Elon Musk Integrates DOGECOIN into Twitter!!! [I’m Excited!] ☝️

Elon Musk has just integrated Dogecoin Into Twitter even though it was created As a silly joke Dogecoin is uh better Suited for transactions this is huge you Remember Elon Musk is being sued for 258 Billion in a class action racketeering Lawsuit alleging that Elon Musk ran a Pyramid scheme to promote and support Dogecoin NBC journalist Jacob Ward Articulates the lawsuit against Elon Musk he basically says that he and Others like him so you can imagine he's Going to be the the lead plaintiff in What is going to wind up being a big Class action essentially lost about 86 Billion dollars over the course of Dogecoin's existence it was invented in Part as a joke and its co-founders Basically said that it was based on Something called the greater fool theory That you could pass on the idea of it to Other people who are greater fools than You are they literally reference that in The lawsuit filed in federal court and Now the question is going to be whether The long Litany of promotional tweets And SNL appearances and all the places In which Elon Musk pushed Dogecoin as Laid out in this lawsuit wind up being Linked to him as having been essentially Him promoting something that as the Lawsuit points out is utterly worthless Has no cash value is tied to nothing of Value and is based here on this greater

Full Theory Holly it's true Elon Musk Caught a lot of flack for this not only Tweeting about Dogecoin but for Promoting it on SNL and skits like this Our viewers who may not know anything About this what are cryptocurrencies They're a type of digital money but Instead of being controlled by a central Government they're decentralized using Blockchain technology prices have been Soaring for cryptos like Bitcoin Ethereum especially Dogecoin oh right What what is Dogecoin well it actually Started as a joke based on an internet Meme But now it's taken off in a very real Way okay but what is don't Dogecoin it's An Unstoppable Financial vehicle that's Going to take over the world I get that But uh what is it man One of the main issues against Elon Musk In the 258 billion dollar lawsuit is That Dogecoin is nothing more than a Joke and people don't know this that Dogecoin is nothing but an opportunity To sell your coins to a greater fool Dogecoin is just a parody and Elon Musk Hasn't been straightforward with this I Also watched some Dogecoin and Tesla Accepts Dogecoin for some merchandise And SpaceX will be the same and um And I intend to personally support a Dogecoin because I just know a lot of People who are

Not that wealthy who you know have Encouraged me to buy and support those Coins so I'm responding to those people Just people that when I walk around the Factory at SpaceX or Tesla they've asked Me to support Dogecoin so I don't think So but this has been known about Dogecoin Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer confirmed this in a 2022 Interview saying Dogecoin was nothing More than a joke and a parody from the Start it started as a joke I it was Around 2013 Um I was familiar with with Cryptocurrency and stuff like that I've Been in technology for a long while Never taken really any interest until uh Litecoin and the kind of altcoin Boom in 2013 I thought it was just hilarious That there was like something coin Popping up every every couple of days I Actually posted to Tumblr that I was a Tom big Tumblr user at the time that I Am going to invest in Dogecoin it's the Next big thing as kind of a joke it Cross-posted to Twitter from my Tumblr And then uh kind of became a viral thing So as I used to do at the time I bought The domain put up a fake page that was Like you know a dog on a coin that said It's a parody cryptocurrency and then The rest is uh is kind of History so did Elon Musk know that Dogecoin was just a Joke just a parody while he was

Promoting it Elon Musk has always been Transparent with this don't invest your Life savings into crypto this is all Just speculative Elon Musk saying how Ironic it would be if the cryptocurrency Created as a joke Dogecoin is the one That actually gains adoption first of All I think people should not invest uh Their life savings in cryptocurrency Okay to be clear I think that's unwise Uh but I mean if you want to sort of You know Speculate and kind of like I don't know Maybe you have some fun music like There's a good chance that crypto in is The future currency of earth right and Then it's like well which one is it Going to be you know you know and maybe It'll be multiple uh But um but it should be considered Speculation at this point Um and so you know don't don't go too Far on the crypto speculation part the The point is that Dogecoin was invented As a joke as essentially to make fun of Cryptocurrency and that's why uh I think I think there's like an argument like Fate loves irony like the most Entertaining outcome is the most like What would be the most ironic outcome That the the currency that was invented As a joke in fact becomes the real Currency right wow no absolutely to the Moon to the moon so this lawsuit against

Elon Musk it's all just seemed a little Bit misplaced with the big number with The accusations so much so that Elon Musk just last week asked the judge to Dismiss the 258 billion dollar lawsuit Saying it's frivolous now the judge has Yet to dismiss it but that hasn't Stopped Elon Musk from integrating the Doge from Dogecoin into Twitter so as of Today Dogecoin is Twitter's new logo Replay placing the bluebird we've all Become accustomed to since Twitter's Beginnings in 2006 Dogecoin is Twitter's New logo Elon Musk then posted this Picture trolling the SEC showing the Doge getting pulled over by the cops the Bluebird is on the ID he hands to the Cops the Doge says that's an old photo The Doge also has butterfly wings on Symbolizing his new beginnings this Seems to imply that the Doge from Dogecoin is going to be Twitter's new Icon for a while also Twitter's new Loading screen is the same thing the Doge from Dogecoin the only thing left Is for Elon Musk to actually integrate The Dogecoin cryptocurrency into the Platform he could give a discount for Those willing to pay in Doge for Twitter Blue he could integrate Dogecoin tips Natively into the platform under each Tweet he could do a lot of things with Dogecoin Dogecoin has already been Integrated into Tesla's website this is

Surely an exciting time to be a Dogecoin Holder the reason why I think there's More to come with Dogecoin and Twitter Is because Elon Musk has always liked to Troll the SEC hard look at you I I I I I Want to be clear I do not respect the SEC I do not respect them But but you're abiding by the settlement Aren't you because I respect the justice System and he's always loved Dogecoin to Put those two things together we keep You updated on a daily basis on Twitter And YouTube subscribe to the channel for Daily crypto content there's so much Going on in crypto things are really Heating up get your tickets to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through 20th Miami Beach this year use code altcoin daily 10 off this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference of the Year ticket prices Continue to increase as we get closer to The event use code altcoin daily 10 off Get your tickets now you mentioned that Uh doge is the people's coin Yeah and you said that you were Literally going SpaceX may consider Literally putting uh a Dosh coin on the Moon is it is this something you're Still considering uh Mars perhaps Uh do you think there's some chance We've talked about political systems on Mars that uh Dogecoin is the the Official currency of Mars at some point In the future the future of Mars should

Be off to the Martians


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