Equity Monday: Instacart, Klaviyo and the art of the unicorn haircut | TechCrunch

So how do you give a unicorn a haircut Well you don't need Clippers you don't Need shears all you need is an open IPO Window that's the lesson we've learned Recently from both clavio and instacart To American tech companies that are Going public as we speak and both drop To new s1a filings this morning telling Us where they think their IPO price Might land for instacart that's between 26 and 28 dollars per share giving it a Simple evaluation of up to about 7.6 Billion or a fully diluted valuation of Up to 9.3 billion not bad right well It's a little bit tough to say because On one hand the company will raise money Go public huzzah on the other hand it Was priced at 39 billion dollars back in 2021 so if you are an investor and Bought stock back then you're having a Kind of rough day but for everyone else Seems like a win more to come IPOs are Back


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