EASIEST Way to Start Shopify Dropshipping for 2024

So in this video I'm going to show you How you can build a successful Shopify Drop Shipping Store with just 0 now just A bit of background about myself my name Is Brian and I've been running this YouTube channel here for the last 5 Years and prior to that I was a broke Student attending Community College Growing up in a home that struggled Financially my whole life now that was Up until actually 2017 when I decided to Try out Drop Shipping for the first time Ever back then I didn't have the tools That exist today but I was able to Create my first six-figure business Within a couple months at the age of 20 And it was from my Venture there where I Was able to now create my multi7 figure Empire you see if it wasn't for my Journey in starting out first with Drop Shipping I would not be here where I'm At today where I now own my dream cards My Huracan my Raptor my R7 I wouldn't Have been able to move into my dream Home in the suburbs of Maryland and I Wouldn't have been able to invest into Over 15 different businesses as an angel Investor and even become a co-owner in One of the top rated Japanese barbecue Restaurants near where I live that's why In this video I'm going to go in depth On my 10-step formula to start your Drop Shipping Store going into 2024 with all The new updated information not only

That but I'll also show you how you can Get multiple free trials and $200 of Credit so that you can get started ahead Of your competition today so let's get Started with this video starting with my Custom 10-step index and going from zero To a million dollar with Shopify Drop Shipping for 2024 and Beyond so here's What you'll get out of this video we're First talk about what makes for a good Product we'll go over how you can find Winning product ideas we'll then filter Through product ideas we'll talk about In-depth market research finding a Supplier building out your store Optimizing your product page organic Marketing Secrets how to run PID ads Properly and then how to optimize your Offering now the first step here in Launching a Drop Shipping Store is to Find a good viable product most Importantly out of finding a good viable Product you need to find one that's Considered to be a winner in terms of Marketing in terms of hitting pain Points and in terms of being a product That other people will find Value in Keep in mind when we're talking about The top IPC of Ecom you are competing Against massive companies like Amazon And even other brands who have been Around for a longer period of time That's why if you really want to succeed You need to be able to find products

That stand out to others emotionally to Do this you need to ask yourself the Question can the product that I'm Looking to drop ship solve a specific Problem second you need to get clarity On who your target audience is going to Be this is because regardless of how Good a product is if you do not have the Right audience for it you are not going To see a sale now the third question you Need to ask yourself is whether or not The product that you have chosen is Something that you can put a better spin On look nowadays when it comes to drop Shipping a lot of the things have been Done back when I started even in 2017 The game was completely different where Back then you could find products that Did not have much competition but Nowadays it seems like the issue is a Little bit different where most of the Products now have gotten a lot of Competition a lot of people have seen it But that does not mean you cannot find Success if you're able to find a product Where you know you can Market it Differently have a different angle Improve upon it get a better offering or Even adjust the product in a certain way You can still find major success now Look I'm a visual learner I'm sure most Of you guys out here are too so let's go Over some real visual examples so that You guys have a complete understanding

Of what a good winning product would Look like so in my research I recently Came across a brand called uproot Clean.com this looks to be a company That started off as a Drop Shipping Store selling just one brush as their Main product and they've been able to Grow and earn a lot and eventually turn This into their own private label brand Because they hit the categories that we Mentioned earlier so so well I know Firsthand as someone who is a dog owner That when I try and vacuum up my dog's Hair it either doesn't get all of it out Of the carpet or it can even get stuck In the vacuum itself knowing how many People have dogs here in the world this Is a huge problem to solve and you can Target that specific audience of just Dog owners through the use case of Social media Tik Tok and these short Form videos now this video here got Millions of views on Tik Tok on a cat Page and the reason why this is so so Successful is because it's in a targeted Niche it's within a market where people Have a common problem and someone was Able to take this product put it in Front of them and find Value anytime You're scrolling on social media you Find something that inspires you you Find it useful you find it funny it Creates an emotion out of you usually You're going to put an engagement

Towards it and that's where you're going To be seeing 93,000 likes 400 comments 3,900 bookmarks and 2,000 shares on a Single video now this here is just a Clear example of finding a product that Solves a problem that you can make money In dropshipping but then there are other Categories that I believe can be very Viable too this is what I consider to be Viral products which are items currently Trending on Tik Tok Instagram reals or Other places even like Pinterest a solid Example of this is going to be those Sunset lamps and those Galaxy lights That were trending on Tik Tok in the Last few years just with these two Videos alone they have 20 million to Even 120 million total views I know it's A good product too when somehow Something like this ends up in my house Actually I didn't buy this you know you Would imagine a drop shipper would get Drop shipped no not yet yeah my fiance Bought me something like this a while Ago and I found value it's something Little cool and uh I was able to take Some cool photos with this I was able to Light things up right now it's not Charged this here is just a solid Example of one of those products that Can go easily viral and that is because It is just so easy to market now these Items are easy to cash in on but it's Going to have a lot of high competition

