Don’t MISS Out On $900 Cash Back From Chase (LIMITED TIME OFFER)

All right so the chasing cash and the Chase Ink unlimited got a record high Welcome bonus offer announced just Yesterday night now if it looks like Your boy literally came mid-set from the Gym to film this video to let you guys Know as soon as possible about this Offer look you ain't wrong there all Right so there's a reason why this is Such a big deal we're gonna be going Over it in this video we're going to be Talking about who this card is best Meant For What the new offer bonuses Mean to you and whether or not it's Actually worth applying for this card Now I've had these two cards sitting Within one of my office drawer cabinets For the last four to five years because These cards cost me absolutely just zero Dollars to hold and they've only given Me positive value that's right having a No annual fee card is nice because you Don't have to worry about it you don't Ever have to worry about going negative As long as you're paying your card off In full so in this video we're gonna be Breaking down what the benefits really Are on this card whether or not this Limited time offer is something that you Should be acting on and like I said There are actually a few more cards that Have some elevated offers and I'm going To be sharing with you exactly what they Are and how you could get it all right

So first of all data points taking a Look at your screen you'll go ahead and Actually see the last inputs that we had From Doctor of credit regarding how you Could get access to the 90k offer now Going back even till the months of April You'll see that there's a 90k offer That's kind of working it kind of wasn't Then there was a 90k offer that you Would be able to access through like Taking a random quiz and then the offer Was dead and then it was alive and then It was like 75 look okay so what we can Take notice from this is just the fact That the 90k offer it comes and goes Pretty quick the last time I remember Seeing an elevated offer on one of the Chase Ink cards it was gone in about two Weeks so definitely make sure that if You guys are in the market for one of These cards and you have been waiting to Get the most amount of points I think This is going to be as good as it gets I'm also going to give you guys a little Bit of a tip if you've ever been denied For one of these cards usually when they Elevate the offer it's actually a better Time for you to get in keep in mind a Lot of these banks are elevating the Offer because they're going to want to Get people signed up for some of their Cards what this means is they may Actually lessen the restrictions on some Of the requirements where if you once

Got denied they might make a little bit Of change in the algorithm where they Slide even more people through I know in The beginning when I first applied for One of my Chase end cards it was Actually the hardest card for me to get Back then granted I was a sole Proprietor you know I was like a 19 20 Year old kid just getting his foot in The door within the whole Entrepreneurship world and you know They're extending a good bit of credit To me if you've ever struggled with Getting a business credit card like I May have I've also made a ton of videos Literally dating back to the last four To five years here on YouTube now the Rules from back then are still pretty Similar to it now but I know exactly What you guys could do to expedite or Speed up the process or improve your Odds of getting approved so be sure to Check out my video like the ultimate Business credit card guide if you guys Have not yet seen that all right so now Let's talk about the car towards Benefits and it's pretty straightforward So on The Chase Ink unlimited you're Getting 1.5 cash back on everything else Yeah there's really not much more than That welcome bonus offer you get 900 Cashback or 90 000 ultimate Reward Points whichever one you prefer after You spend six thousand dollars in the

First three months that equates right There to about two thousand dollars on Average in spend that you should be Doing towards your business and if you Don't have a business and you're running Like a freelance contractor Gig if you Have any other upcoming expenses this Would still be a great card to use for That now when it comes to applying for Any card especially with an elevated Offer make sure you ask yourself these Two questions one are you able to get That welcome bonus requirement spent Without overspending on your card and Number two are you gonna be able to make Sure that you pay off your card in full Maybe not within a one month period Because these two cards offer zero Percent intro APR within the first 12 Months so if you actually end up Carrying a balance which is my general Rule if you carry a balance go ahead to Pay off that card in full especially if It's a personal credit card but there's A bit of an exception with the Chase Ink Cards if you are actually funding your Business you know say you're starting a New business where you're grooming dogs And you realize okay I need to buy the Hair trimmers the Clippers and Everything right now but my business Won't actually get started until three Months later if at three months later You start making all the money and you

Can pay back the expenses on the car You'd be fine because Chase is still one Of those issuers that does not report Your current business balance over onto Your personal credit score things like That I think are really nice so this car Is very simple the chase Inc cash card It's a little bit of a different story Very similar benefits but instead of the 1.5 back that you get on everything You're also going to be earning more You're going to be getting five percent Cash back on the first 25 000 spent in Combined purchases at office supply Stores and on internet cable and phone Services each account are anniversary Year then you get two percent cash back On the first 25 Grand and combined Purchases at gas station and at Restaurants each account anniversary Year similar offer though you get the Same zero percent intro APR for 12 Months it's a zero dollar annual fee and Then you get 900 cash back now here's Also a little bit of a sleeper benefit That you might not know of and this is Perfect if you are friends with other People who own businesses or side Hustles with both of these cards you can Earn 40 000 ultimate Reward Points Whenever you refer another business Owner using your own link and you can Get up to 200 000 ultimate reward points In a single calendar year with each one

