Elon Musk’s BIG PLAN to Integrate 5 Cryptos into X (Twitter)

Elon Musk has big plans to upgrade X mid 2024 this is what crypto holders have Been waiting for five crypto coins in my Opinion actually have a much better Chance of being integrated and endorsed By Elon Musk when he updates X not xrp Not sheiba enu not Caspa altcoin daily Subscribers are actually already pretty Aware of elon's plans to turn X into an Everything payments app now maybe we Know more about the coins that Elon Likes or are most likely to get chosen But to catch you up this is how things Will change for X in 2024 essentially if Done Right X would serve people's Financial needs to such a degree that Over time it would become I don't know Maybe half of the Global Financial System or some big number not sure what The number is but pretty big it would be By far the biggest sort of financial Institution not really in the way that People are used to thinking about Banks Just the most efficient database for the Thing that is money least amount of Fraud everything's real time and if it Involves money in any way it can be Dealt with seamlessly on one occas truly Awesome what Elon is doing with X and While there's no specific crypto plans Advertised yet none specifically we know That Elon Musk loves crypto he truly Likes Dogecoin Elon Musk himself as well As his companies Tesla and SpaceX all

Own Bitcoin ethereum and Dogecoin he Disclosed this in 2022 in general I'm a Supporter of of Bitcoin um and uh the Idea of crypto currency in general Um uh but as I've said publicly we do Need to to watch out for uh crypto Taking uh especially Bitcoin using proof Of work to maybe use energy that's maybe A bit too much uh and and not Necessarily uh good for the environment So um but on balance I support Bitcoin And I and I'm not an investor I the only Publicly traded stock I own is Tesla um And the only significant thing I own Outside of Tesla is is is my SpaceX Stock that that um you know help create Both companies so um but but apart from That uh I do own Bitcoin uh and and Tesla own owns Bitcoin SpaceX owned Bitcoin um and I do personally own a v Of ethereum and and Dogecoin of course So Dogecoin is an obvious one right he Loves Dogecoin he he doesn't talk about Dogecoin as much anymore because he's Involved in a frivolous lawsuit for $258 Billion he's waiting for the judge to Throw this out but make no mistake about It Elon Musk is very serious about Dogecoin even though it was it it was Created as a silly joke Dogecoin is uh Better suited for transactions why is That the total transaction flow uh that You can do with with uh um Dogecoin is Substantially more than like

Transactions per day is is is much Higher than has much higher potential Than than Bitcoin by the way make sure You subscribe to our channel daily Videos just like this keeping you Informed on the entire cryptocurrency Market if you're interested in making Money in cryptocurrency subscribe to our Channel daily videos the Black Rock Bitcoin ETF and 11 plus others are just About to get approved and Tesla is still Holding almost 10 10,000 Bitcoins I Actually think Bitcoin generally Speaking is the most likely coin that Elon adds I mean maybe for Elon Specifically it would be Dogecoin but Generally the safest bet for something Like this is Bitcoin and obviously Ethereum or maybe an eth L2 would be Another obvious choice now I wrote this For Apple I think this is probably more Likely with apple next year but the same Theory could be said for ax and Elon so I wrote this for Apple but X will choose Ethereum when they enter crypto like and Retweet if you agree they'll probably go With polygon and established L2 or most Likely they'll build their own L2 like Coinbase's base now we know that the CEO Is personally invested himself we know That he experiments with it people say Salana people say Avalanche I mean Certainly salana there's a case to be Made but my only question is is this all

Going to happen in q1 or Q2 so if Elon Musk wants to make x a payment and Everything app he's going to actually Need to integrate something like chain Link I mean most likely the Oracle Services of chain link but chain link is So much more than an oracle now Sergey Nazro the the founder of chain link is Speaking with the uh the bank list boys Right here David looks bored Ryan looks Like he's interested but he perfectly Describes as the world Trends more Digital why we're going to need Something like chain link generally and Actually perfectly why chain link why Eline's going to need chain link listen What Oracle networks are are they are All the small pieces that do all the Computation for data offchain Computation cross chain communication That smart contracts need to go beyond Just tokenization and even the more Advanced forms of tokenization are Beyond tokenization because real world Asset tokens require proof of reserves If you want to sell real world asset Tokens to Banks they require identity if You want to send them to a bank chain That's going to buy them you need a Cross Chain Bridge that's actually Secure not two servers glued together to Look like a decentralized whatever so This is um this is more important than Data data it's it's just like you know

Platforms like Salesforce the whole Salesforce thing started with a CRM Amazon web services started with S3 Microsoft uh Windows started with Microsoft Office every every key Computational platform starts with a few Use cases that Define it and for that Short short period of time um explain to People what it is but they're actually Much more cloud computing is much more SAS is much more operating systems are Much more than Microsoft Office Oracle Networks are much more than just the Aggregation of of of Market data so I do Actually think if Elon Musk integrates Ethereum and at a certain point I don't See why he wouldn't I think it is going To be through a layer two now which Layer two would he choose there are many Viable options I would have to say based On its track record as far as Partnerships go like mainstream big Partnerships there's nobody in Comparison to polygon so if anybody Could pull a partnership off with X and Elon it would be polygon and if Elon Picked an alternative layer one Something like a cardano or Avalanche or Polka dot Tron I mean there's the whole Spectrum I actually I I think you can See that salon an is kind of turning Into the favorite this cycle in the Western World in the US what do you Think like which coins do you think Elon

Musk would incorporate into Twitter in An everything app like would Unis swap Be included would injective I mean Definitely not Monero optimism aptose I'd say there's a chance to be honest Render maybe if it truly will be in Everything app at this point no to Render the graph of course at a certain Point something like the graph unless Chain link just does everything the Graph could do here here's the bottom Line my friends we know Elon Musk is Into crypto I mean think think about it Like this Elon Musk could pump Dogecoin To a dollar easily next cycle if he Wanted to he already had it hit 50 cents In 2021 and why wouldn't he want to do That he truly likes the coin now this is Not really the point the point is that Any cryptocurrency that Elon Musk Integrates into the everything app Obviously the US dollar or stable coin That's going to be first but what stable Coins you know if he integrates usdc That's going to be on ethereum Rails That's going to be on salano Rails Whichever crypto integrates it's going To really do a lot for awareness and Notoriety for that project and the coins I listed today I actually do think have A very good shot of of that happening You tell me what you think subscribe to The channel my friends 2024 is shaping Up into a fantastic year


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