Don’t Call It Britcoin: U.K. Digital Pound Distances Itself from Crypto

It's said that the digital pound will be Needed in the future but there will be Some hurdles and the bank of England Would like you to stop calling the Digital pound britcoin Bank of England Deputy Governor for financial stability Sir John coonliff made that very clear Without actually saying the word in a February 7 speech explaining why the Central bank and the treasury thinks That it's likely that a digital pound Will be needed before the decade is out Coonliff added that crypto assets or Highly speculative assets that are very Volatile and have no intrinsic value for That reason they are not suitable and Not used for General payment purposes Which is both the core message and why It's a near certainty that the bank of England's Central Bank digital currency Or cbdc has a new nickname in the press And he said the digital pound would be a Safe trusted form of money accepted for Everyday transactions by households and Firms in the same way as the bank of England nodes are today


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