Elon Musk Price Manipulation! MASSIVE CRYPTO NEWS (XRP, Polkadot, Fetch.ai)

Big news if you like Ripple Colombia's Central Bank is tapping Ripple to Pilot Colombia's cbdc Ripple is continuing its Expansion into Latin America the Software company founded by the creators Of the cryptocurrency xrp today Announced it has signed a deal with Colombia's Central Bank to explore Central Bank digital currency technology Ripple said in its announcement that the Central Bank of Columbia and Ministry of Information and communication Technologies would use Ripple's cbdc Platform to quote pilot use cases that Will enhance Colombia's high value Payment system so Ripple's cbdc platform Uses xrpl a public blockchain a software Product of Ripple and this isn't the First time that Colombia has found Ripple and its products useful Colombia's government last year launched An initiative with ripple Labs as part Of a plan to rectify land distribution Efforts do you like Ripple are you Familiar with what Ripple is doing Ripple was launched to help Banks and Other financial institutions move money Fast and without fees its Founders Launched a crypto xrp which is now the Sixth largest digital asset with a Market cap of 24.6 billion and as you Recall in December 2020 the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission hit Ripple hard with a 1.3 billion dollar

Lawsuit alleging that the company misled Investors and sold unregistered Securities in the form of xrp tokens This is surely a positive thing for Ripple the company is it good for the Xrp token you tell me in the comments Below big news for polka dot and the Polka dot ecosystem big news for Cosmos And the cosmos ecosystem including Blue Chip AI crypto project fetch AI Basically polka dot project Peak is Introducing multi-chain machine Identities powered by Cosmos project Fetch AI Dynamic AI agents with this Advancement data exchanges between polka Dot and between Cosmos ecosystems have Become possible breaking down the Barriers of a siled network so anything In polka dot and anything in Cosmos Thanks to polka dots Peak and thanks to Cosmos's fetch AI these two ecosystems Can now talk to each other in an attempt To counter major issues in the Decentralized space where blockchains by Design are Standalone networks Blockchain's polka dot and Cosmos have Been developing native interoperability Solutions to address this issue the Multi-chain machine IDs are the first Step towards the future of web3 and as Such they open Limitless opportunities Before developers in both ecosystems see We may not hear about polka dot in its Ecosystem or Cosmos and its ecosystem or

Even fetch AI for that matter on an Everyday basis but if you look into it If you subscribe to our channel to stay Updated you see day after day month After month year after year cycle after Cycle these projects and projects like It continue to build continue to get Stronger better and this multi-chain Solution is key because even before this Polka dot and Cosmos were the two Blockchains were interoperability was so Key to their value prop and now they're Talking to each other as well three Different altcoins whose three charts Actually went up this week number one Polygon ZK evm daily active addresses Daily transactions steady user and Transaction growth on the polygon ZK evm Network Solana new contracts on Solana New High new contracts deployed to Solana reached a new year to date High Perpetual exchanges purple is dydx Explosive trading volume growth in the Perp sector led by dydx with increased Regulatory scrutiny off chain on-chain Activity blooming if the last Bull Run Was the cycle for l1s and alternative L1s like ethereum cardano Solana Etc and I'm still bullish on those I think the Next cycle we're going to see explosive Growth for l2s and we're already seeing This ethereum network upgrade and uptick In arbitrum active users could trigger An ARB price reversal positive ethereum

And arbitrome network developments and The eventual improvements in crypto Investor sentiment could lend a boost to The ARB price while the arbitrum Governance token ARB has been in a Consistent downturn since the airdrop in Late March its ecosystem shows Healthy Growth so on-chain activity healthy There's been a price decline since Everybody got free tokens in late March With the airdrop but this is pretty Congruent with what we see when people Get a bunch of free tokens a portion of Them are just going to sell so what's up With this Healthy on-chain Growth They're talking about well daily active ARB users gas fees and transaction count Have maintained consistent higher levels Since April 2023 a good sign this is the ARB airdrop when tokens finally came Into fruition the project was chugging Along before they did the token airdrop After the airdrop you can see when it Comes to daily active users trending up Potential Catalyst for ARB upside Moreover an upcoming update on ethereum In the second half of 2023 dubbed Dencoon will include EIP 4844 proto-dank Sharding which will reduce the Transaction fees on arbitrum increasing The blockchain's value proposition so if You're bullish on ethereum let alone Just arbitrum if you're bullish on Ethereum ecosystem in general ethereum

Scaling in general you ought to be Excited about later this year EIP 4844 Proto dank sharding which is going to Bring ethereum a lot closer to being Complete when can we call ethereum done If we really have to call it done end of 2023 or 2023 is going to be the year When Roll-Ups really come to maturity we Have 4844 that gives ropes more space And we have the trading wheels on Roll-Ups like really get weakened a lot That kind of gets us to like most of Charting being finished and then Rob's Going fully trustless and then there is Full tank sharding for me personally I Think after the changes that would be if The first points where I would feel Comfortable saying even if nothing else Happens past that point I would be happy With ethereum if we need to we could Stop there we're not going to stop there Right and we want to kind of like go Ahead and try to actually make sure that The ethereum ecosystem gets support 500 Million users before the ball were 500 Billion users we're knocking on the door Actually ends up happening that's Probably the next part of the future the Transition from ethereum as this kind of Very theoretical ecosystem that's still Discovering and finding itself to Ethereum Ambassador ecosystem that Actually is you know tries to be useful And usable and you know secure and and

All those things and like actually Provide value for hundreds of millions Of people hey if you'll be in Portugal Around the 10th through 12th of July use Our code altcoin daily 50 for 50 off Tickets to block down Festival it's not Just a conference it's an experience is A festival we'll be speaking there we'll Be hanging around I hope to see you There again use our code 50 off tickets Do you think Elon Musk is purposefully Manipulating the price of different Cryptos by tweeting for or against them Do you think Elon Musk is insider Trading now you know this that Elon Musk Is involved in an insider trading Lawsuit for Dogecoin but musk's lawyer Says that the claim that the Tesla CEO Is secretly a Dogecoin whale is without Basis what you might not know is Elon Musk just went on a little spur of Crashing different meme coin prices now Maybe this is for the good of the Discourse on Twitter but you tell me the Number one meme coin he crashed is the One associated with the automated bot on Twitter Bob is here to explain explain This Bob where you just tag him then he Explains the Tweet above there's a token Associated with this and Elon Musk says This sure looks like a crypto a scam Crypto account if so it will be Suspended obviously the Bob token didn't Do that well because of that and then

Ask the wassi which is kind of the same Type of thing except for a little animal Cartoon called the wassi promotion of Scams under the guise of being a funny Helpful bot will result in suspension Doesn't matter how much you pay us so You tell me what you think Elon Musk is Doing overall I'm a fan of Elon Musk and Maybe it's just happenstance that when He tweets about one thing or another the Markets get affected since he has such a Large following bitboy just talked about This on an interview I did with him About his Ben coin talking about how he Tweeted about it initially in a 20x if You're interested in making money in Cryptocurrency Make sure you subscribe And I'll see you tomorrow


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