Elon Musk Just Crashed Dogecoin.. What’s Next?!

It's super exciting and what elon's Doing is obviously amazing uh but I want To put in maybe a little warning so he's Put the logo for Twitter as Doge do you Think that he's gonna keep it as Doge Forever whenever it does get removed as The logo I think that's gonna be pretty Bearish I think reasonably people are Gonna react to that Elon Musk has just Removed the Dogecoin logo from Twitter He had it up about three days it's now Gone and as we're watching now the Dogecoin price in free fall I turn it Over to technical analyst tomcrown to Now give us both the bullish and bearish Next price targets as well as the second Half we just look at xrp oh absolutely Man I spend all my time watching the Charts and everyone right now is looking At Doge and xrp realistically so what Are your thoughts we should start here's Thing I want next price targets based on The T maybe look towards the end of the Year would you rather start with xrp or Dogecoin I like Dogecoin and I owe Dogecoin more For the gains I've gotten so let's start With Doge let's do it so here we have Doge I have this on what's called a Quarterly candle so each one of these Represents three months so this is a Long period of time And the Doge chart on the quarterly is Pretty spicy what we saw in 2021

Starting in July was basically a year And a quarter fall a year and a quarter Fall and in October of 22 we saw a Little bit of rally a little bit of Excitement but what's caught drawing Everyone right now to Doge has gotta be Elon Musk and the Elon factor is back at Play He's finally tweeting about it Again he's changed Twitter's logo Who knows how long that'll last but at The moment you load up twitter.com There's a doge there and everyone's Paying attention to Doge again so I Think it makes sense to look at these Charts again I haven't paid too much Attention to them last year but now I'm Back I'm locked in and so from a very Zoomed out point of view I think our First kind of logical upside Target of Doge keeps moving is going to be looking Back to about October of 22 where we saw What you might call a fake Rally or a Bearish rally up to about 16 cents That's the level for me that once Doge Gets there I'm gonna get really bullish On it again at the moment I am liking What elon's doing but I'm not quite on The same page maybe in energy as other People on the bullish side yet 16 cents that's when you're going to get Back in isn't that the time to sell Since that's some resistance at the Moment Absolutely absolutely

Um in our previous in our previous uh Interview that's out you guys should go Check that one out um awesome Perspective on bitcoin dude you brought It thank you uh we talked about kind of What's the price that gets you excited What's the price that Average Joe goes Man I'm waiting too long I'm I'm missing Out and I do have trouble describing That one for Doge I don't have a very Specific Target like I did with Bitcoin But that's a good question pretty much To always ask when you're looking at Markets where are people going to get Excited In October or November of 22 we did see It move up to like 16 sets so you're Right right at 16 cents and no I'm not Bullish and in fact I might look to take Some profits onto OJ 16. but if we can See a sustained move above 16 cents 25 cents comes into the picture very Quickly you spent a lot of time there Consolidating just Distributing Supply Before falling down lower and finally Finding support around five or six cents Uh don't just put in some higher lows And it seems to be pretty excited off of Elon paying attention to it again and I'm not going to put anything out of That guy's hands So Doge potentially at 16 if it's able To surpass if Elon keeps talking about It next Target would be 25 final

Thoughts for Doge in general from a TA Point of view before we get to xrp I'm going to give you a rare outside of Ta point of view here it's super Exciting and what elon's doing is Obviously amazing uh but I want to put In maybe a little warning thought to you Guys so he's put the logo for Twitter as Doge Do you think that he's gonna keep it as Doge forever I'm being realistic here I Don't think so Whenever it does get removed as the logo I think that's gonna be pretty bearish I Think reasonably people are going to React to that so my thoughts for Doge People out there looking to get in a Trade or looking to investors don't be Surprised if it gets very volatile when Elon eventually does reverse the logo Sobering yet awesome perspective but Let's talk about xrp because they're Doing so much more than Doge Now that was a little fake hype even Though the xrp Army would tell you I Love it they'll love it but I want to be Very realistic doge is a meme coin xrp Is doing real things unfortunately They're in an SEC lawsuit right now but What are your thoughts It's been a long lawsuit man I I've been The big I've been a large skeptic of xrp For years uh but at the end of the day I'm about the charts and xrp did do

Something that I as a chartist have to Acknowledge and it's kind of what we Just looked at with Doge xrp has spent Let's say Oh about a year from 33 to 50ish cents It's just been ranging there I think This is pretty reasonably accumulation Of supply and I have been asked about Xrp over the last few months and I just Haven't been interested it's like hey Man nothing's really happened I know You're excited you think the case is Going to end soon I get it but from a Chart you know if we if we take off the Last few weeks here it's really just Hung out in this range As of last week it proved me wrong or at Least made me uh honest or have to be Honest about my calls I said as long as It's under like 50 cents I'm just not Interested it did what I didn't think it Would do it moved above 55 cents it Broke past September's high of last year And it's managed to close a pretty Strong candle last week what I see right Now is it's trading at 50 cents this is A very psychological level anything Basically that ends in zero or is like 110 one these are all numbers that we Really easily conceive as humans right We we understand them as quantities and In trading we find that those levels Become significant I think because of That

Xrp is chilling at 50 cents it's hit a New High versus its recent highs last Year if it can break past if it can Break past last week's High I don't see much sitting in the way for Xrp until like maybe 85 cents or a Dollar and that's a pretty big upside Damn so 50 cents to 85 a dollar that Would be a 100x if the Bulls are right It would be a 2X I'm sorry a 100 percent Good thing I have here man keeping me Keeping me straight Um it seems like the market is pricing In hey we think this lawsuit's going to Be done and the xrp Bulls are going to Win in some sense maybe that just means A slap on the wrist do you put any Weight into that or is it just a trade For you is it just a chart I really try to keep it just the chart But I have many times in the past been a Believer and I currently I still am that The charts in some way know the future Not literally but they tend to price in Events that are unforeseen coming up and If we're gonna take this chart And say how will the xrp you know uh The hell of the xrpk settle the chart is Looking very strongly on it you know it It was struggling to make new highs it Has kind of surprise moved in the last Two weeks if we're going by the chart I think the charge leaning towards some

Kind of favorable outcome I'm not even Gonna pretend to guess at what that is But something that isn't the worst case Scenario Tom Crown links to your stuffer Down below we will be uh waiting we will Be watching following xrp Doge of course On your channel although that's mainly Bitcoin final thoughts on xrp or Altcoins for the altcoin daily Army Well hey we do all the alts on my Channel I I just love Bitcoin myself but I try to cater to everybody uh final Thoughts man it's great to be on I I Love being on with you guys I miss you Guys I hope to see you soon in person uh We've made it through the worst a lot of People believe that the bear Market Isn't over I believe it is but I've been Wrong before uh yeah we've made it Through the worst no matter who's right In this scenario it will not be more Painful than last year I'm very Confident of that so give yourself a Little bit of credit go touch some grass Uh you did you did it Anon [Music]


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