And usually a short lifespan of where You can actually make money from this is Because viral Trends are great but People will hop on it you will usually Get out bid on your ads if you decide to Go the paid ads route or they will find A better version of the product where I'd say you're going to find the most Advantage in being a viral product drop Shipper is just that you can enter a Product real quick then you're going to Have to exit it real quick but if you're Able to do that formula over and over Again just rinse and repeat you can find That you start making a ton of money Fast over time now another niche of Different products that you can market For your Drop Shipping Store are going To be seasonal products take as an Example right now we're going into Quarter 4 at the time of filming this Video and you're going to start seeing a Lot of products for Christmas for Thanksgiving and things during the Winter time I know that there are some People who capitalize just on specific Moments it could also be things like Valentine's Day and then going into the Whole world of getting flowers or cute Gifts for significant others or Different matching shirts that you can Have the ways that you can find success Within this business model are really Endless but there are parameters that

You want to follow as an example if you Had a very Niche product where it would Only get sales during Christmas Obviously if you ran that product during The Heat Of Summer you're probably not Going to see any sales something that I Did very well with before back in the Day was selling jackets and jackets Would obviously have a rise in interest During the October fall and even Autumn And even winter season but during the Summer it would slow down significantly Now regardless of if you choose viral Products seasonal products or even Evergreen products which are just Products that solve everyday issues for Everyone all the time the key is to just Find a product get started with and Along the way you'll get a better idea Of what other products could be better To build up the skills in having success With Drop Shipping more specifically It's going to be your skill in being Able to Market a product most Efficiently so now that you have a Better idea on what some winning Products could look like the different Categories of what those entail let's Now take a look at where you can come up With the ideas for different products to Sell so right now soci social media is By far the best option to come up with Unique product ideas that people will Actually buy so to start creating a new

Tik Tok account specifically for Research browse Trends with Tik Tok made Me buy it videos check out the products By following the links go ahead and Engage with those products so you should Be like a zombie scrolling through Tik Tok doing what everyone else in the World is doing I like to say act like an NBC okay you want to build up a profile Where Tik Tok is like wow this person is Really just mindlessly scrolling let's Show them different winning products After you do this for a while and you Bookmark a whole bunch of different Products that you think could go viral Or that you think are good products that People are selling that right there is Going to be your initial product Research list over time as you do this Tik Tok is then going to show you some Additional Drop Shipping bangers like The products that are currently winning And it is from here where you want to go Ahead and then find a Twist if you Realize okay I found all these great Products but they are all oversaturated Keep looking for new ones so now that You have a list of top product options You'll then need to narrow down your List step by step using data now the First piece of data is market research And this breaks down into four types of More specific research which is Competitor research pricing social media

And finally looking at backend data your Goal with this stage is to then look for An advantage that you'll have over your Competition now look let me tell you Guys this there are 15-year-old kids Right now who are making 100 Grand a Month in Drop Shipping now the reason Too if you're ever wondering like why Some of these young ins are doing so Well and that's because they are so Plugged in to marketing they are so Plugged into social media and they can Easily tell when they see something on Their feed wow this is a banger let me Find the supplier let me run it myself And let me hop on to the momentum of Whatever product is going up now going Back into the competitor research how do You start this well it's pretty simple So you can start by searching for the Product on Google Instagram re Facebook Tik to to see whether or not there are Multiple viral videos of the product That you've chose from here you need to Find missed opportunities or unique Angles to stand out within these markets Next you want to look at pricing if you Find a product that costs $5 to $10 to Ship but you can only sell it for 5 to 10 bucks obviously that product is not Going to be worth your time you're also Competing with big box retailers like Walmart Ecom giants like Amazon so Generally it's going to be a losing

Battle unless you have a way to appeal To different people's emotions look Amazon and all these different Ecom Shops are still around in 2017 where Even at one point I was telling myself Why would someone buy from my store over You know just going direct to Amazon Well if people are shopping for Price They're usually just going to find Whatever is cheaper but if you Market it Efficiently and you're able to hit these Different pain points where someone's Like wow this really resonates with me You have a better chance of then Converting them on your own page also Keep in mind when you're competing Against Amazon Amazon does not allow These intricate product funnels that you Can set up on your own landing page this Year gives you an advantage but you can Also have the Advantage within building Your own brand for the site look a lot Of people think Drop Shipping is this Getrich quick scheme and it's just so Easy to put together and you're just Making all this money in a short period Of time but that is just so far from the Truth Drop Shipping is just a business Model where I encourage you to treat it Like an actual business and that you Don't just give less than your best Effort in building up different parts of This entire business model now on top of That you also want to make sure that

