Hey everyone and thanks for jumping back Into the farming verse today we're going To talk about eggs and its correlation To the S P 500 sorry my thoughts are Somewhat scrambled so it might take me a Little bit to get through this but we Know recently that the price of AGS has Been going up quite quickly and just as We know when Bitcoin will always equal When Bitcoin we can say that one egg Well exactly equal one egg and in fact The price of eggs recently has been Going up quicker than Bubbles at the Bottom of a pan when it starts boiling We'll say the price is getting somewhat Hard-boiled now if you actually take a Look at the derivative of the price of Eggs if you take a look at the monthly Change which you'll notice and what We're going to do is we'll apply a Moving average to this let's call it you Know a seven month moving average what You'll notice is that historically when This seven month moving average of the Price of eggs when you take the Derivative of it you'll see that it Rolls over here at the top and then it's Somewhere down in this area that the S P 500 which is the blue line where it Typically bottoms again you'll see it Over here in the financial crisis right It tops all the way up here and then Somewhere all the way down here is where The S P 500 bottoms once this gets

Resolved you can also see it over here In 2015 as well goes up pretty high and Then gets resolved here to the downside And is somewhere down here that the S P 500 usually bottoms right so again to Summarize it rolls over rolls over s p Bottoms down here it seems almost too Easy right to just say that once it Rolls over The s p bottom somewhere down here let's Just call it our over easy indicator Okay so the price of X has been going up Quite quickly I'm sure it's not helping With inflation and of course one thing To to consider is that the markets have Been in trending somewhat up recently Right and we know the S P 500 is is Right around 4 000 maybe a little bit Less Bitcoin is over 21k and and Momentum has been to the upside over the Last couple of weeks and of course I Know some people Would prefer for prices to only go down But we know things never go in One Direction all the time it is a market They go up and they go down one thing to Consider is when it's winter and you're Going outside and it's somewhat cold and You get that one sunny day right one Sunny day where everyone feels warm and You wish the the winter would just end The spring would would just get there You don't spend that one day where the Sun's Up wishing for the cold to come

Back do you no you enjoy the sunshine We'll say sunny side up so remember eggs Are a useful indicator for understanding Financial markets and now you have a Little bit more insight than you had Before this video thank you guys for Tuning in make sure you subscribe give The video a thumbs up and I'll see you Guys next time bye


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