Elon Musk’s OpenAI rival xAI closes in on $6 billion in funding | TechCrunch Minute

Elon Musk is Raising billions for his AI Startup X aai Tech runch recently broke The news that xai is Raising $6 billion At a pre-money valuation of $18 billion The deal isn't closed yet so the numbers Could change but wherever they end up That is a lot of money and a huge Valuation for a startup that's only 10 Months old now I know it can be hard to Keep track of all the companies musk has Founded in fact this is the second time He's co-founded an AI startup the first One was open AI but there's been a big Split between musk and open AI in a Typical example of his sense of humor He's been calling the company closed AI Instead of open Ai and he's even suing The company alleging that its leadership Is violating its contractual obligations By focusing on profits instead of Building AI to benefit Humanity we Definitely don't have time to get into The whole complicated for-profit not For-profit structure of open AI but the Point is musk is suing his old AI Company while he's also launching a new One and his goal for xai is really big To understand the true nature of the Universe that's a direct quote now you Might be thinking doesn't musk already Have enough to do it's not like his Existing companies are doing great at Tesla alone there are falling sales There's the whole cybertruck mess and

Even though the US government has closed One investigation into the autopilot System it's already opened another one But apparently must connection to all Those other companies is part of the xai Pitch we've already seen some of that Synergy with X aka the former Twitter Using the xai chatbot grock so the idea Is that xai could pull training data From SpaceX texla even his brain Interface startup neuralink and AI Models are always hungry for more Training data so this could be a huge Competitive advantage and this could Benefit musk's other companies too he's Pitching this as a way for Tesla to Finally achieve the dream of true Self-driving cars and also to get its Humanoid robot Optimus working in Factories by the end of the year will Xai actually achieve all those things Hard to say for example we don't know Legally what musk is allowed to do in Terms of taking data from one company And using it at another company but Let's be honest he's more of an ask Forgiveness instead of permission kind Of guy more broadly musk has made a lot Of big promises about his companies in The past and he has a bit of a mixed Record when it comes to achieving them But even when his companies don't fully Live up to his hype they can achieve Extraordinary things maybe that'll be

True here thanks Alex for letting me Fill in he be back tomorrow


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