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Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the cryptoverse today we're going To talk about ethereum more specifically We're going to discuss the ether Bitcoin Valuation if you guys like the content Make sure you subscribe to the channel Give the video a thumbs up and also Check out the sale on intothe Cryptoverse premium at intothe Cryptoverse decom it is Black Friday so If you want to enter in a code 2023 into The checkout you'll also get an extra 10% off on your first month Decision time is soon in my opinion for The Ether Bitcoin ratio I think that Within the next few weeks it could be as Early as next week but I think within The next few weeks we should have a Major decision on which way the ether Bitcoin ratio is going to break okay now If you're unfamiliar with my views on The Ether Bitcoin valuation I like to be as as transparent and Honest as I can be so that you can kind Of understand where I'm coming from Learn from you know where I was right About things where I was wrong about Things and hopefully come up with your Own decision on on how to navigate the Market and how to hedge yourself based On on what your prevailing opinion is So you know my my view on on ether Bitcoin you know really it started in 2019 I was quite bullish on it some of

The First videos on my channel are about You know on are about that um we were Expecting this pretty large breakout to The upside in in early 2021 and the last Video in 2020 on my channel was called Like ethereum you know ethereum remember Remember the end of December and the Idea was that you go into ethu right or Ethu whatever you want to call it when Ethereum tends to outperform bitcoin and That and that of course occurred now Where I you know sort of floundered a Little bit is I did not turn bearish on Ether Bitcoin here At at 088 right so I did not turn Bearish on it there but once we got this Rally back up and it was it was very Apparent where the overall Market was Heading uh this was right around the Times that you know a lot of these Bigger you know uh platforms were Starting to collapse I became bearish on On ether Bitcoin right here at around 0075 right and I actually at the time I I converted a lot of my a lot of my Ethereum to bitcoin and the reason why I Converted it to bitcoin And not to to US Dollars was because by Converting it to bitcoin it still gives You exposure to the potential upside While minimizing your downside risk Right and I didn't know how low Bitcoin Was going to go so that's where I Converted a lot of ether into Bitcoin by

You know in anticipation of ethereum Bitcoin bleeding off and on for the next Like you know couple of years after that And in the short term I was right I mean Like I I felt I felt great because we Saw this thing collapse all the way down And where I think I went wrong on this Was I did not anticipate you know the Extent of the rally going into the merge Once it became apparent that this was Rallying back up you know I I still said It's likely just going to come in and be A secondary distribution phase just like Bitcoin had in 2021 and and form a lower High unlike Bitcoin but it did form a Lower high but ever since then my you Know again i' I've sort of reiterated Lower highs and lower lows right lower Highs and lower lows not a popular Theory um but it it hasn't been wrong Right like this theory has been has been Correct some of the theories that I talk About have been incorrect um it's just Important to sort of keep our hold Ourselves accountable and and remember That but this one has been has been Correct now one of the difficult things About this is that while it has been Correct you know all it takes is a Single week for the market to completely Change right and and you know for this Entire thing to be completely wiped out Okay but I think decision time is almost Upon us it could be as early as next

Week but trying to predict exactly when Things are going to happen is is Incredibly difficult right it's so hard There's no way I can possibly know um But just looking at at some of these Weekly candles you know this pattern is Following very closely so far you come Down in here into the you know this Range that around 05 or so you you get Two green candles and then a red same Thing over here two greens and then a Red and then the fourth one over here Was green with a long Wick up so far the Fourth one is green we've had a wick up The wick hasn't gone as high though as As the one we saw over here the one we Saw over here had a wick you know Basically back up to where these other Wicks were so if it if it were to go Back up to where these other Wicks were It would imply ether Bitcoin going back Up to like 057 or 058 and still if it Did that it would still be within the Realm of of what we saw back over here Now if you know or if you look at this You'll see that two greens a red and a Green and then the the that fifth candle That was the decision candle right that Was where the market decided where this Thing was going to go you know for the Next year or so right I mean and again We've made it back down to these levels But that is you know this was the Decision candle like once we had this