You're using social media to see if Generally people are reacting well to The product there can be some products That go viral that end up just not being Of use and look if you're selling Something that you truly don't believe In I don't know if this is going to be a Business model that's going to last you A whole bunch of time in all that you do Try to make it for the benefit of other People even as a business owner where You're able to make a margin you want to Be able to sleep at night knowing that You are doing something for someone Where they may not have known about it Before now last but not least make sure You use tools like similar web or any of The ones that exist today this year is Going to give you backend metric on how Many hits they're getting on their Website and some of these different Tools can also tell you whether or not How many sales these people are getting This here is huge because if you realize That their video is getting 3 million Views but then they're getting only like A 100 people on their website this could Be a red flag that could save you from Making a mistake and entering a market That might not be worth it so to make This even more clear save this part Screenshot it do whatever you need to do But you need to answer these questions How much competition exists can you

Build a stronger better brand can you Profit with the market pricing and are There any major players undercutting the Market and is their overall interest in The item that you believe can be a good Drop Shipping product throughout your Research look for any unique advantages That you have to get ahead and I'm going To continue to say that because that Really is the biggest way that you can Find success and go from zero to Whatever million dooll Mark that you Might have said now the next phase is What I consider to be one of the most Important parts of Drop Shipping because Yes you can get a lot of sales yes you Can make a lot of money but then if a Week later you're getting a thousand Chargebacks and everyone has not Received their product or they've gotten Terrible versions of what you've Advertised you're going to lose all that Money and you're going to run into some Even more trouble so when it comes to Finding a product supplier there's a lot That I've learned over the years and I Believe right now you guys have more Tools than ever before and that's why With today's sponsor Zen drop it's never Been easier so Zen drop is going to be Your all-in-one Drop Shipping solution Made to help solve the biggest problems That a lot of you guys are going to run Into main one here is obviously finding

A good supplier look I've even heard Some horror stories where people use a Supplier they're like oh yeah we'll get You the best margin they're going to get Their product within 3 days and then Boom the supplier ends up not shipping Out any product they keep all your money Cuz you've given them the order they Disappear off the face of the Earth and You have a whole bunch of angry Customers who might even sue you Depending on how pissed they are you're Negative in the pocket because then you Have to refund everyone with all the Charge backs that you get so what Zen Drop has to offer is they give you Millions of products available to choose From that you can directly integrate With Shopify with just a click of a Button now this is by far my favorite Product supplier because you can Automate your store's product Fulfillment so you don't need to do Anything to make sure the items get Shipped zendrop also has us local Suppliers now if you guys ask me I will Never ship anything from out of the Country I will always try to find a US Supplier first sometimes this means that Your margins are going to get reduced by 10 20 30% but I think it's fully worth It to know that your buyers are going to Receive their orders much faster than Any standard Drop Shipping Store with

That being said let's get you set up in Zen drop so you can finish choosing your Own product by using the link Down Below In the description you're also going to Get a 7day free trial of their plus plan And once that trial ends you also get Access to $200 in order credits so once You get signed up you'll have to connect Your Shopify store which we'll get to in A minute and then you'll want to click On find products on the left side of Your screen take your two to three Remaining product ideas type them in and See what comes up from here you can sort Features to choose your supplier Location C ategory price range and more Now being able to filter by location is The huge addition that I love with Zen Drop so make sure that you can find a Us-based supplier using that filter tool Right there now at this point what You're going to want to do is take your Product cost and your market research to Determine which product then has the Highest profit and use that to make your Final selection now be open-minded if There's a product that's going to give You a margin of $50 per purchase after All costs after ads after shipping it to Your customer that might sound like the Winner but but there are going to be Instances where you can play around with Your average order value or cross cells Or upsells where if someone buys one

Product they may want to buy a related Product that goes well with that I see a Lot of new people getting into Drop Shipping thinking that okay I just need One winning product but usually the best Ones are going to be the ones that you Can stack on you can get people to buy Multiples of for them to send as gifts To other people or for them to just have Extra versions of now once you followed All those steps you're going to then Want to add that product to your library And then click into your products now For any reason if Zen drop does not have The product that you're looking for You're not completely out of luck and That's because any item currently listed On AliExpress can still be manually Imported to Zen drop to keep everything Centralized in one place once you made Your first sale you can then request a Quote to have Zen drop list that item in Their product database with their own Preferred pricing rate beyond that as You scale your business and start Selling 10 or more units and you know You might be on to a winner Zen drop is Then going to also reach out to you and Help you get preferred pricing on your Own inventory now I personally believe Zen drop is still the best option for Beginners they have 24/7 support they Have live coaching calls to help you Learn as you build and I personally

