ETFs Approved: When ETH All Time High?! SOL ETF Next?

[Music] So ethereum ETFs have now been approved But what comes next what's next what's Next what's next will e see the same Rocket fuel that we saw with Bitcoin and Most importantly are we going to see Other altcoin ETFs salana Nia Ada Perhaps this is a vid you can't afford To Miss oh in case you're wondering who the Hell is this guy I'm Nick and if you're A regular viewer of our Clips Channel You will have seen me in countless Videos now I'm helping out here as well So we can make sure that in this bull Market you guys won't go a day without Your daily fix of coin Bureau crypto Content so hopefully it's worth your While well let's see firstly where are We exactly with these ethereum ETFs well Last week we got the news that the SEC Was doing a complete 180° turn on these ETFs after months of stone Walling and Radio Silence from the regulator they Reached out to the issuers and asked Them to submit updated 19 B4 forms this Caught the market completely off guard From the Bloomberg ETF analysts to the Issuers themselves from the poly Market Betters to the eth shorts the eth god Candle was something to Behold now most of these issuers then Quickly adjusted their applications and By Thursday the SEC was ready to approve

A total of five of them so e ETFs are Here well well not quite you see while The 19 B4 forms are seen as the most Pivotal step towards the approval the SEC still needs to approve the Individual s1s before they allow these To begin trading these s1s are basically Registration statements for a company That is usually filed in connection with An initial public offering or IPO oh and Fun fact this 180° move by the SEC even C many of those within the SEC of God And that's because the division that Deals with the S1 applications wasn't Ready to even look at them now that is Of course happening but the process Could take some time and that's because There may be requests for amendments or Other updates according to the Bloomberg ETF analyst this could take anywhere From a few weeks even up to a few months Depending of course on the amount of Work that is required to be done by the Issuers it's these S1 applications that Could drag on for a while before we can Really get these ETFs on the market Fully trading but this then begs another Really important question when the Trading starts is there likely to be a Lot of demand well it's a bit of a mixed Bag as was the case with the Bitcoin ETFs what these ETFs will allow for is Those investors who otherwise would not Have been able to buy spot eth to buy

Them in a regulated rapper large Institutions like hedge funds or mutual Funds and Pension funds would Technically be able to gain eth exposure And then there are of course all the Millions of retail investors who want to Be able to hold eth in their 401ks in a Tax efficient way Eric balunis the Bloomberg ETF analyst has said that he Expects to see at least 15 to 20% of the Size of the inflows we saw go to bitcoin Come into an ethereum product his Colleague James saford has said on a Recent podcast that he expects at least 20 to 25% so when you consider that e Market cap is only 33% the size of Bitcoins that's a hell of a lot of Vine Pressure for eth they weren't the only Market analysts that were bullish you Had the likes of Joe Luben who said that He expects to see a Floodgate Of demand For ether when these products are Eventually launched his sentiment was Also echoed by analysts at Bernstein Research who think that the rally that We saw post Bitcoin ETF approval will Play out here as well however there are A number of things that are different With these eth products Visa Bitcoins I Mean for one there is the fact that Nearly everyone was exped them to get Denied and that of course means that They may not be ready to start Allocating to these funds let's not

Forget that months ago Matt Hogan from Bitwise asset management was saying that The market was not ready for these Products yet as they were still trying To digest the Bitcoin products and he Actually preferred a December timeline Michael Anderson the co-founder of Framework Ventures said quote a lot of People have been caught offside by the Ethereum ETF announcement even though The Bitcoin ETF creat created a crypto ETF road map for wirehouses and large Registered investment advisers I still Expect that many institutional Stakeholders are now scrambling to Prime Their sales teams on the state of Ethereum and put together a proper Infrastructure so it's going to be a Scramble for sure then there is also the Question of how the pitch should go for These products I mean the investment Argument for Bitcoin is pretty clear Digital gold immutable money however how Do you make the appeal for something Like ethereum to the normal retail crowd What would you guys suggest I would love To know down in those comments oh and um While you're down there why don't you Give me a like and uh hit the Subscribe And Bell as well to make sure that YouTube gives you a bell as well the Next time a new vid hits the tube Crypto okay welcome to the Bro crypto Podcast I'm chadam Miss Maximus go by

