Elon Musk’s Last Warning 2023 – “Prepare for the Worst” (BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!) 😳 | Crypto News

Well I think like it's more like like it Does seem like we're headed into a Recession here Um in 2023 the magnitude of that Recession is debatable but I think it's At least a a light to moderate recession Potentially it's on the order of uh 2009. Tesla CEO Twitter CEO and meme Lord himself Elon Musk is officially on The record to expect more pain in 2023 As investors in all markets should Expect further downside to come see on a Recent episode of the all-in podcast he Was asked as CEO of Tesla as CEO of SpaceX how are you positioning yourself For 2023 and what is your warning to Market participants slash investors Elon Let me uh let me ask you just a slightly Broader question one of the things we Just talked about was The regime change that's happened where You know we all have to act differently Now that the risk-free rate is probably Going to get to five percent and I'm Just curious across all your businesses So Twitter yes but really more Importantly Tesla SpaceX Are there decisions that you will make Differently or not at all or will make That you wouldn't have made otherwise in This new regime and how often do you Think about that kind of stuff Well I think like it's more like like it Does seem like we're headed into a

Recession here Um in 2023 the magnitude of that Recession is debatable but I think it's At least a a light to moderate recession Potentially it's on the order of uh 2009. Um so that's so I think it's it's wise To kind of like Prepare for the worst hope for the best Prepare for the worst Don't get too adventurous like watch out For margin debt Like I really advise people to not have Uh margin debt uh in a volatile stock Market And uh You know From a cash standpoint keep keep powder Dry So Elon is essentially saying have some Money on the sidelines and it continues In the end half of this clip talking About expectations for the 2023 Recession if we have further downside to Go based on history based on context how Long do you see this recession slash Down Market lasting You can get some pretty extreme things Happening Um in a down Market Um like Brett Johnson who was a CFO his CPO CFO of SpaceX was at um Broadcom in 2000 And he he said that uh and that's a good

Company making good products And he said the the from from Peak to Trough I think in less than 12 months uh Broadcom went down 97 percent So like even if you had a small margin Loan there you got you got crushed Um it's subsequently recovered and I Think you know to much higher levels but You know if there's like mass panic in The stock market uh then you've got to Be really be careful about margin debt So So that was Elon just warning investors Be very careful with speculative Companies that take out margin debt but Here's his expectation in General on how Long this recession recessions in General last but I mean this is just as We know this the economy is cyclic so You know you and it's somewhat overdue For a recession And my best guess is that you know we Have Sort of Stormy times for a year to a Year and a half and then things start to Dawn breaks roughly in uh q24 if if I Were to get that's like my best guess Recessions don't like booms don't last Forever forever but neither do Recessions and it's a 14-year boom so a Six quarter recession seems like yeah That made that might actually bounce out The last time it was what four or five Quarters so

So possibly all four quarters of 2023 Now that's obviously just one man's Opinion on this channel we bring you Many different opinions different People's perspectives on the crypto Market I want to finish today's video by Playing a different clip if you like Elon Musk you'll be amazed by this but First off very quickly this just this is Breaking news the real life dog behind Memecoin doge is seriously ill so the Owner of the internet famous Shiba Inu Dog the one responsible for this picture On every Dogecoin here posted on social Media that kabuso the name of the dog is In a dangerous position after falling Ill on Christmas Eve just for context This is that infamous picture of cabuso From a Blog in 2010 which inspired the Viral doge meme and in a December 26th Instagram post that was then shared on Twitter the owner who is a Japanese Kindergarten teacher said in in Japanese That the rescue dog is in a dangerous State but assured her followers that the Canine will be absolutely fine and is Getting power from all over the world From supporters guys let's have some dog Memes down in chat dog memes for Caboose Though we are thinking about you and as That's going on The Exodus from Solana Continues Solana's two top nft projects the gods And youths to migrate chains the gods

Will go to ethereum while its sister Project youths will move to polygon with A grant from the layer 2 polygons Partnership Fund in a direct quote from The Project's leader on why they're Leaving Solana he says there's an Argument to be made that the gods has Capped out on Solana It's hard to accept but it's been tough To grow at the rate we want to grow if Ethereum is where we have to keep Growing then that's what we have to do So good news for eth good news for Polygon and really bullish news for web 3 long term the international Chess Federation checks into web 3 get it Checks into with Avalanche integration The global chess Authority is looking to Onboard the game's 500 million players Into web 3 with the new partnership so Potentially 500 million players have Access have an easy onboard to Avalanche And why this Chess Federation is doing This the partnership with Avalanche will Create operational efficiencies for Players and federations and improve game Integrity such as publishing tournament Data and player rankings on chain as Well as avacs hosted tournament Tournament prize pools so even though Prices of damn near everything are Trending down down in this bear the Value slash fundamentals of certain Networks are trending up and the final

Thing I want to share with you is just This 13 second clip of Elon Musk and Some of you are still asking me about The speakers that will be at Bitcoin 2023 it's right on the website Michael Saylor Anthony pompliano Ben askren Etc Altcoin daily we will be there watching All of them feel free to use code Altcoin daily for 10 off your ticket Link down below but here's the clip Please tell me please tell me this isn't Elon Musk Tesla and Twitter's CEO just Dropped like a 150 milligram edible and Uh I'm feeling suited honestly I'm Feeling on the neck on the top floor Right now I'm about to design like 30 New space cars and get us to Mars just dropped like a 150 milligram Edible and uh I'm feeling suited Honestly I'm I'm feeling on the neck on The top floor right now I'm about to Design like 30 new space cars And get us to Mars obviously a deep fake Like always see you tomorrow


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