Ethereum: Comparing The Cycles

Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptiverse Today we're going to talk about ethereum Comparing the Cycles if you guys like The content make sure you subscribe to The channel give the video a thumbs up And also check out the sale on into the Crypto versus premium at into the let's go ahead and jump In so we've spoken a lot about ethereum Even recently we discussed the ethereum Bitcoin evaluation and despite many Claims that it's going to head higher We've talked about how it's likely just Going to continue to see one lower high After another at least during this stage Of the market cycle now with that in Mind I wanted to take a quick look here At ethusd and talk about how cyclically It's coming up to the same point at Least measured last cycle in terms of Measurements of days from the peak where It actually started to roll back over And go back down the other way now there Has been some Divergence of course on This you know on this Market cycle Roi Chart from the peak You can see that ethereum Followed the sort of 2018 fairly closely Up until about June and since then it Has diverged some now whether we want to Rationalize that by saying that a lot of The supply was locked up doesn't really Matter uh it has gone up with that said

You should note that the turning point For ethusd last cycle before going back Down into its final slump before a true Bull market occurred at day 529 or Currently at day 518. we've talked extensively about how You know the year after the primary bear Market years we had 2014 2018 and 2022 For Bitcoin you get your recovery years Where you spend about half the year Going up half the year going down I do Think we are coming up you know here Relatively soon on on sort of the the Downward part of the recovery year now One thing to keep in mind Is that This this point here sort of the point Where it finally started to roll over as Measured from the p-class cycle was only Another couple weeks from now or so Which I guess gets you would get you Pretty pretty close to the end of April But one thing I wanted to remind people Of and this sort of goes back to the Last video where we talked about the General deterioration of ether Bitcoin Right with the idea of just putting in Lower high after lower high after lower High and you might argue well uh what About Bitcoin well take a look at this This is an interesting way to look at at Year-to-date Roi during recovery years You look at Bitcoin and you take say Take a look at at 2019 you'll notice

That it went up and then it came back Down but it actually ended the year up Above where it started okay now if you Were to flip this over to ethereum Which you'll notice in 2019 is that Despite the fact that Bitcoin did that Right despite the fact that Bitcoin went Up four x and then and then faded that Move in the latter half of the year a Theory and but still was above where it Started the year ethereum ended the year Below where it started the year so That's an important distinction I think To make Bitcoin did not and ethereum did Now imagine if Bitcoin goes back to Where it started the year what would That do to ethusd so the point I'm Trying to make is that the recovery Years can still be brutal for for the Altcoin market in general and and so When we think about looking at at the Period the sort of the phase of the Year Where we go up the phase of the Year Where we go down we must remember that That Bitcoin tends to outperform a Majority of the altcoin market during The recovery year I don't really Consider ethanol But just if you were trying to think About it in terms of how will the Altcoin market in general perform with Respect to bitcoin the altcoin market Can still very much go down even when Bitcoin goes down and then it can go

Quicker to the downside than Bitcoin so This is just something I I think that People should think about when when sort Of thinking about how will ethereum Likely perform in the latter half of the Year my guess is that you're going to See another move back up back to the Downside before you get a sustained move To the upside the reality is I don't Really see a sustained move to New Highs Coming until we get back to a period of QE and until we get back to that point I Do think these moves will eventually be Faded I know it's quite volatile we've Been all you know we've been back and Forth between a thousand and two Thousand uh quite a bit here over the Last half year or so but it is important To remember that for the altcoin market During the recovery year for Bitcoin the Hype can die down a lot quicker than it Did for Bitcoin and you're also seeing That reflected as the dominance of Bitcoin continues to slowly push higher If you guys like the content make sure You subscribe to the channel give the Video a thumbs up and remember to check Out the sale on into the cryptoverse Premium uh into the Thank you for tuning in subscribe and I Will see you next time bye


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