“Ethereum price is still ready to EXPLODE to $4,000 in 3-6 months.”

Ethereum's price is ready to explode for Three big reasons do not miss out on the Generational wealth that comes with this Ethereum trade that I'm about to tell You about like this video send this Video to one friend ethereum is still Ready to Rally to a price of $3.5 to $4,000 in the coming just 3 to six Months three reasons reason number one Ethereum's last big upgrade goes live q1 Of this year the ethereum Deacon upgrade Focuses on mitigating transaction costs While boosting the effectiveness of Layer 2 Solutions this advancement Promises a more refined user experience Marking substantial progress towards a Larger scale and more accessible Blockchain Network the final test net Takes place February 7th full roll out On mainnet it's like a month away they Originally planned this for end of 2023 Three true to ethereum form it was Delayed but basically my friends we are Like a month or so away from this future That vitalic butterin describes here Being a reality listen when can we call Ethereum done if we really have to call It done end of 2023 2023 is going to be The year when rollups really come to Maturity we have 4844 that gives rups More space and we have the trading Wheels on rollups like really get Weakened a lot that kind of gets us to Like most of charting being finished and

Then rups going fully trustless so then There is full dank sharting for me Personally I think after the changes That would be the first points where I Would feel comfortable saying even if Nothing else happened past that point I Would be happy with ethereum so Understand that this upgrade ethereum's Last big upgrade makes ethereum and Ethereum l2s so much better and then After that comes the onboarding of 500 Million users if we need to we can stop There we're not going to stop there Right and we want to kind of like go Ahead and try to actually make sure that The ethereum ecosystem gets support 500 Million users before the bull where 500 Million users are knocking on the door Actually ends up happening that's Probably the next part of the future the Transition from ethereum as this kind of Very theoretical ecosystem that's still Discovering and finding itself to Ethereum as an ecosystem that actually Is you know tries to be useful and Usable and uh you know secure and and All those things and like actually to Provide value for hundreds of millions Of people number two ethereum spot ETF Hype so the final deadline for ethereum Spot ETFs is this year actually 112 days I do want to be clear here the Catalyst We're talking about is the anticipation Of the ethereum spot ETF I fully expect

Anybody smart fully expects the ethereum ETFs in America to be approved at some Point they're already approved across The globe the SEC cannot not approve Them because there's already ethereum Futures the same reason that bit coin Spot ETF got approved and the ethereum Spot ETF will be a huge Catalyst for the Price of eth in the long term but again The Catalyst for this year is the Ethereum spot ETF heye so what are the Odds the ethereum ETF gets approved and When Bloomberg intelligence James saart This was the gentleman keeping us up to Date on everything Bitcoin ETF he was Right about the Bitcoin ETF will he be Right about the ethereum ETF this is a Clip from The Wolf of all Street Scott Melker podcast Listen I viewed the SEC kind of veering And pivoting away from fighting ethereum And Bitcoin on this front and they're Going to go basically wage war on the Rest of crypto so I think the path of Lease resistance here is just to approve These things the dates to watch are Vanck is May 23rd that's their final Deadline that's the equivalent of Arc And 21 shares January 10th which is the First final deadline that said I am Nowhere near as confident as we were With the Bitcoin ETFs I'm probably Around 60% the CME ethereum Market is Way smaller way less volume there's way

Less open interest so the SEC could kind Of draw distinctions there they could Try to draw distinctions with the proof Of stake versus proof of work there's a Lot of avidus they can go to kind of Kick this hand down the road further We'll know more in the coming month so The spot ETFs could get approved in May This is what Standard Chartered Bank Thinks it could get delayed a little bit Either way this hype just like Bitcoin Rallied throughout all of 2023 and going Into the beginning of 2024 because of The spot ETF hype for Bitcoin the same Will happen to ethereum it hasn't Happened yet this will take ethereum to $4,000 by the way make sure you Subscribe to our channel daily videos Just like this keeping you informed on The entire cryptocurrency Market if You're interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos number three Bitcoin Rotation after having towards the rest Of the ecosystem let's think about this Understand after bitcoin's having Happens it's possible it rallies into The having and we see a little bit of a Sell the news event just like what Happened with the Black Rock Spot ETFs Typically it takes about 9 to 11 months After bitcoin's having until the effects Of the having go into effect it usually Takes about 9 to 11 months before we see

That huge rally 9 to 11 months after the Havoc so immediately after this having Happens there might be a little cooldown In Bitcoin and rotation to things like Ethereum because think about it after This happens the having narrative over The Black Rock ETF narrative over not That the residuals of this won't be in Full effect for the rest of these assets Lifetime but after this having happens I Fully expect ethereum to take more of Center stage in the Limelight the Bitcoin rotation into ethereum after the Having is real think about it guys Visa Enables crypto withdrawals on debit Cards in 145 countries metamask users Can now sell crypto directly to a Visa Card which eliminates the need to use Centralized exchanges H which crypto is Visa working with what blockchain rails Is Visa's crypto foray on H and then There's all these little mini narratives Like ethereum self- staking is the key To Atomic generational wealth according To this one ethereum Dev staking Ethereum from home should be the gold Standard for staking and families should See it as a tool to create Atomic Generational wealth notes an ethereum Community developer quote setting up a Home validator could mean that your Family operates that validator and Secures the network for longer than 100 Years I mean is it possible that if you

Run one ethereum validator you have Generational wealth you know if ethereum Holders are right this is a real Possibility and take a look at this Ethereum staking Q is starting to go up Again ethereum staking Q is starting to Go up again people are locking up their Ethereum to secure the network and earn A yield a gigantic ethereum eum Bull Run Is about to start look look look look a Gigantic ethereum Bull Run is about to Start how can I be so confident how can I be so confident that a massive Bull Run is on the horizon you don't Appreciate still how early we are you Just assume that everybody knows about Bitcoin and ethereum already that's Hardly the case listen to this candid Conversation on the streets of Columbus Ohio can you believe this conversation Do you know where I can find any crypto Where I can score some cryptocurrency Around here I don't know what that is You don't know what crypto is uh-uh You've heard of Bitcoin and all that right of what [Music] Bitcoin you seem like a man of means sir And you've never heard of cryptocurrency Uh-uh you're well off aren't you you're You're not home homeless are you no yeah But you've never heard of digital Currency sir excuse me have you ever Heard of Bitcoin I have sir I sure have

Cryptocurrency where am I where have you Been under a huge fing Rock apparently Pal if you appreciate us keeping you up Toate on everything going on in crypto Give the video a like and make sure you Subscribe WE Post one video every day Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market guys make sure you Watch any of our videos from the past 6 Months there's so much value in these Videos particularly if you're looking to Answer different things anyways see you Tomorrow my friends it's going to be a Great year


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