Move up you know everyone just sort of Flooded back in into eum from Bitcoin And the ethereum Bitcoin valuation went All the way back up close to the highs From the from this cycle but still did Not quite take it out So my base view for a long time and I Just want to sort of reiterate it for For people who who maybe haven't watched Me before my base view that could be Wrong right my base view has been that Ethereum's Bitcoin valuation is Ultimately heading to about 03 to 04 Eventually eventually right eventually And that from that level it can Potentially start to go back into an Uptrend against Bitcoin now again not a Popular view but there's no denying that It's been in a downtrend at least since The merch at least since the merge this Thing has been in a Downtrend this move Here you know I I anticipated right we Said that this is likely going to drop Down even though technically it's you Know it's a descend wedge and a lot of Descending wedges actually break up to The upside but you know I said basically That it would likely it's more likely to Break to the downside because this is Where the Bitcoin dominance goes higher And a lot of the altcoin market just Basically systematically bleeds back to Bitcoin so why you know why is next the

Next few weeks such a decision time for Ethereum against Bitcoin often times Ethereum there's this seasonality that Can come for ethereum but it doesn't Tend to occur until like mid December or Early January where it'll often gain Some ground against Bitcoin so we're Still a few weeks away from that so my Argument is that we're within a a window Of weakness for The Ether Bitcoin pair That could last for the next you know Let's call it 3 to five weeks right a Window of weakness that doesn't mean That like it can't climb back up to 057 Or 058 or even higher right I mean if You look at the bull market Market Support ban that's all the way up at at 059 almost 06 so it's certainly possible That it could climb back up to those Levels and I'm not trying to suggest That it can't right it certainly could But the the window of weakness I think Will be over the next few weeks like if It's going to break down then I would Assume it's going to do so sometime in The next few weeks if you look at Seasonality with ether Bitcoin there Does tend to often be some type of Favorable outcome for for ethereum once You get into q1 that doesn't always Happen you know seasonality is one of Those tricky things where like it it Sometimes plays out like it it plays out Maybe like 70% of the time but if you

Talk about seasonality constantly then There's going to be like 30% of the time Where it doesn't play out and then you Know people might be upset about that But seasonality does not tell you what's Going to happen it tells you what's the Most likely outcome but it does not tell You what's what's going to happen Fortunately I you know going into 2023 I Was bearish on on The Ether Bitcoin pair And so you know I was not expecting a Major break up to the a major break to The upside and that view was correct but You can see that in in in a lot of Decembers you know here's an example Where ether Bitcoin capitulated into the End of the year and then you know once We got into January the move began this Was uh 2020 right this was 2020 And I mean if you if you look at at at You know 2022 we even had a brief move Back up to the upside if you go back and Look at at 2019 ether Bitcoin had a nice Move here starting about the beginning Of the year if you look at at um 2018 You can see The Ether Bitcoin bled let's Just zoom in to really figure out how Long it bled for um let's see so here's December here's December here's December Of 2017 and then you can see starting The week of December 11th is when Ethereum started to show strength um and Then in 2018 it was the week of December

17th when ethereum started to show Strength against Bitcoin right and again Like it wasn't it wasn't sustained we we Can see that it only lasted for a few Weeks but at least you got a few weeks Of of of some green against Bitcoin Right if you go further back right You'll see that there was a a pretty Large breakout here in January of 2017 And also in in January of of 2016 as Well and let me switch us to a log scale So we can see kind of exactly when these When these larger moves started to Occur this one bottomed out over here The last week of December and then this One bottomed out over here the week of December 21st so you can see that There's a window of weakness on the Ethereum Bitcoin pair really from now Through approximately the end of the Year but it could I mean as we've seen It there's there's times where it Bottoms out before the end of the year Before getting you know before getting Some type of a bounce so you know my Argument right now my argument right now Is that if it's going to break down Which honestly is still my base case Scenario right if it's going to break Down I think it'll do so in the next few Weeks because if it does then you could Still get that favorable seasonality for Ethereum in January against Bitcoin Right like so you can imagine a scenario

Where it breaks down but then you get Into December or January and then it B Basically moves back up to these levels Right so you could get get some type of Move like that now how could that type Of move occur well of course two Different ways right one way is if Bitcoin breaks up right so if the if the Valuation of Bitcoin were to continue to Break up right if it continues to Rally Let's say into the spot ETF or or Whatever what whatever the The Narrative Might be um but if it does continue to Rally and ethereum can't keep Pace with It which is basically what's been going On for the entire year then that's That's one way that ether Bitcoin could Break down right so you could have a Scenario where ether Bitcoin breaks off Of its support Level and ether USD is not necessarily Showing that same weakness if the reason Ether Bitcoin break is breaking down is Because Bitcoin USD is going up right so There's a scenario like that that could Play out where Bitcoin breaks up ether Can't keep pace and therefore ether Bitcoin goes down there's a scenario There's another scenario where Bitcoin Goes down and then ethereum just goes Down more and the ethereum Bitcoin Valuation goes down but my argument is That if it's going to break down it'll Probably do it within the next few weeks

