Ethereum: Year-To-Date ROI

Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptiverse today we're going To talk about ethereum and we're going To be looking back at the year-to-date Return on investment or Roi if you guys Like the content make sure you subscribe To the channel give the video a thumbs Up and again check out the sale on into The cryptoverse premium uh into the let's go ahead and jump In we understand there's quite a lot of Seasonality in relation to Cryptocurrencies and how they tend to Act very familiar at various phases of The market cycle for instance you will Find that in 2022 ethereum does not look That dissimilar from what was Experienced in 2018. you will also find That what ethereum is experiencing in 2023 is not that different than what we Saw in 2019 in fact if you were to show Every single chart or every single Year-to-date Roi on this on one chart You will see that there's one that is Tracking the closest right now and that Of course is the pre having the the Bitcoin prehabbing year of 2019 and when You look at it you'll see that At this point in 2019 the year-to-date Roi of e was more or less around the Same level as it is today We've also talked a lot about Seasonality of ethereum and how Typically speaking it tends to perform

Best in q1 and Q2 but that in Q3 and Q4 It tends to not do as well especially in In the prehabbing year we only have a Single data point but if you go look at Other assets that are that are you know That that are older you'll also find Very similar Trends even if you just Look at Bitcoin you'll often find that It doesn't tend to do that well in the Second half of the prehabbing year so The question here is you know have we Just experienced a tempered version of 2019 where it didn't go up nearly as High but because it didn't go up nearly As high it hasn't dropped nearly as much So you can see that ether basically just Went up and has gone sideways basically Since you know March or April Now while Bitcoin went on to put in new Yearly highs as late as July you can see That ether has not taken out it's April High and this goes into the idea that Ethereum tends to underperform bitcoin During you know especially during the Prehabbing year and I think we're seeing That play out again now the thing to Take a look at here closely with eth is Does it start to fade back down as we Get further out into the year as August Continues to pass Us by and we get into September which then does not have great Seasonality for the cryptoverse and then October November December we know the Last cycle from you know really starting

From June until December ether slowly Faded back down we know that in 2020 we Saw ethereum explode to the upside But it doesn't change the fact that in The pre-halving year for Bitcoin Ethereum faded in the second half of That year so we we basically had a Reprieve from the bear Market of 2018 For the first half of 2019 and then we Slowly faded back down I'm arguing that We could see something very similar the Thing to watch for over the coming weeks Is does ether sort of sell back off into Into these lows down here where it's Potentially only 20 percent or so above The early open the thing that I want to Remind people of is how in 2019 ethereum Closed the year below its yearly open Despite the fact that at one point it Was up almost two and a half X this time It went up you know about one and 1.75 x And now it's only sitting up about 1.54 X off of its yearly open But again in 2019 ethereum went up all The way to 2. you know two point almost 2.5 x but still closed the year below It's nearly open will it also occur this Time I think that's sort of the question And it could be it could very well be a Likely outcome and this could simply Just be a tempered version of 2019 what I find fascinating is the fact that Ether closed below its yearly open in The prehabbing year for Bitcoin of 2019

But during that same year Bitcoin did Not close below its yearly open in fact It closed up almost about 1.9 x whereas At the highs it was up about 3.43 X So it is interesting to see how ethereum Has performed in relation to bitcoin and And to really see that you know there's A lot of calls for this time is Different but we haven't really seen Anything different this time at all it's Been mostly the same in fact a tempered Version Of what we saw in 2019 And again if you just pull all the lines Up here there's one line that matches The best with 2019 and it's the current Year which also happens to be a Prehabbing year for Bitcoin it also has To be the pre-election year I'll let you Figure out which one is the more more Important thing to to take a look at There's not a right answer necessarily But I did think it was worthwhile to Provide this update because I think the Last time we talked about this was Several weeks ago and and now I want to Provide an update because we are sort of Getting closer to that point where we Have historically seen Um you know ether fade back down into That late Q3 time frame so let's see if It plays out like it did last time if it Does it doesn't necessarily mean Anything other than this time is is not

Necessarily different if you guys like The content make sure you subscribe to The channel give the video a thumbs up And again check out the sale on into the Cryptoberries premium at into the we'll see you next time Bye


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