DUMP IT! Crypto CRASH! How Low Can Bitcoin Price Go?

How low can Bitcoin go analysts are Saying that Bitcoin hits $45,000 on this Dip JP Morgan says in about 1 month Bitcoin is going to be at $42,000 how realistic are these bearish Price predictions I know it sounds crazy But that's not crazy for Bitcoin it's Done that many many times before we know That these ETFs are still steadily Soaking up Bitcoin Supply and the having Should be good for Price or no you know It's not uncommon to see 20% 30% 40% Dips even in a Bitcoin bull market if That's the case this Bitcoin dip falling To $45,000 actually very realistic if Bitcoin does fall to $45,000 a lot of altcoins probably get Wrecked but what do you think how low Can Bitcoin go realistically let's talk About this let's answer this before we Answer that let's talk altcoin news Smash the like button let's talk altcoin News Unis swap the name brand Decentralized exchange just crossed 1 Million mobile app downloads this dap Was once just for the dgs once just in The underground now at the Forefront of The mainstream Crossing 1 million next Stop 1 billion and this big crypto Milestone could not have come at a Better time as retail continues to Slowly come back into crypto ethereum's Denune upgrade has now been fully

Implemented and ethereum layer 2 fees Down over 90% Avalanche doing something Very interesting in an attempt to Promote meme coins and culture on their Chain they're actually buying and Holding onto Community coins they're Holding meme coins the Avalanche Foundation has disclosed its first five Community meme coins that it is holding On to and in a low key way majorly Supporting these five Avalanche based Meme coins coinu gecko Kim No chill and Tech I think Avalanche is Doing this because they see what's Happening with salana salana truly Shining in its ecosystem and price-wise And certainly in the meme coin space Like salana is killing it as it's price Approaches $200 for the first time since 2021 look at this salana is on a major Tear right now there's no way this isn't Going to break alltime Highs are you Guys into salana meme coins or meme Coins at all seems like like Avalanche Is feeling the pressure interesting Moves out of cardano as they're working With us States and the UK getting Compliant getting certified with heavy Legal engagement cardano is making Interesting moves I don't see a lot of Other blockchains doing what we've seen Is that we've been approached from sort Of a couple of states in the US who Saying hey can you help us to do a a a

Lightweight blockchain solution to make It more transparent and accountable and How we're voting I still sort of have Sort of look at if we can actually make This happen in the in the time frame They're they're looking at because your Question was you know what does Regulators and policy makers think right And they're starting to ask questions About business continuity and when we Then showed this they were like wow you Know wow yeah and jumping back into Ethereum layer 2s we're seeing a lot of Layer 2os do stuff like this for Instance arbitrum eyeing a 400 million Crypto gaming fund with a proposal to Its Dow the arbitrum foundation Announced a program designed to invest 200 million ARB tokens worth about 400 Million in promoting gaming projects on Its blockchain over a 2-year period this Is just an ask to the DA right now but There's a lot of reason to think this Will get approved polygon good news for Polygon and bad news for polygon now the Good news is that polygon's metrics are Looking great new all-time high of 1.2 Million daily active addresses 21 Million active addresses on polygon in The last 30 days the daily transactions Hovering around 5 million for a week the Best since early 2024 however one of Polygon's biggest partners and certainly An interesting thing that everybody was

Kind of excited for at the time Starbucks issuing nfts on the polygon Chain that is shutting down sad to see Starbucks go now jumping back to a Silver lining SBF should be facing 40 to To 50 years in prison and a 11 billion Fine at least if the doj has its way so Let's answer this question how low can Bitcoin go realistically make sure you Subscribe to our Channel turn Notifications on WE Post one video every Day keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market from bitcoin's 2024 highs we've already seen a dip of 11% if we were to fall to 59k that would Be a dip of about 20% if if we were to Fall to about 51k that would be 30% and Like we said in the beginning $45,000 is a 40% dip which is not that Uncommon you know personally I think With the having coming up with the ETF Inflows continuing to go up you know I'd Like to see Bitcoin fall down to a Little bit farther than this last dip if Bitcoin hit about 57k was about a 20% Dip that would be bullish to me we'd Have a cool off period come back up I Mean it's possible we fall this low you Know these ETF buyers aren't going to be Selling at this point in their cycle Right so the 40% dips of the past could Be tapered a little bit until retail Comes back in here's the thing guys if You're just staring at Price charts

You're missing the forest for the trees Because this is a technology adoption Cycle Bitcoin is on the S curve of Technology adoption where it starts off Slow goes really fast and then Eventually tapers off cuzz it plateaued It got adopted the question is where is Bitcoin in the s-curve of adoption guys Make sure you subscribe to our Channel This bull market is just getting started This is a healthy dip after Bitcoins run Up so much watch this clip in full it's Chocked full of value see you tomorrow You sort of compare the adoption of Bitcoin to other Technologies from the Internet to cell phone so forth and so On so where are we in the adoption curve Where are we right now in the Bitcoin Scurve I would say we're in the very First 1% 1% yeah 1% and I would say just to give You an example of that there's a lot of Reasons why I say that right so if you Sort of say okay how many how many People own Bitcoin and who have over 10% Or 20% of their net worth in Bitcoin Right I would say that number is is Under 2 million right now worldwide okay We know we can look at Bitcoin addresses And we can say there are a million Bitcoin addresses that have one Bitcoin In them right now um but a lot of those Addresses can be owned by the same

People right so I own several addresses That have more than one Bitcoin in for Example right um so I would say there is Probably something on the order of half A million whole coiners so in the entire World half a million people uh so that's Not a lot in a in a world of 8 billion People know that there's half a million People who have one Bitcoin uh and That's you know half a million people Have $70,000 worth of bitcoin that's it Um you know if you look at something Like America how many people how many People have accounts on coinbase in America well there's you know there's 10 Million people have accounts on coinbase But a lot of them have you know $50 or $100 on coinbase they not meaningful as A percentage of their net asset assets Right so I think we're about to see a Complete change in that right which is How many Americans own stock well you Know there's a 100 million Americans own Some form of equity right now 100 Million in their IRS IRAs mainly um you Know so there's the amount of people who Own Bitcoin is really really small Compared to the amount of people who own Stock or real estate right now um and You know I think in a world of really full Bitcoin isation or hyperbitcoinization As they say the majority of people are Going to own Bitcoin and it's going to

Be like cell phones 90% of America People on this planet have a cell phone 85% of the people on this planet now or In America have broadband internet uh 85% of Americans use social media so you Know I think I think these Trends tend To go to 80% um and you know we're at 1 Or 2% right now and we're going to 80% The vast the vast part of this journey Is ahead of us it's not behind us you so I know it sounds crazy because you know We're looking at Bitcoin has tripled Since January 1 of uh3 it's already Tripled right but or quadrupled actually It's quadrupled it was at 50,000 now It's uh over 60,000 right 70,000 so it's Quadrupled since then but that's not Crazy for Bitcoin it's done that many Many times before in 20 17 it went up 20 Times in one year


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