Now if you're looking at this you're Probably saying well you know so far This has been following the trend pretty Closely right like two greens a red and A green two greens a red and a green why Can't it continue to follow it and break Back up to the Upside it could right you know I I mean I feel like I'm always learning about About these markets and and they humble You the longer that you're in them it Could break up to the upside and I'm not Suggesting that it can't I just think Again you know throughout this entire Year I've reiterated the same thing of Lower highs and lower lows and at this Point that has not changed right we have Not seen that Trend break yet and you Know I don't know when that trend is Going to break but my suspicion you know If last cycle is an indication is that It would be once we get back to Lo Monetary policy but again we'll have to Wait and see about That So decision time I think is is almost Here this week I don't really think is Is that important um you could you could Wick all the way up to 058 059 you could Just kind of hang around 054 .55 I don't Really think it's going to be a huge Deal this week but I think it becomes Starts to become more of a um of a thing Next week because next week the start of

The week is is November 27th so by the End of that week we're going to be in December right we're going to be in the Early part of December which is again is Where that area of weakness is on The Ether Bitcoin pair a lot of times Bitcoin is you know Bitcoin dominance is Often going up in December because Bitcoin's making somewhat of a volatile Move whether it be up or Down so that is is sort of a view on on Ether Bitcoin and one of the things About this too I I like to look at the Monthly time frame as well and let me Just get rid of everything and show you A couple of different things so so one Of which is if you look at the hik and Ashi candles you will see in fact that Every candle this year has been red now Not every month The Ether Bitcoin pair Has gone down right we know that but Every hik and Asi candle which you know Captures these the you know sort of These price movements in a different way It sort of characterizes them a little Bit differently we have whole videos on On how they how how you know the hi Kanashi candles are actually calculated But because they they're they're better At tuning out the noise it shows you What the overall trend is and right now You're getting large candle bodies with Unders Shadows but no overshadows Signifying a fairly strong Trend

Right so far every candle hiashi candle This year for ether Bitcoin has been Red I I think the next one will probably Be red too and then perhaps next year You might get something like this where You get a little bit of of of renewed Strength right so you could get Something like that that plays out where You know there's there's some type of Reprieve for The Ether Bitcoin pair Sometime in in early 2024 but right now right now the trend Has been very much intact you know it's Been it's been slowly trending down it's Been trending down slow enough to sort Of make people constantly say that it's Holding up well right and I'm not Suggesting it's not holding up better Than last cycle it is but at the same Time you know as an investor to be Honest with yourself right you know you Don't look at at quarterly returns for An asset and see that it's it's Legitimately been negative every quarter This year and and be you know and then Be proud about that right like that's That's that's been a fairly significant Drop for for ether Bitcoin and and and Since the Merge it's down about 36% 35% I mean That's a substantial job I mean to give You an idea um of of of what that would Mean to people who who might prefer to Think about it in terms of conversions

Right this is the Bitcoin ether Valuation not ether Bitcoin so it's the Inverse so like back at the merge one Bitcoin would have fetched you just Under 12 eth today one Bitcoin gets you 18 eth right so I mean you know imagine If you had converted your your eth to Bitcoin on the week of the merch Let's say you converted 12 ether to to One Bitcoin back then at the merge Now here Today that one Bitcoin that you would Have achieved that you would have gained Now gets you 18 e so what that would Mean essentially is that you could then Convert that back to ethereum if you Wanted to or you could convert say the Difference which would be six right Between 18 18 and 12 and and that's just You know it's essentially free ether Right I mean like it just did it you Took the trade around the merge uh when All the hype was you know all the Flipping you know narratives and all That stuff and you've essentially just Printed six ether because you just you You went to the relative safety of Bitcoin you said I don't know where Bitcoin's going to go um and and after That FTX collapsed Bitcoin went down now Bitcoin went back up but what you did Know is that you believed in the future Of crypto and that you know sort of Sticking with with you know with with

