Elon Musk: Dogecoin to $1! (SECRETLY Pumping) 18 Meme Coins by April!

They said can you please support Doge Hey can you support Doge and I was like Do going to the Moon Elon Musk is Pumping Dogecoin and these other 100x Meme coins it's not just Dogecoin Anymore it's shib it's Pepe it's dog With hat it's flaky it's Bonk baby Doge Myro Maga Mady there's salana backwards There's Sheena enu there's squid there's Kate coin guys if you're interested in Buying crypto or trading crypto make Sure you use our buybit affiliate link Up to $30,000 worth of deposit bonuses Trade crypto here Elon Musk in his most Recent press appearance announced that Tesla is going to explore and Implement Adding Dogecoin payments for cars he Also has reaffirmed his support for Dogecoin Dogecoin to $1 listen to This when can you buy C with those Points well I you know at some point I Think we should enable that um you can Buy Tesla Mo with those which is cool um So do Doge to the Moon Uh in fact a lot of people maybe don't Know the reason that I actually ended up Sort of somewhat endorsing do coin was When I was walking around the factory at Tesla some people who were just you know They working the line like not not RIS People or anything and they said can you Please support Doge and then also I was At SpaceX and also just you know walking In the factory and some regular guys

Just said hey can you support Doge and I Was like you know what doge is the People's crypto so I will support it Because lots of rich people were Supporting bcoin but I was like huh but The people on the line want me to Support those I will support those so Those is for You massui research says that Meme coin Mania is in full swing Dogecoin up 100% Shinu up 230% whiff up 625 Pepe up 730% understand that Dogecoin and chibba Enu have solidified their spots in the Cryptocurrency market however for this Season 2 Resurgence what's causing this Well it's ecosystems in blockchains like Salana their meme coins are trending Their ecosystems are getting bigger why Because salana offers both cheap fees And an incredible user experience this Is not a surprise for those who Subscribe to altcoin daily in other Videos we've talked about salon's Fundamental value and why it has a place In the cryptocurrency market and why It's growing scaling is not a project For them it's a daily practice and they Have a lot coming up this year memecoins Season 3 is on the horizon Cryptocurrency in general is about to Enter its next Paradigm why do I say That because it's not just salana Anymore with a cheap fee ecosystem and Good uxui because of this Denon upgrade

Ethereum l2s have just become that much More cheaper and that much more usable For instance Bas this is coinbase's Ethereum L2 their Network fees were 58 Although much less than ethereum's main Chain now because of this upgrade just 1 Cent or less Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Enu Pepe Fork snack Toshi we're about to See a lot of these meme coins start 100 Xing why because cryptocurrency has just Entered its season 3 memecoins have just Entered its season 3 like I said it's no Longer just salana anymore the main Chain the most popular chain like it or Not is still ethereum and ethereum ecos System I mean this is the future I think We're going to start seeing the apps Start paying for the gas not the users Having to pay for gas the apps paying For the gas this is according to one of The main devs behind coinbase's base Protocol Jesse poock he's speaking on EIP 4844 ethereum's recent Denon upgrade Is going to change onchain ecosystems Forever what are you looking forward to In the next year how do you think 4844 Is going to change the onchain ecosystem Uh I'm I think it's going to really open Up an entirely new class of applications And bring on an entirely new cohort of Users coinbase we're investing heavily In smart contract wallets um Specifically for that purpose um I think We're going to see things like apps

Starting to pay for gas users having to Pay for gas um and that is enabled by Smart contract wallets um and smart Contract wallets are enabled by low fees You need to get this project on your Radar let's talk about our Channel Partner today all to scan Alto scan Ecosystem creates a decentralized Marketplace for web 3 infrastructure Revolving entirely around their ATS Token Alto scan has been providing mult Multi chain blockchain Explorer Services Since 2022 their native token is called ATS it is in its last stage of its Eight-stage pre-sale right now the Project has raised 2 million in total And has nearly 30 ecosystem Partners Such as BNB chain AVX salana polygon Space ID floky DWF labs this project Will soon be listed on not one but two Tier one exchanges Basically what these guys have done is They've created an open-source block Explorer compatible with all rollups This Explorer allows users to thoroughly Examine their L2 transactions enhancing Transparency and encouraging detailed Research by the way if you yourself want To integrate with ats's ecosystem when I Say you I mean your your project your Chain all you need to do is fill out This contact request on the first page And you can integrate directly with them Or they can integrate with you I wonder

Which chain will be the next chain to Integrate you know you probably have Some questions certainly more than we Can cover in this segment right here Definitely click over to their white Paper 2.0 and all your questions can be Answered you can hear about their their Origins from 2022 you can hear about Their focus the problem and solution They're solving and basically uh you Know everything they're really focused On at the moment it's it's pretty Informative again these guys are not the New Kids on the Block they've been Building out infrastructure for multiple Blockchains since 2022 so right after Their pre-sale is finished they'll be Listed on not one but two tier one Exchanges the all two scan ecosystem Completely revolves around their token Now if you're bullish on crypto file Storage solutions check these guys out I'm going to leave links to their Websites and social medias below so I Think what you're going to start seeing Is not just Dogecoin but then a lot of Meme coins that people think are Associated with Elon Musk and then just A lot of meme coins that have their own Things going on are are really going to Start to to pop off because of this but Also because we're in a bull market and We're going to start seeing a lot more Stuff like this because Elon does this

Every bull market even though it was it It was created as a silly joke Dogecoin Is uh better suited for transactions why Is that the total transaction flow uh That you could do with with um Dogecoin Is substantially more than like Transactions per day is is is much Higher than has much higher potential Than than Bitcoin so the market is Seeing heavy volatility right now you Know pick your spots but keep in mind This was all of us two months ago and This is what usually happens after Bitcoin breaks all-time highs Dogecoin Can never get to a dollar shib enu can Never get to one cent while I agree that Would be incredibly unlikely I think it Is possible I mean 10 years ago 70k Bitcoin was considered an absolute crazy Price prediction so 250k Bitcoin 500k Bitcoin 1 million Bitcoin Never Say Never I mean a lot of people remember When $500 Bitcoin was a crazy price Prediction I'm bullish on ethereum's Ecosystem obviously but I don't need to Tell you I'm sure you're commenting Right now what about cardano what about Salano what about Cosmos what about Polka dot there are so many ecosystems Injective that are just bursting with Value tvl is increasing cardano has been A little bit overlooked this cycle but The tvl on cardano has increased Significantly this year it has just

Reached and surpassed 600 million Surpassing previous alltime Highs are You bullish on cardano we reported this To you the other day but now the UAE Dubai's police force is working with Cardano in like a pilot program but you Know this cannot be understated this is Huge Cosmos has celebrated 5 years since Its launch polygon Founders giving Cosmos a lot of credit happy fifth Birthday to the cosmos Hub the chain That birthed 100 chains and started a Revolution in the modular proof of stake Blockchain design ever since it was Announced Cosmos has been invaluable for The advancement of the entire industry All the Innovation and experimentation In the area such as consensus proof of Stake modularity interoperability Governance will not be forgotten Cosmo's Larg pioneered it and you know it's Everything's interconnected in this Industry now guys subscribe to the Channel this bull market is just getting Started my name is Aaron at altcoin Daily I know for a fact these next few Months are going to be legendary


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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