Max Chad 100 on Twitter and I am Giga Dick the dude with the biggest p&l in All of crypto bro bro say what my p&l is 100% bigger than yours bro please I was Longing Doge and drinking neat badier While you were still spot buying BTC on Mount gox bro bro you're still driving a 2020 Aventador where's your Bugatti at Bro bro when Bon hits a dollar I'm going To be Rock in a super yacht while you're Still stuck in traffic bro the Bro Crypto podcast is sponsored by the coin Bureau deals page if you're looking for Trading fee discounts of up to 60% Exchange sign up bonuses of up to $60,000 and amazing discounts on Hardware wallets then don't be a bro be In the no and check out the link in the Description below and now back to the Showry bro bro bruh bro bro Bro oh uh okay they're still going uh Right um look you can either listen to These idiots for the next 4 hours or you Can head to the coin Bureau deals page And find something useful your call Anyways can we get an idea of what Demand will be like for these products Using current market metrics well yes Yes we can for one we actually already Have eth ETFs out there the the Futures Kind of course and these launched in October of last year and the reception Was shall we say underwhelming and since That time they haven't really managed to

Pick up much in the way of AUM or assets Under management comparing their AUM to Bitcoin Futures ETFs for example they Are a mere fraction for example the pro Shares eth Futures ETF has about $95 Million in AUM whereas their Bitcoin Futures ETF has over 2.2 billion so eth Futures instruments have seen about a 4% Demand of that of Bitcoins okay those Are just the Futures instruments but we Also do have spot products if you wanted A more direct comparison and that's Because Hong Kong just launched ETFs With both Bitcoin and ethereum at the Same time the E ETF inflows accounted For only about 15% of the total we've Seen going into Bitcoins another Institutional litmus test we could Potentially use is the volumes of Futures Trading that we are seeing Taking place on the CME and that's Because given that the are regulated Futures they are way more likely to have Been traded by an institution in the Case of Bitcoin the CME has seen the Most volume of all Bitcoin Futures Exchanges however in the case of Ethereum Futures markets the CME ranked Fourth behind a number of offshore and Unregulated exchanges then there is also The question of the opportunity cost of Holding the ETF shares as opposed to the Underline remember the SEC will not be Allowing any ethereum ETFs that are

Offering staking rewards therefore Investors have to decide whether they Are willing to forgo the extra 3.6% or So staking yield they would get of Course there are many tax benefits that Come with these ETFs so much so that They actually could Trump the 3.6% yield And there is of course also staking and Custody risks that they may not want to Subject themselves to so it's not a free Lunch but that's of course holding Everything else equal and as is so often The case that assumption doesn't always Hold true one of the major things that Has changed this time around is the fact That the regulatory environment is Completely different as mentioned that Reversal on the eth ETFs was a complete 180 and the only reason as to what Appears to have happened can only be Because of higher political pressure Let's not forget that in the same week That the ETFs were approved you had foot 21 bill pass the US House and of course The week before we had Sab 121 a we Covered both of these blls in our weekly News episode so you can go back and view Those if you want more information by The way heck Trump has even come out and Said that he would make the us one of The most Pro crypto jurisdictions and Biden has also stopped his veto threats So it's pretty clear that the political Climate is a lot more bullish now than

It was when the Bitcoin ETFs launched a Few months ago moreover by the SEC Allowing these e spot ETFs to launch They are making their case for eth being A security a lot harder to defend this Is part of the reason as to why so many Of the broader projects in the etherum Ecosystem rallied on the ETF news Without this Cloud hanging over the Ethereum ecosystem anymore it could Provide the right environment for that Long awaited rotation from Bitcoin to Ethereum to take place the eth BTC bleed Can finally stop according to Mike Novogratz if the climate really has Shifted in Washington then quote prices Are going to be much higher than here Perhaps this could even be the spark That was required to ignite the rocket Fuel we need for altcoin season it would Be even more serendipitous if this came About the same time that the FED started To Pivot later in the year okay so this All begs a very important question if we Are going to have an altseason sparked By these e ETFs will we get any other Altcoin ETFs anytime Soon well let's take a look most of the Speculation about which altcoin could be Next has of course centered around Salana and this is the one that has seen The most institutional interest in the Past few months let's not forget that Kathy Wood was out here Shilling soul on