The King Bitcoin through the hard times Is is probably going to be a better Better play than sticking with ether and It's been the better play and you know When you look at this Chart the Bitcoin ether valuation it Just keeps on putting in higher highs And higher lows right I mean it just This this pattern is continuing and you Can see that it's coming up to Resistance here right like this is the Level that it's trying to break through And before it breaks through it might Have to come back down here right it's Possible That it has to drop back down which if It does it would mean ether Bitcoin Going back up you know to to the bull Market support ban and getting rejected Again the other thing that is Interesting with The Ether Bitcoin pair Is that is the 20-month moving average This is something I I really like to Look at because it really does kind of Show you the cyclical behavior of this Asset right you know it goes up and then Down and then up and then I I I I think We're in sort of the down phase but also You could argue that you know it's sort Of in an uptrend right the the moving Average at least is in an uptrend um you Know you do have higher highs you also Have low or sorry you have higher lows But you also have lower highs and and we

Don't we don't really know exactly how That's going to resolve but let's Suppose that it breaks back down here Into the 003 to 04 range that is where I Would start to get more Interested in in The Ether Bitcoin pair Right like if I if I could see it back Down there I would get a lot more Interested in in ethereum with respect To bitcoin and maybe at that point I Would I I would stop you know going on And on about Bitcoin dominance and say All right you know ethereum is is Sufficiently undervalued with respect to Bitcoin sort of justify a larger Percentage of it in a portfolio rather Than just being you know rather than Just having a crypto portfolio that is Bitcoin heavy I want to be clear about The altcoin market in general I know I've been very critical of it uh with Respect to bitcoin for a long time as You get into the having year as you get Into a theoretical fed pivot at some Point altcoins should start to durably Outperform bitcoin it is not clear to me If we've actually reached that stage Just Yet I mean it's always possible Right But last cycle we didn't even get that Switch until until we started to get Rate cuts and so I I I think that we Probably need rate cuts to be a little Bit more confident about that sort of

View but this is the thing to look at And if you look at the 20-month moving Average one of the things that we noted Last cycle was that we were trying to Break out of it and if once we break out Of it it's a fairly bullish sign after We broke out of it we then came back and Back tested that 20mon moving average You can see that in the prior cycle we Held the 20-month moving average as Support before getting the final bounce Look how similar the chart is I mean Look at it like this you have A okay so this is your this this this a Is that Wick that your your your your Sort of your cycle top right I mean Again the Bitcoin the Bitcoin Bull Run Did not end in June of 2017 but the Bull Run for ether Bitcoin ended in June of 2017 because it it actually hasn't ever Even taken out a higher it's never taken Out that high in fact um and then if you Go back down here this is sort of your The B Area this is sort of going to note it With the letter b and say this is where It went back down to the 20-month moving Average and held it as support and in Both cases you got a fake out below it And then you go back up and you put in a Lower high you put in a lower high you Can see the lower high here and then you Can see the lower high this was the Merge rally where it got a lower high

Right so pretty clear pattern so Far and I mean you could even go further Back and say that this one you know I Don't know what you would want to call It but let's just call it sort of the Starting point let's just say zero um That sort of is is reflective of of Whole that 20-month moving average as Support just before the rally begins Right so you got your major move up to a Your your pull back to the to B the 20-month moving average uh a dead capat Bounce to C where it puts in a lower High and Then here you get another bounce off the 20 month moving average we'll call that D which is exactly what we got right Here as Well so you have D and then that is d Right there and then you get your final Top just before it rolls over right so Basically you get the E right There and that marks sort of that last Terra before it fell below the 20-month Moving Average and now you can kind of see that It's you know after falling below the 20 Month and getting a monthly close below It confirming it the following month Last cycle once that Happened um if we go find the um date Range here once that happened it Took 24 months to break back above it 24

Months so so far if you look where it is Today it's already been about 10 months So it's been about 10 months so 24 Months would put you coincidentally in January of 2025 it's really funny how How the cycle tends to repeat itself Quite quite closely right so that would Put you in January AR 2025 which by the Way January 2021 is exactly when ether Bitcoin um was holding the 20-month SMA As support and and starting another you Know a Fresh Rally back up to this a Level so I think that we're in this Phase right I think we're in that phase Where ether Bitcoin is just sort of Slowly bleeding down and and it's it's Really difficult to know where it's you Know where it's it's going to ultimately In it's it's hard to know how long it's Going to take um you can see that once We came back down to this Wick here Right so I mean it's so familiar right It's almost the exact same thing so like Look at that Wick as one that's the same Thing as as this Level right this one right here is this Well I guess it's just the B right I Don't even need to redo this it's just Your your the B on the chart and then You draw the line across at that Wick so This is where we are Right we're in this level right here Arguably this is where we Are so I think decision time will come

