DUMP IT! Bitcoin Will Crash HARD If This Happens (XRP & Solana News)

The Bitcoin price is in the danger zone Most other channels won't share this With you I will that's why over 1.47 Million of you subscribe but with the Amount of Leverage currently in the System Bitcoin Longs speculating the Price to go up and Bitcoin shorts Speculating the price will go down now Is the time as a Bitcoin investor to pay Attention $6.3 billion worth of bitcoin Shorts to be liquidated if/ when the Price hit $74,000 per coin shorts being liquidated Is good shorts people betting the price Will go lower being liquidated meaning They were wrong meaning that pushes the Price higher if this happens at $744,000 that's good it'll explode the Price yet and I will say yet a whole lot More longs to be liquidated at $59,000 per coin which is bad if this Were to happen around $59,000 Per coin this crashes the price lower so Let's talk what comes next also watch The whole video for xrp news Solana news Altcoin news and more but Bitcoin dipped Today due to one big reason being the FED meeting tomorrow so this week is Going to be insane first on Wednesday June 12th at 2: in the afternoon we will Have the FED meeting results followed by A speech from Jerome Powell we don't Expect the interest rates to change in This meeting but we will have an updated

Dotplot which will show us how many Times the FED members think they will Cut interest rates this year so nobody Expects the rates to change at Tomorrow's meeting although the Dow also Dropped more than 200 points as fed Policy meeting kicks off so it starts Today results tomorrow but the reason For this volatility in all markets and The significance of tomorrow's fed Meeting is this Dot Plot they're about To update does not happen every meeting It's happening tomorrow this meeting Will be very interesting because we will Have an updated plot which only happens Every two meetings for those who don't Know the FED dotplot is a forecast where The 19 fed members share their Expectations for the number of interest Rates Cuts coming this year and the next So the Dot Plot gives the fed's updated Projections for rate Cuts throughout the Rest of this year their tone could move Markets and because the Bitcoin price is In such a tight range with so much Leverage expect volatility for example The market is currently pricing 1 to two Interest rate Cuts this year if the FED Said they would hike interest rates the Market would Panic cell and the economy Would tank now big things are happening With altcoins and keep in mind no matter What the price of Bitcoin does Day-to-day accumulation is happening the

Amount of BTC acquired by us spot Bitcoin ETFs just last week was around 8 Times the amount mined over the same Time frame meaning Supply on the market Is getting bought up meaning bit Bitcoin As an asset is becoming more scarce and This is global even today with today's Small dip the Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs Bought that dip accumulated a Respectable 26 more Bitcoin and this is Important this is the type of thing you Send to a friend when you see the Bitcoin price dropping just remember Where it inevitably must go this is the Available capital in the world versus This small area right here the available Bitcoin we're headed in One Direction And by the way ticket prices for Bitcoin Nashville are about to increase in 3 Days this is literally the world's Largest Bitcoin conference just a month Away I am speaking I will be on stage my Brother and I excited to speak at Bitcoin conference this year use code Altcoin daily for 10% off your ticket Come out hang out let grab a beer and Ticket prices are about to increase so Use code altcoin daily linked down below I had some ethereum this where I started Uh my kind of crypto Journey mining Ethereum back in 2016 crypto thought Leader Anthony Pompano just revealed I Sold my ethereum and bought Solana Instead but I sold that I think end of

Last year beginning of this year Whatever it was um and bought salana Instead um and it was very much a Decision like I think that salana is Going to outperform ethereum moving Forward I want to you know make this Change in my personal portfolio um so Far that has been true now many people Try and pck ethereum versus Solana or Solana versus cardano against each other I like all three but it's very Interesting what Solana is doing now and What comes next what are the 15 biggest Things that happened on salana last Month first PayPal's py USD stable coin Is now live on salana but what makes This really cool is that it uses token Extensions which means without any Additional coding you have out of the Box confidential trans transfers you Have memo fields and all sorts of Plugins that can be enabled via transfer Hooks so like if you're wondering if Solana this year still has momentum let Me play it just 60 more seconds second Cosmos salana handshake Emoji Cosmos is Creating the internet of blockchains and Now salana is hooked into their IBC Their in blockchain Communications Protocol thanks to Picasso Network which Now means you can move between the Networks easier than ever Google cloud Has announced a new partnership with Game shift which is the API out of Salon

Labs makes it easy for developers to Create on chain games it's a big deal Makes it easier for anyone using Google Cloud to Now launch a game on salana With Rich in-game experiences seamless Payments all that other good stuff so Solana is being integrated into Cosmos It's also being integrated into the Bitcoin network 21.co has launched 21 BTC this is a firm with billions of Dollars in assets under management now Offering a native Bitcoin product on Salana with institutional grade security And full collateralization number five $120 million has been bridged from other Chains to salana in May and in just the First week of June by the way we're Already half at that Mark which is Pretty incredible number six salon's Revenue crossed eth main Nets revenue For a day in May I'm old enough to Remember when they said this could never Be done this still a long way to go this Does not include all of the l2s and the Rest of the ecosystem and of course it Was only on one day but we are showing That low fees on a fast network with a Lot of throughput can actually be an Attractive proposition that can create Real economic value and news coming out Of altcoins and by the way I am an Investor in these coins lime wire Introducing the lime wire AI Studio Media Browser the med Med browser is now

Available on all AI Studio tabs and Allows you to number one access your AI Creations in a single View and perform Quick actions like out paint publish Edit and more lime wire was one of my Six best crypto Investments to 10x in 2024 as Bitcoin is crashing highly Recommend this video if you have more Questions on Lime wire number two Announcement for easy as a reminder easy Is a gamified liquidity solution so like A market actually a Marketplace for Digital assets tokens and rwas on blast Which is an eth L2 so if you're bullish On the blast ecosystem you'll love this We're thrilled to announce a strategic Partnership with lingo coins lingo is The largest rwa reward token ecosystem Designed to onboard the next billion web 3 users built on base and Solana right Now all users can join lingo airdrop Islands to earn token Rewards rewards Basically lingo is like tokenized Airline miles or just rwa powered Rewards and with easy within our Partnership easy ambassadors and most Active users will receive exclusive Benefits including rewards in lingo so Cool to see the progress and also Another win for Solana hello is live on The Solana Network to celebrate we're Giving away $250 in hello by the way We're about to film season 2 of killer Which is one of the main products from

Hello labs and it's just interesting They didn't pick cardano or eold or Cosmos they chose salana also xrp news Ripple partners with National Bank of Georgia to digitize their economy I Would like to see Ripple as like gluing Together Enterprise participation in Defi like being as like a One-Stop shop For Enterprises that want to participate In the defi ecosystem using Ripple's Tools and Technologies with xrp Ledger You know having a significant fraction Of the features they want meaning the Country of Georgia will start to use xrp Or at least Ripple software for their Economy but also them having the Opportunity to access you know whatever Services are out there that they want You know like the great thing about the Internet isn't Amazon it isn't Twitter It isn't any one thing the great thing About the internet is that every Everything is like it's the everything Place and I think what we need to have We need to have a place where people can Get I'd like to see The xrp Ledger Providing a significant fraction of Those interesting defi experiences Particularly the ones that are more Enterprise focused this is an ongoing Story so click subscribe you do not want To miss a video keeping you informed About crypto see you tomorrow


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