CNBC a few months ago and even the OG of CNBC crypto Fame Mr Brian Kelly was on TV last week saying that he thinks the So ETF is the next one to break but There were a few other factors which I Covered in a bit more detail in a tweet Thread which I will leave link to down Below for you guys for one there is the Fact that after Bitcoin and ethereum so Structured investment products have seen The most inflows and AUM and this is According to the data that has been Compiled by the likes of coin shares in Their weekly coin reports it's not just AUM of course but the premium that People are willing to pay over AUM for Some of these products for example the Price that the grayscale G so trust Shares are trading at is almost six Times greater than the AUM in the fund On top of that there is also the Numerous surveys that coin shares has Conducted with institutional investors Over the past few months earlier this Year Soul showed the most growth in Interest from these investor types so When Soul ETF well not so fast you see While the question about eth security Status was always up in the air the SEC Has made it quite clear that they've Usew Soul Nia and Ada Etc as Securities I mean this is the entire premise of Their lawsuit against binance and Coinbase yes they are changing their

Tune towards crypto but expecting them To drop these cases just like that may Be some wishful thinking but beyond this There is the one missing component that Was present for both Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs and that is of course the Presence of CME regulated Futures Markets for soul and other altcoins These are needed in order for the SEC to Conduct information gathering on the Nature of these Assets in the case of Bitcoin they had been collecting this Data since 2017 in the case of ethereum It was since 2021 so even if Soul CME Futures Contracts listed today and we took the Most optimistic of timelines it wouldn't Be for almost another 3 years until we Saw salana ETFs or or any other altcoin For that matter of course that all Assumes that bills like fit 21 won't Change the way these assets are Regulated if they are able to provide The right framework for listing futures Of altcoins or or better classify that These altcoins are Commodities then it Could speedrun these ETFs and if we do Eventually get a sole ETF there is Nothing stopping other digital assets Getting their own ETFs as well if the SEC is able to change its tune on eth And soul then there is no reason as to Why it shouldn't do the same for say Exoy or or nia it opens the floodgates

To so many more ETF instruments okay so Let's wrap this video up there is no Doubt that these e ETF approvals are an Amazing Harbinger for Ethereum however as mentioned it's not So much the fact that institutions will Be able to trade them in a regulated Rapper but what the complete 180° turn Signifies for not just eth but the Entire crypto ecosystem these products Could be launching at a time when there Was an increasing legitimacy being added To the crypto space legal questions no Longer act as a disincentive for broader Institutional and Retail investors I Also do hope that we will see the FED Flip and remove his foot from the break In Q3 this is the outstanding ingredient That is required in order to cook up That most awaited long altcoin season of Course there are still risks for one There is is the risk that these ETFs Launch as a dam squid and the inflows Disappoint on day one as elucidated Earlier some of the data could support This we also have to appreciate the fact That institutional investors and Retail Mom and pop investors need to take their Time to first get used to the Bitcoin Products before they're going to feel Comfortable moving into another crypto Asset which is why it's incumbent on us In the crypto ecosystem to clearly Illustrate the investment case for eth

Why should it form part of a general Portfolio and more importantly how does Its investment case differ from the Likes of Bitcoin for example so while we Are celebrating the win for the crypto Industry right now our work has only Just begun and the fight it's still not One and that's it for my video today but I would love to get your feedback uh of Course so do you think that e ETF flows Will surprise us to the upside or do you Think there's risk it could disappoint Us on the downside and then again after That and if it is approved what's the Next altcoin that we could see an ETF For let me know down below and of course If you guys enjoyed this video then fire Up those likes and don't forget to Subscribe so you're next in line to Receive these good good coin buo Vibes That's it for me stay crypto [Music]


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