Soon um and you know you know I I Suspect it could come by the end of the Year like sometime in the next few weeks Possibly if you look at the chart this Way it suggests that it even could take It could take longer right it could Certainly take longer like you know what Happens if we just get comfortable down In these levels and we don't actually See a major drop again until you know Half a year from now Something like that could happen as well Um so we probably should be prepared for For anything but decision time should be Coming up right I that's my view is Decision time should be coming up Relatively soon if it doesn't come up Relatively soon then I would speculate That it's just because we're just kind Of grinding in these in these valuations Down here and and we're just not we're Not making a convincing move in in Either direction right But that's where we that's where we Ultimately stand is is you know trying To figure out is is will it will it Eventually break down or not and when it Broke down over here from the wick it Wasn't like that much lower right I mean From the wick it was another 30% drop so From this Wick just for reference a 30% Drop puts you at between 003 and 004 Right that's where it would ultimately Put the ether Bitcoin pair is between 03

To 0.4 which is probably the valuation That I think it would more convincingly Turn things around you know I I do hope That we don't go into sort of a period Like this where you spend the next half Year going nowhere um because that would Again it would be very difficult for the Both Bulls and the Bears of the Valuation because we'll just be sort of Arguing for another half year which Which could certainly happen right it Could certainly happen I think some of The main counterpoints you know is that The the time between C and the breakdown Point over here was about 17 months and If you go from C to where we are today We're already at 14 months sort of Suggesting that we might not need like Six or seven months of this right we've Already we've already seen this trend Down for about actually it's Even yeah about about 14 months um but Even maybe even You could argue 15 Months if you take this candle right Here right like so if you take the the Last green candle before the trend uh Really started to shift You could argue It's been you know been one extra month But that's where we currently are on on Ether Bitcoin the 20mon moving average Is is at 0066 so I have to think that an Invalidation criteria would have to be Related to you know if ether Bitcoin

Goes above 066 then perhaps the trend is Invalidated on a on a monthly close not A wick right the Wicks don't count on an Actual monthly close um so I would I Would be looking at That let me go back To some of these moving averages so Here's like the 50-month moving average And interestingly enough you can see That it sort of topped out at the same Level that it did last cycle it didn't Even quite make it to that same level But it got relatively close but it looks Like it's starting to Trend down here it Looks like it's starting to Trend down Once The Ether Bitcoin pair convincingly Breaks this and holds it as support then I I think you can make the argument that The that the trend is starting to change Right but doesn't really look like we're We're at that phase just yet we we could We could just be you know right here Where it's it sort of made this drop but It hasn't really you know convincingly Broken through that that 50e moving Average and again that's all the way up At at at 06475 so that'd be a fairly substantial Um move the other thing is if you look At yearly candles on The Ether Bitcoin Pair we've sort of noted this before as Well is that This candle from 2019 actually closed Below the wick from 2018 and you know

Again I I pointed this out at the Beginning of the year when we were way Up here and um and now and this was back At 007 and now it's it's not that far From the wick right so it wouldn't take That much more to get this thing below The wick I mean it would have to just go Down below 049 and the way again that it could do That a couple of ways right one way is If Bitcoin were to go up right if Bitcoin were to get a you know a Substantial rally to the upside from Here I mean bitcoin's already had a Substantial rally right so it has had a Substantial rally already but if Bitcoin Breaks into the 40K level right if Bitcoin were to break into the 40K Zone Then that would be an area I think that You could still see The Ether Bitcoin Valuation sort of fall In so that's where we are on on ether Bitcoin And um you know it'll be interesting to See how it plays out because if it does Go to 03 to 04 I'll definitely I'll Definitely flip my view um if it doesn't Then I think it's going to take it you Know if it can get above the 50 we SMA Hold it at support then I would you know Then I would I would probably flip my View by the way if you guys you know if Anyone sort of did what I did and Converted ether to bitcoin right here

