Elizabeth Warren has a BIG plan to KILL CRYPTO (FINALLY Revealed)!

There's a new threat out there it's Crypto and it is being used for Terrorist financing it is being used for Drug trafficking North Korea is using it To pay for about half of its nuclear Weapons program we can't allow that to Continue us Senator Elizabeth Warren Just declared war on Cryptocurrency she is doing everything In her power right now to shut down the Cryptocurrency industry in the United States please if you know somebody who Holds a lot of crypto this is the video They need to see this is what you need To show them and for full context so This is her yesterday in Congress having A dialogue with the CEO of JP Morgan Chase Jamie Diamond about just how awful Cryptocurrency is and I can't believe Jamie Diamond actually said what he says At the end last year an estimated 20 Billion in illicit crypto transactions Funded every kind of dangerous criminal North Korea has funded at least half its Missile program including nuclear Weapons using the proceeds of crypto Crime and Israeli officials have Confirmed that Hamas received millions Of dollars through crypto transactions Including quote large sums from Iran Mr Diamond you've been CEO of JP Morgan for Almost two decades can you explain why Crypto is such an attractive Financial Tool for terrorists drug traffickers and

Rogue Nations I've always been deeply Opposed to crypto Bitcoin Etc you Pointed out the only true use case for It is criminals drug traffickers Anti-money laundering tax avoidance and That is a use case uh because it is Somewhat Anonymous not fully and because You can move money instantaneously and Because it doesn't go through as you Mentioned all these systems have built Up over many years nor your customer Sanctions ofac back it's didn't get Bypass all of that I if I was the Governments I'd close it down okay Altcoin daily audience and again please Send this to a friend somebody needs to See this I guarantee you altcoin daily Audience Bitcoin and crypto hodlers do Not be fooled so understand this Manipulation is very common on Wall Street and what you need to do is Actually watch what they do and not just Listen to whatever they say don't be Dumb money because if I had been Watching this and if I wasn't in crypto I would think either I need to sell my Bitcoin or I need to not get involved at All that could not be further from the Truth did you know JP Morgan Chase has 10% Equity ownership in ethereum Co-founder Joe lubin's company consensus Big ethereum company did you know that JP Morgan is actually already using Crypto technology to tokenize US

Treasury bonds mortgage back Securities And cash in the form of JPM coin which Is their private blockchain on ethereum Rails and did you know most importantly Jamie Diamond has a history of Market Manipulation fding Bitcoin and then Behind the scenes buying Bitcoin check This out on September 12th Jamie Diamond Says Bitcoin is a fraud he says he'll Fire anyone of his Traders buying Bitcoin Bitcoin drops 24% when Jamie Diamond speaks people listen people Listen so that weekend we found found Out that the largest buyer of a of a Bitcoin fund that's in Europe that buys Physical Bitcoin right the largest buyer Was Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and That's not Illegal he says it's a fraud says he Fire anyone that buys yes and at the Same time his company is buying it his Company is buying it so IR it's just I Mean so unethical and Elizabeth Warren Is in cahoots with the banks and Understand yeah of course Banks don't Like Bitcoin that's why Elizabeth Warren Is working so hard for them but taxis Didn't like uber hotels didn't like Airbnb stores didn't like Amazon Theaters didn't like Netflix doesn't Mean any of these weren't revolutionary Doesn't mean any of these went away Let's talk about her Gary Gensler Connection we understand that Elizabeth

Warren works for the banks she's been Doing the banks bidding regarding crypto For quite some time this is her a year Ago crypto is not an industry with a few New scam artists operating around the Fringes crypto is an industry that is Built to favor scammers Elizabeth Warren Works for the Banks Gary Gensler works For Elizabeth Warren we understand that The reason why Gary Gensler has been so Anti- crypto despite previously teaching The subject at MIT and demonstrating That he actually does have an Understanding of what crypto is we Understand that the reason why why Gary Gensler flipped on crypto is because he Does the bidding of what Elizabeth Warren wants political Insider Anthony Scaramucci confirmed this to me I think He's on the political take he's welded To her she hates crypto he is a Representative of hers even though he Taught crypto and liked things like Alaran when he was an MIT Professor so What is Elizabeth Warren's master plan Obviously we understand that the bank s Like to keep control so she's doing the Bidding of the banks they want to stay In control but besides that in addition To that what is she planning next listen To this guy very closely I wish I knew Who this guy was or what podcast this is Because he literally spells out exactly Her master plan every word of it why

Does she hate Bitcoin because it's the Antithesis of a central bank digital Currency and that's her long-term goal Is to implement a cbdc over time but in Order to prepare the soil for that she Has to make that soil radioactive for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and That's what she's aiming to do with her AML bill this bill essentially would Make it practically illegal for you know A teenager mining Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency in his mom's basement he Would have to comply with the same Regulatory burdens that a bank like Goldman Sachs has to do in other words It would be impossible right it would Make it illegal to practically touch Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in the United States but that's by Design Elizabeth Warren intends to do that to do that Because if she can get regulations in Place that make it impossible to do Anything Bitcoin related in the US she Knows she'll Drive Innovation offshore And that essentially prepares the way For cbdc which is what I believe she's Been trying to do this whole time keep In mind and I'm thankful for we do have Politicians on our side here's Tom emmer On thinking crypto podcast he spelled Spells out exactly what's wrong with Elizabeth and Gary listen to this guy it Seems like Gary genser you know he has Elizabeth Warren behind him how can we

Slow Elizabeth Warren down because she Seems to be the one empowering Gary if Uh the Chinese government cannot shut Down crypto completely I guarantee you That in this country Elizabeth Warren's Not going to be able to do it neither is Gary Gensler now were it another growth Point with digital assets and I I can Understand how this is very concerning To them because this goes right at their Power uh if you and I if Tony and Tom Can do business together directly Without having a third-party Intermediary or better yet not having The government in between our Transaction Tony I we're going to be Empowered to do what is best for us Without regard to what the government Might want us to do uh that's the way it Should be working uh unfortunately Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler in That world lose a lot of their power And I think that's why they're Struggling so hard to stop this I mean They're even talking about Bitcoin in Ethereum in presidential primary debates Now I I hope they do this for the General election as well guys 2024 is Going to turn into a fantastic year I Mean at the very least at least the First half of the year with this ETF and The Bitcoin having if not the second Half the year and 2025 even now is the Time to be in crypto do not get washed

Out because the fud the future's bright See you tomorrow


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