this was their filing for The Bitcoin trust 7 Days Later Black Rock officially filed for the spot Bitcoin ETF again this is their filing For the ethereum trust guys I'll be Watching this closely over the next 7 Days I've been telling you this ever Since Black Rock officially got into Crypto I've been saying Larry fin will Obviously want to launch a crypto ETF of Some kind after black Rock's spot Bitcoin ETF few understand this and I Put the picture of Larry Fink and Ethereum I didn't even imagine that

Black rock would be making moves for an Ethereum ETF before the Black Rock ETF Is improved but it makes sense I mean Larry F's been going on TV crypto is a Flight to Quality we are hearing from Clients around the world about the need For crypto I mean when you think about I Think some of this rally is Way Beyond The rumor I think the the rally today is About a flight to Quality and I think There's more people running into a fight The quality whether that is in Treasuries gold or crypto depending on How you think about it and I believe Crypto will play that type of role as a Flight to Quality now originally when Larry was saying crypto because he Doesn't want any problems with the SEC Originally he said at one point when I Say crypto I mean Bitcoin my lawyers Tell me I can't say Bitcoin because We're filing for the spot Bitcoin ETF so When I say crypto I mean Bitcoin but He's talked about tokenization before He's been very into things other than Bitcoin in crypto I believe the Next Generation for markets the Next Generation for Securities will be will Be tokenization of Securities um we will and if we could Have that distributed Ledger that we Know every beneficial owner every Beneficial seller we all have our our Our code of who's buying who's selling

Instantaneous settlement so now when he Says crypto he means Bitcoin and Ethereum guys like the video engage in The comments below post this video on Social media if you're a Bitcoin or Ethereum holder guys let the world know You bought before Black Rock So this Recent filing indicates that black rock Could be I say certainly is doubling Down on crypto the world's largest asset Manager again this is Black Rock the World's largest asset manager getting Into crypto trillions potentially on the Sidelines waiting to come into this Market world's largest asset manager is Currently awaiting a decision for its Spot Bitcoin ETF application from the Securities and Exchange Commission There's a lot of reason to believe that This Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF is Going to get approved sooner rather than Later Bloomberg analysts are predicting A 90% chance that a Bitcoin TF will be Approved by the SEC within the next 60 Days it's big that Bloomberg analysts Are putting their reputations on the Line saying this so why 60 days why Within 60 days why are they saying this This is the most updated list of Deadlines when the SEC has to give their Final deadline final approval or denial For each ETF there's reason to believe That if one of these gets approved Almost all of them will get approved

Within the next couple weeks couple Months because they don't want anybody To have a A major advantage over anybody Else but the reason they're saying 60 Days is because the final deadline for Ark invests is the 10th of January Bloomberg analyst James saart says this New research note for me today we still Believe 90% chance by January 10th for a Spot Bitcoin ETF approvals but if it Comes earlier we are entering a window Where a wave of approval orders for all The current applications could occur Exactly what I said big if true big if True what do you think about all of this Ethereum is going to do really well this Cycle this is what the charts are Showing this is a chart of ethereum Versus Bitcoin The Narrative around eth Is wrong that for some reason bitcoin's Going to perform better because of the Black Rock ETF I don't see any reason Why ethereum wouldn't outperform Bitcoin In a bull market like every cycle let's Listen to ra Paul from Real Vision show Ran from Crypt banter exactly this take A look at this ethereum versus Bitcoin Chart that to me is an incredibly Interesting chart because I actually Draw the wedge coming up from 2017 low Through the 2020 Lows hold on I think i' got I think this Is your chart right is this no not that One this is the bigger one than that so

Go back to your chart uh okay there it Is okay just draw a trend line from the SE 2017 low 2017 low so you want it from There yeah okay let's draw that trend Line over There this is what I'm really interested In holy this is Right This Is A massive wedge Pattern now I put it on a log chart on a Log scale let me let me quickly put it On to a log it it is UN it is UN it is UN log so I mean it's this is a big Level for E Yeah and we're putting in The stuff that I look at Demar Indicators everything else that's Suggesting the low comes this week next Week the week after so I'm thinking that The narrative around eth is going to be Wrong it's going to catch people offside America understands that they need to Have a Bitcoin strategy America Understands they need to have a Bitcoin Strategy America is just starting to Wake up to the fact they need an Ethereum strategy America and ethereum a Perfect partnership I don't know who This guy is but he was on real Vision I Love his argument if ethereum is one of The biggest geopolitical opportunities For America this Century what what does Ethereum represent it represents free Property rights free markets uh a a Level of US dollar hyper dominance where Over 99% of stable coins are denominated

In US Dollars which was not centrally Planned it was an emergent property of Global customer demand they want US Dollars and and and so ethereum is the New shiny way to distribute the American System to all corners of the world and In an increasingly multi-polar world Where you have your your your bricks and Your China trying to create alternative Trade agreements and trying to create Even potentially like a new new currency I I I I'm not an expert in this but I Read somewhere they might try to create Like a new currency representing their Consortium of countries like the US is Not as strong as it was in the 90s it's It's a changing world and the fact is That America is the Lighthouse of Economic freedom in the world and so is Ethereum it's a natural partnership so Is ethereum's price about to explode Vitalic butterin says ethereum is 100% Done by the end of this year now what he Means is that ethereum is no longer just A meager experiment it's so Well-developed so robust so different From how so many people think of Ethereum 5 six years ago ethereum is This whole other entity now when can we Call ethereum done if we really have to Call it done end of 2023 2023 is going To be the year when rollups really come To maturity we have 4844 that gives rups More space and we have the trading

Wheels on rollups like really get Weakened a lot that kind of gets us to Like most of charting being finished and Then rollups going fully trust us and Then there is full D charting for me Personally I think after the changes That would be the first points where I Would feel comfortable saying even if Nothing else happen past that point I Would be happy with ethereum and by the Way they're not stopping there it's time For ethereum to on board the next 500 Million users if we need to we can stop There we're not going to stop there Right and we want to kind of like go Ahead and try to actually make sure that The ethereum ecosystem gets support 500 Million users before the bull where 500 Million users are knocking on the door Actually ends up happening that's Probably the next part of the future the Transition from ethereum as this kind of Very theoretical ecosystem that's still Discovering and finding itself to Ethereum as an ecosystem that actually Is you know tries to be useful and Usable and uh you know secure and and All those things and like actually Provide value for hundreds of millions Of people so is ethereum's price about To explode guys subscribe to the channel Join our team we cover stuff like this On a daily basis is ethereum's price About to explode just talk to the

Experts the users the builders the People we show you all the time they'll Tell you I do think that the the of Blockchain is going to have a higher Market cap than Bitcoin in the next BL Run I do I think it has the ability to Change the entire financial industry and If you like Bitcoin I'm not hating on it I think Bitcoin served its purpose but I Think ethereum has just so much utility And so much liquidity and on the Blockchain that it's Unstoppable it Would have to take a very drastic Problem to eliminate ethereum out of the Equation of being the number one Blockchain the


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