Believe for anyone getting into Drop Shipping having a good supplier having a Way for you to Source it is still going To be one of the biggest advantages that You can have within the space now look I've been there when I first started I Was like look I'm only just going to Sign up for Shopify I'm not going to use Any of these tools I'm just going to use Their trials and see how it is but it Took me a lot more time there was a Certain point where I realized okay I Can only make my website look so nice Where then after words I decided to pay For a website page builder all of a Sudden I was able to create a much Better looking website I got even more Sales and the ROI was there now by the Way that Segways pretty well if you guys Have not yet created your own Shopify Account I didn't have access to this Many many years ago but that doesn't Mean you guys aren't going to be able to With using my own link down below you're Going to be able to get three months of Shopify at just $1 a month you want to Build your own store yourself here's how You would do it start by picking a Template on Shopify for for your website From here use other websites within your Niche for inspiration on products to Choose from from here you're then going To want to create your own custom domain And email to make your store look a bit

More professional now when it comes to Building out your description and your Features you can use different tools Even like chat gbt to help you create This big tip is to also never just Directly copy and paste from your Competitors see how you can add more Value see how you can switch up the Different copyrighting so that you can Stand out against the crowd now look a Rule thumb is a good product will still Sell on a poor website but a good Website typically won't sell with a poor Product so as important as your website Is you need to make sure that you still Have a balance of both now in this Section here I want to talk about how You can optimize your product page here This is just you know like a overblown Example of a terrible product page where You have so many things going on at once Here's another example of a product that I recently came across where I believe This is spot on with what your ideal Product page should look like as an Example with this site they have the Reviews they're clean they have the same Color formatting it's this light blue Tint which is on their product and on The call to action button they have a Way for you to buy through PayPal they Give you a discount little mention right Here they also give you some different Call to actions you see the price

Discount that you have I don't know if This is actually trademarked or not but You know sometimes that does add a bit Of The credibility from there if you go Through different photos you can see Real life photos of the product getting Used now look even scrolling down Everything is just made you don't need So much stuff they even have ships from Florida so this was a store that was Most likely Drop Shipping now they are Fully in-house and we're at a time right Now where it's almost as if it's your Goal to not look like a Drop Shipping Store this looks like a private label Brand something that someone built up Because they genuinely found a problem Within the market now everything is Simple everything is clean there's a Video here which ends up taking a Majority of the website space so you Want to make sure any video any photos You have is fully optimized uh there's No overblown colors everything is very Straightforward all of these elements Are within the same respective category Where they all match and you can see a Lot of great before and afters even with This website here where it shows you how It could look versus how it looks after The product all right so well at this Point you found your product you got a Potential supplier and now you have Built out your product page now where's

The millions of dollars in sales so There's still going to be one more Important step that you need to Accomplish and that all comes down to Marketing when it comes to marketing There are going to be two key forms that You can take advantage of which is Organic and pay traffic when it comes to Organic marketing this is completely Free and you can create more organic Content where you do not need to pay Money for and you can test different Variety of products organic marketing Can also come off as more authentic just Because people are naturally discovering It and when people see that it's paid Usually there are some people that get Turned off by it now if you are an Expert when it comes to paid marketing a Lot of that can go away and you can do All the beneficial things that organic Marketing does does within your own ad One of the benefits of paid marketing is Just the fact that you also have way More data that you can work with so You'll know your cost per click how many Impressions you're getting what the Conversion rate is and this is where the Most successful drop shippers are able To do seven to eight Figures it's Because they have an understanding of Good paid ads usually the difference Between someone doing $100 a day to just $1,000 a day or to even do $10,000 a day

Is the fact that they know how to just Scale up their ads and literally just Pump up the budget there and they don't Look back now I can't say that's the Best way to go about it especially if You don't have much experience within The field but going into the whole year Of 2024 with paid ads still getting a Bit more expensive more competitors Coming into the space I'd say start Small get confident be able to track Your Ras or your return on ad spend well And then at the point when it is right Where you're like okay let me start Scaling up a little by little and you Start to continue to see higher returns While things aren't plummeting then it Makes sense for you to double down and To invest more into your paid ads now to Start out I would just begin with Organic marketing so you don't risk Losing out on money because people can Spend anywhere from 10 to $100 a day in Ads but that can quickly add up to get Good at organic marketing super simple Get the product that you're interested In see if you can order it to yourself Go ahead then and create videos on your Own phone of that product now from there You want to create videos under 60 Seconds highlighting the before and the After or any benefit that your product Is showcasing from here just edit Together these clips you can use any