And you're watching it over here and You've made like 30% right I mean this Is down a lot Um yeah down about 25% or so so if you If you've had a you know if that's been A successful trade for you and you want To hedge you can always hedge right like You can always you could always hedge Your bet and and and get some of your Ether back just in case it doesn't fall To 0304 again that's my view but my view Could be wrong right I mean markets are Notorious for you know doing things that We don't expect and it's not Financial Advice I I just want people to Understand that you know it's worthwhile To to hedge yourself in these markets to Look at what is the most likely outcome But how can you hedge against that most Likely outcome sort of suggest like what Could possibly happen to make it so that It doesn't play out like That I mean you know you could imagine That ether Bitcoin bleeds because There's like some type of spot Bitcoin ETF and then perhaps there's like some Spot ETF for ethereum in early you know In in q1 next year right or maybe the Spot ETF gets rejected for ethereum and That's the reason it it goes down I Don't know but that is what I would I Would be looking at for for The Ether Bitcoin Pair I think we're likely sort of akin

To Somewhere Over Here Right looking to see if it'll take Out this Wick or not right and so it's Sort of just bouncing around right it's Just sort of bouncing around in here and Um and and has not yet given any clear Indication of which way it's going to Head by the way I mean if it if it does Um play out like this just to give you An idea of what that would look like Just so we're you know all on the same Page if it plays out like this Then it would do something like That right so like you know bounce back Up you know bleed back down maybe to Like 049 get another bounce and then Sort of slowly bleed and then sort of Bottom October 2024 between .3 to 04 if It were to follow this pattern probably Isn't going to follow that pattern so I Wouldn't I wouldn't try to take that one To the bank but um could certainly Follow that pattern another thing to Look at is that you know there the other The other cryptocurrency that has a very A fairly large market cap not as large As ethereum's but relatively large is is BNB and and BNB the the BNB Bitcoin Valuation recently broke down to levels That hasn't seen since April of 2021 and If you go look at eum's Bitcoin Valuation to get to an area that it Hasn't been since April of 2021 we'd Have to take out you know 049 right so

The ethereum Bitcoin valuation would Have to drop back down below 049 Somewhere in that level uh for it to Sort of play out the same way that the B&B Bitcoin valuation Is and you know that's where that's Where I I I essentially stand I mean it And again like you know if if you're if You're looking at these charts and Thinking that that has to mean something Specific for ether USD that's not Necessarily true again if Bitcoin goes Up it can drag the market with it right Like you can always see an example where Ether Bitcoin goes down and ether USD Goes up you can also get an example Where ether Bitcoin goes down and ether USD also goes down if you look at the Last several months right if you look at The last several months and you Overlay ether USD onto this chart you Can see that ether USD has been going up At the same time that ether Bitcoin has Been going down so you could always have A scenario where if Bitcoin breaks above 40K and it drags a theum up to like 2200 Or 2300 that could still happen but Ether Bitcoin could drop and if or if Bitcoin drops and of course ether USD Would also uh likely Drop so I think that's where we stand on On ethereum um or at least that's my View there are a lot of people that Disagree with my view on on ether

Bitcoin and it's probably worthwhile to Go listen to what their views are um Because you don't you know you certainly Don't want to live in an echo chamber And only get one opinion so I would Suggest that you go look at other Opinions on The Ether Bitcoin pair to Get an idea of what are some other Potential outcomes you know there There's some people that sort of look at At these other trend lines um like this Where you know suggesting it could come Back down to 0.04 and then bounce you Might ignore that that Wick there and Just sort of Connect the Dots here right I guess if you connect it from like here To here to here you can see that's kind Of right where around I mean if you if You sort of fudge the line right you can Try to make it line up like this um That's sort of where it is as well so There's a lot of different ways you can You can look at The Ether Bitcoin pair And sort of draw different conclusions I've explained why I think it's more Likely to eventually break down than up But I also think you know hedging your Bets in case in case it doesn't is not Always uh the worst the worst outcome or The worst strategy just to make sure That if it does break up you're not left You know trying to you know y low in as As is going back up only to then buy it At potentially another lower High I mean

Think about how many people converted Bitcoin to Ether here at the merge Because it was going to lead to the Flipping and then ever since then ether Bitcoin dropped 25 30% so I think we'll Wrap it up there thank you guys for Tuning in remember to check out the sale On into the cryptoverse premium at into The Crypt.of 10% off on your first month at Checkout I'll see you guys next time bye


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