Ethereum Will Flip Bitcoin Permanently By NEXT Bull Run (#1 Reason Why) 📈

I do think that the ethereum uh Blockchain is going to have a higher Market cap than Bitcoin in the next bowl And I do today I interview engineer CEO As well as defy Enthusiast Georgie on Just how big ethereum could be this Decade we discuss how D5 gets adopted Biggest challenges ahead for ethereum as Well as other l1s in the space But first Georgie what makes you so passionate About defy and ethereum specifically Um I love ethereum I think it's um I Mean it paved the way to D5 it's just That it paved the way to everything That's decentralization at this point in Time Um so yeah without a doubt And in general what makes you so Passionate about defy Um so A lot of people will answer that Question as far uh say these on the Non-custodial nature being able to hold Your assets although that is a huge Point and I love that about DFI for me And I have a tech background I went to School for computer science for me it's Really about the technology itself and The automation that decentralized Finance affords uh when the liquidity on The blockchain is living there basically It's all there and being able to their Contrast can tap into that and automate Like flash loans for example they can

Grab money from different liquidity Pools and execute multiple transactions In a single transaction single block Those type of things are at actually What gets me excited because I see a Future in just conditional findings Where this type of concept can move into The capital markets or Um you know mainly Capital markets and Completely change the game over there For sure if you believe that the future Is only getting more digital than smart Contracts to me seems like one of the Aspects of crypto that's a no-brainer That'll be integrated into every Big Industry For ethereum specifically How big could ethereum get 10 years from Now Um I think that it's going to be first My personal opinion I think it's going To be the num the top project in the World at that point I think it's going To take over and if you like Bitcoin I'm Not hating on it I think the coins Served its purpose Um but I think ethereum has just so much Utility and so much liquidity in uh on The blockchain that it's a it's Unstoppable Um it would have to take a very drastic Um Problem to eliminate the amount of the Equation of being the number one uh

Blockchain in the world And ethereum to me is the most out of The altcoins the most decentralized the Most censorship resistant To spit some facts at you right now They're about 200 million people that Invest in trade cryptocurrencies what From what I see about two percent Actually use D5 protocols so what needs To happen for eth to get that big and People stay on the most decentralized Chain Um I think the user experience needs to Improve um so what we saw I want to say What was two years ago Um when binary chain sprung up Um The fees at the time were like two three Hundred dollars or something to swab or To even execute even the simplest uh With more contract Um uh transaction Although that's behind us now Bonnie and Shane came in and stole probably a Significant portion of the audience Because it Dominic and that was she Produce right now there's still those Type of user experience problems within Um on the doing blockchain and once Those are fixed and it's more Streamlined that's when we're going to See more mass adoption like the ERC 4337 That just recently came out Um I think it has a huge future ahead of

It I think smart contract wallets are Probably Um without a doubt the future of D5 But the problem right now is the Smart Contract while it is much more expensive On ethereum network than a regular Wallet and without that being solved People are not going to pay five six Times a regular transaction uh five six Times the fee of a regular wallet versus A small contract wall even though it's More contract while it has a lot more Functionality to it so in general as Soon as those kinks are ironed out and Hopefully quicker uh than the previous Upgrade that we saw hopefully quicker Than uh than before we're gonna see Ethereum really shine and I have no Doubt that the general audience and Potentially when the capital markets Will start to adopt that they're doing Blockchain And from what we're seeing these other Competing l1s they're either already evm Compatible or becoming compatible with Ethereum assuming eth stays number one What are three other L ones the UC value In that will work with it Yeah Um That's a good question most of the Blockchains that I pay attention to are Actually on the evm side obviously Bitcoin

Um is going to be here forever there's No doubt about that Um but other than Bitcoin I've really Just been paying attention to like Polygon Avalanche Um arbitrum I know they're not l1s but I think evm has created such a huge Foothold that There it's impossible to take over some Blockchains have tried Um I've tried a lot but there's just so Much architecture and infrastructure That's been built up on EVMS that Um I just don't see another another L1 Taking hold to be honest What's what could go wrong for ethereum You're in the trenches you're building On the youth blockchain what would have To go wrong for ethereum to be dethroned Um a major core issue within the evm Itself Um That and obviously the upgrades the Upgrades are probably the most Nerve-wracking thing uh that can happen Um and you know we develop on the Blockchain we develop in solidity and Web 3 and there's just so many edge Cases to take into account someone will Think of a way to abuse your program in Ways that you would have never imagined And this is even more true for solidity And and the doing blockchain so during Those upgrades yeah I know they spend a

Lot of time a lot of money testing and Debugging and fixing but if something Were to go wrong during those upgrades Um I think it would be just it would be Just it would just destroy the entire Chain Um permanently I want to ask you a fun question this is Just a question that I have with my Friends half the fun of being in crypto Is you know speculating on you know how Big could Bitcoin or ethereum be so Let's say top of the next Bull Run Bitcoin goes over 100k Um what's your price prediction for eth Um so as I mentioned in our previous Video we are going public so I can't be Very specific about it land by the rules I do think that the ethereum uh Blockchain is going to have a higher Market cap than Bitcoin in the next Bull Run I do Um now I don't know exactly how much and Where it will be but I do think that Ethereum in the next full one will Offset Bitcoin um Permanently hopefully without any issues The flipping That's I can't wait we'll see Um Georgie Georgie final thoughts on Ethereum in general Um it's just that I'm actually bullish I Think a lot of people out there are

Extremely bullish about it Um I think it has the ability to change The entire final financial industry so We're still early in that process Um and I think over the next five ten Years once the user experience gets Better the onboarding process gets Better it's going to be a force to be Reckoned with also if you could if you Could you know at these conferences that You go to you see vitalik you could say One thing too vitalik what would that be Um I'd probably ask them about that Picture The one with him and a fan Is that a pain in there I was on with Him and the girl Yeah yeah okay yes we're all wondering About that picture Um awesome man I'll let you go I Appreciate you taking the time with me Um where can my audience find you Um so we're in Discord um they can Definitely get on our Discord um you can Send us an email too at sport or even visit our website Um I'm basically online 24 7. so Um feel free to reach out on any of Those places


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