Of these cards that benefit right there Is insane because say as an example you Decide to pick up both of these cards That's a hundred eighty thousand points From the welcome bonus offer and then Say you're able to refer to your whole Network of friends and family who are Starting their own business or have Their own side hustle and from there you Max that out that's 400 000 points on Top of the 190 000 that's 590 000 ultimate reward points now half a Million Chase Ultimate reward points can Take you a very long way I was going Through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal and I was looking through Different destinations in Mexico to use And book with my points for and I Realized this can get you like multiple Months in a decent hotel with an even Mexico if you want to take a long Vacation so I see devalue these points And Chase was still rated to be one of The top issuer regarding the value of What those points would be worth so I Would say points are still worth Anywhere from two to three cents with Chase because oftentimes it's still Pretty easy to get a decent Redemption With chase points there's really not Much else to say about it if you guys Want to watch a full review on it where I really break down like all the little Benefits of these cards be sure to check

Out some of the other videos I made here On my channel and if you have any Questions about applying for a business Credit card be sure to watch the video That I posted a few months back as well I also have those linked Down Below in The description but other than that I Also mentioned in the beginning of the Video there are a few more credit card Offers to be on the lookout for so Marriott bonvoy brilliant brand new Offer also came out out yesterday where You can earn two 85 000 free night Awards after you spend six thousand Dollars in purchases on the card in your First six months so the Marriott bonboy Brilliant now the Marriott bonboy cards I have one I have the bomboy business But it's not something we talk about too Much on this channel because there's a Concept okay it's called getting Bon Void there's a whole website for it it's Kind of funny now this website was Created because Marriott bonboy has been Known to devalue their points so a lot Of people are posting on these forums And on this website about their horror Stories regarding this issuer now Personally for me I haven't had any bad Issues and if you're actually someone Who's more loyal to Marriott and say you Have status or you're trying to build Status I feel like a lot of that doesn't Really matter regardless they went ahead

And changed their offer which is much More than before this card is one of Those cards too where I can't say okay It's meant for everyone it's very unique In its audience and I'm saying if you Love Marriott this card might be perfect For you but if you never really stay at Marriott or you like Hyatt or Hilton Then this card still may not be it for You but I'm at least let you guys know About what that offer is and you guys Can also learn more about that down Below the Marriott bomboy Bevy card will Also increase their offer before it was 85 000 Marriott Bon Voya bonus points After you spend five thousand dollars in The first six months but now it's Increased to a hundred twenty five Thousand Marriott bonvoy points instead And last but not least if you guys are Interested in picking up the American Express Platinum Card there is a way for You to get a hundred fifty thousand Membership reward points now to do this Check out the link Down Below in the Description to use a tool it's called Card match what this will do is use your Information to see if it can Auto Populate a targeted offer for the 150 000 points on the American Express Platinum Card and that right there it's Legendary I personally I got a hundred Twenty hundred twenty five thousand Points when I signed up like three four

Years ago so if you're getting anything Above that I'd say you're doing a Phenomenal job and I haven't heard Anyone get anything more than 150 000 Points so that is as high as it goes but Don't beat yourself up if you don't get The highest welcome bonus offer possible Because oftentimes people will try years And years and they still won't see it on Their account so if you want to be one Of the few that are in the market for Any one of these cards right now is a Great time just because the offers are All elevated and I'm not sure how long They're going to last for now thank you Again for watching this video if you Found any value share this with a friend Maybe someone who needs to get into the Business credit card game because There's a lot of free money sitting out Here on the table and I don't want you Guys to miss out by the way if you guys Want some additional free money things I Got a link Down Below in the description For MooMoo and Weeble with either one of These stock exchanges you can pick it up Deposit a small bit of money wait a Little bit let them give you your free Stocks and then from there if you guys Want to see more updates regarding my Own life because you're a boy your boy Got engaged like a week or two ago and If you didn't know you'll know by Following me on Instagram follow me

There guys I'd appreciate that too I'd Love to get connected with you guys even More thank you all so much again for Watching this video I love y'all and I'll see y'all soon peace


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