Trending sounds or songs that are Running from there edit together those Clips and you can use any trending songs Or sounds which can really help blow it Up from there post regularly okay you Can post anywhere from every day to even Two to three times a day to try and Build up traffic now from here if you're Able to see any videos that get even More views or you get more engagement This is when you know you might be on to Something this is all going to be about Product testing you are going to spend a Lot of time and the rule of thumb Generally is the fact that the first Three five or even 10 products that you Test are not going to be winners but It's after that where you might start Seeing a bit of success and that's when You want to double down even for me my First product that I ran was not a Success I had to tried many different Niches many different products before I Began to see my winner but when you see Your winner it is so clear whether it's From the views and the explosion you get On that side or simply it's just the Sales that you accumulate knowing all That when it comes to organic marketing Keep these points in mind so make sure It feels like it belongs on social media And it's not like this generic ad you Need to have at least somewhat of a Skill in being able to post a video that

Could go viral make sure that whatever Video you post you also spread it across Multiple platforms and make sure that You always have a clear call to action This could be like hey check out the Link in BIO or even writing in the bio Like hey click on the link in the bio of My profile knowing all that don't spam Your content don't you know make like 15 Or 20 different remixes and post it all Within 30 minutes because you can get Shadowbanned very easily last but not Least learn from your previous post if Some things are just not clicking have a Second opinion ask to different friends Ask for feedback because I know some People are just not yet social media Savvy and they could be far off the mark Without knowing exactly why they are not Seeing any type of result all right so After that we have paid marketing and This is going to be the best option for Targeting your audience with specific Ads to solve those key problems that we Talked about now to do this before there Was a whole way to strategize paid ads Even the algorithm on meta or Tik Tok They're all completely different I would Say Tik Tok right now is the most Userfriendly Before you would really have to know Your audience test different circles but Nowadays people are just running cbos They're letting it just fly and the

Algorithm Within These ad targeting Platforms do such a good job that they Find your Target demographic for you at The end of the day what is most Important is not your ability to Target Your audience but it's just getting a Very good creative if you have a video That can go viral that people might Share you're then going to be doing a Lot of the leg work where marketing just Ends up becoming so much more easy all Right so from there you want to then go Go ahead and optimize your store okay so If you have your business launch you're Running some ads go ahead and then Optimize optimize everything you need to Use data you need to see how many clicks You're getting to your website are they Converting to ad to cards are they then Turning into actual sales where are your Customers dipping out in terms of the Entire checkout process so use new Product page funnels use new ad Creatives and experiment with new Product add-ons to boost your average Order value including those upsells Cross sells or even bulk discounts like We mentioned earlier last but not least Do not be afraid to try something new a Lot of people get married to the product That they want they want it to work so Bad when literally everything is telling You that it is not it it's okay to start Over from scratch and it reminds me of

Just the have you guys ever seen the Image of where the guy is shoveling you Know he's trying to get the diamond and He's literally right there before he Gives up so say you do that you start Testing you find your winner well what Comes next well once you built a Successful Drop Shipping Store you can Then one develop your brand I would try To move away from Drop Shipping unless You really like Drop Shipping because of All the benefits it has you don't need To get tied into inventory costs you can Be in and out and you can collect a lot Of cash but if you find that you have Develop the passion for your brand you Can always take it to the next level and Then turn it into a real store now if You are getting a lot of sales what I've Seen a lot of people do is also sell Your store so you can do this through a Variety of different websites one of Those is acquire. comom another one is Flippa you can compare how much people Want to bid and offer for your store Sale I've seen other people do that Where they're like okay this Drop Shipping thing was great I made you know A million dollars from it let me sell it They get another six to seven figure Check and then they put it towards their Next venture say you don't want to Develop your brand say you don't want to Sell your store well then it comes down

To rinse and repeating go back into Drop Shipping find the next winning product Continue to do this and then yeah and Then from there I mean we've gotten you To the point of where I'd consider you To be a successful drop shipper so Ladies and gents if you found any type Of value within this video do me a favor Drop a like down below and I know for a Fact only my real ones would have made It all the way till the end so if you're Watching this here comment down below The secret code word and that is fire Comment down below fire now if you guys Want to go ahead and follow me along my Journey of what I've been able to build Here on this YouTube channel be sure to Subscribe follow me on Twitter and Instagram I love for you guys to join The community there thank you all so Much again for watching today's video I Love youall and I'll see youall soon Peace


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