Ethereum (Bitcoin & Cardano) to EXPLODE in 2023!

I I couldn't agree more with Matt Hogan's uh previous position that uh Ethereum is poised to be the asset of 2023. if you actually look at developers Building onto the networks uh ethereum Has run away with it welcome back Everybody to altcoin daily merry Christmas happy holidays you subscribe For daily videos keeping you up to date On everything cryptocurrency what you're Looking at is the price of Bitcoin on Every Christmas eve since its first Christmas Eve in 2010. in tumultuous Times like we've been going through it's Important to zoom out gain some Perspective and surely if you believe in The value prop of Bitcoin and crypto Like I do Bitcoin being at a price of 16 800 Christmas 2022 is a Christmas Blessing but you tell me what you think In the comments below so it's crypto Christmas 2022 and we have a few Different things going on in crypto that Are worthy of us talking about in this Video today number one Sam bankman freed The ex-ceo of FTX spotted on a plane Looks like he's riding first class Enjoying an orange juice I would assume he's going back to his Parents house in Palo Alto California to Enjoy his holidays because he made bail It was so sick bro we all lived together And dated each other I'll happily admit To that commingling this just seems

Unfair give this video a like if you Think this seems unfair and you want to Get the word out that Sam bankman freed Needs to face Justice important to note Though that I believe that's coming we Saw Caroline flip on Sam working with The FBI and the doj Gary Wang working with the FBI and doj Sam Trabuco the CEO of Alameda before Caroline he is still out on the lamb Make sure you check out our video from Yesterday if you want to know all about Sandra Buco because it seems right now He's still living his best life on a Boat I mean let's see what happens in The next few weeks hope you're enjoying It Trabuco do you remember how hard the Mainstream media pumped up SBF and FTX In 2020 and 2021 and early 2022 I mean Not all of it is nefarious SPF fooled a Lot of people but they really pumped him Up hard and made him seem like a god you Remember this Sam Beckman freed is Really becoming the industry's lifeline During a crisis lately I'm fascinated Endlessly fascinated with Sam bankman Freed's role in all of this you've been Now described as the JP Morgan if you Will of the crypto business a lot of People called you Um the savior of crypto the patron saint Of crypto the Michael Jordan of crypto If you will Sam free same bank and free The JP Morgan free SPF JPM do you know

SPF I think it's cool that the guy has Just initials uh SPF some on Twitter Calling him the hero right now of the Industry there's comparisons to Warren Buffett back in the financial crisis or If you go way back JP Morgan in the Panic of 1907 bailing out the banks Before the Fed was even created Sam Bankman free just trying to play the Role of JP Morgan uh the original date One key figure we've talked about has Emerged to help stabilize the ecosystem That is sambang been freed we talk about Him a lot Sam bankman free free is he The Jade fool of our era or is he the JP Morgan of argument I think it's yet to Be determined yet to be determined is he Vanderbilt he could be G Harriman Possibly there's the credit mobile air Scandal see Carnegie the aforementioned 29 year old gazillionaire FTX founder And CEO Sam bankman freed I love you Sam I'm just jealous Nothing nothing against you the CEO Though Relatively understated life for a Billionaire he drives a Toyota Corolla To ftx's offices in the Bahamas he lives With 10 roommates and a golden doodle Named gopher sometimes sleeps under his Desk on a beanbag chair as well you aim Toward a more sophisticated level of Investor than some of the other Platforms do Fair Point well Sam thanks

So much it's such a fascinating Conversation that's Sam bankman freed of FTX Sam don't be a stranger we love you Here on CNBC come around talk to us more Often about your thoughts a lot of other Things to talk about we love checking in With you too Sam uh such a good Spokesperson for the industry and we Look forward to seeing what you guys are Up to and it's nice to see notable People and regular people realizing that The failure of FTX is not a failure of Crypto it's a failure of centralization Defy is the point and by the way it's Not about crypto remember this is about Centralized Finance Defy is the point They're going after uh a decentralized Finance that's I this is not what it's About it's not about the crypto industry This is about Sam bagman freed it's About the regulator Gary Gensler and It's about centralized Finance which Needs to be brought under our regulatory Umbrella and Gary Gensler has done Nothing to make that happen it's just Amazing to see how far crypto has come In the beginning nobody owned it nobody Talked about it now tons of people do Tons of notable people are talking about It Ben Shapiro a right-leaning guy Regardless how you feel about him he has Millions for his audience he's not a Crypto guy but he's on this other Podcast the full send podcast talking

About crypto millions and millions of People are seeing this I love him doing This I always thought that there were a Couple well-established cryptocurrencies That were going to be durable and the Vast majority of them were going to fall Away and it's like any Innovative space They're gonna be a lot of scamsters at The very beginning who are taking Advantage of this who launched their own Bitcoin and it fails and they just make A quick money grab for people who are Suckers and then it just falls apart the FTS obviously the size and scope is not Small it's a very very big one but did It materially affect the price of for Example Bitcoin I haven't seen that Bitcoin has plummeted in any real way it Seems like the the drop in the crypto Markets happened concomitant with Actually the inflation Um but it seems like it's been fairly Stable Bitcoin I mean full disclosure I Own some Bitcoin I own some ethereum uh For the last three four months it seems Like Bitcoin particularly has been Fairly stable so FTX didn't seem to have Affect a Bitcoin so a lot of people are Distracted and have a negative feeling Towards crypto because of the clown show That is FTX last minute holiday shopping Before we jet over to my parents house In Palo Alto so busy have a league game Scheduled tomorrow at 2PM count your

Blessings fam Sam bankman freed quote Probably people just don't realize that Crypto is here to stay cardano smart Contracts increased almost 400 percent In 2022. top 10 most Googled Cryptocurrencies worldwide in 2020 2. Interesting how this changes year to Year it's true many people think crypto May just be a passing fad as Millions Give up on it just like they thought of The internet back in 2000 yet there's so Much going on in the space tons of Bitcoin Bulls ethereum Bulls altcoin Bulls I'll leave you with this by the Way make sure you subscribe to our Channel we post a video every day even On Christmas keeping you informed on the Entire cryptocurrency market so it's This particular VC's opinion that Ethereum is the poised asset of 2023 if You look at developers building on the Network ethereum has run away with it so This gentleman is the most bullish on Ethereum just his opinion but this guy Is not missing the forest for the trees I think there's plenty of reason to be Bullish on ethereum and Bitcoin and Crypto merry Christmas everybody I would Say uh with respect to bitcoin uh Bitcoin had every opportunity to act as A risk off digital gold hedge and it Didn't frankly uh it it it it acted as a Beta on on risk on Tech and frankly There's better risk on Tech in this

Industry uh I I couldn't agree more with Matt Hogan's uh previous position that Uh ethereum is poised to be the asset of 2023. if you actually look at developers Building onto the networks uh ethereum Is run away with it I I think a very Simple analogy that you can use uh is Search back in the 90s uh Google created The number one search engine and then There were 15 other search engines that That fought for about 15 of all searches And Google ran away with 85 percent uh We're seeing that type of I would say Hegemonic position for ethereum in terms Of developer activity uh projects being Deployed between its layer ones and Layer twos uh and and frankly I I think Bitcoin is facing huge ESG concerns in Addition to essentially what I call the Pet rock syndrome all we can do is hold It and send it to somebody else where You're seeing smart contract Functionality be the real differentiator With respect to Contagion uh I don't Think the contagion's over I I think There are shoes to drop there are are Buried bodies to be found and Unfortunately your sister company Uh in Genesis


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