Donald Trump: I Like Bitcoin Now! Joe Biden HATES Crypto?

They are against it the Biden uh Biden Doesn't even know what it if you ask Biden sir are you for or against crypto What's that what the get me off the Stage he's saying get me off the stage Now he has no idea Donald Trump just Destroyed all Bitcoin Skeptics gentler Is very much against it the Democrats Are very much against it coming out in Full support for crypto and I say this Uh a lot of people are very much for it Probably a lot of the people in this This is significant because it was just 3 years ago that Donald Trump slammed Bitcoin calling it a scam Bitcoin I it Just seems like a scam uh I was Surprised you know with us it was at 6,000 and uh much lower I don't like it Because it's another currency competing Against the dollar essentially it's a Currency competing against the dollar I Want the dollar to be the currency of The world that's what I've always said And now Trump is supporting it and I'm Fine with it I want to make sure it's Good and solid and everything else but I'm good with it bragging about his nft Collection you know we did it when nfts Were not hot and we made nfts hot again Right make yes sir taking crypto for Campaign donations if you can't I'll Make sure you can can we donate to the Trump campaign using crypto I believe The answer is yes look it's great that

Trump is a cheerleader for crypto it's Much more important that fair crypto Polic policy gets pushed through in the US especially with Biden doing things Like this signaling that he would veto Any Fair crypto legislation bill so my Question is do you think Trump fully Understands what's at risk here yeah With the goggles on uh a lot of the Smartest people in crypto are moving Their businesses out of the US because They're scared of like uh the US's Regulations because of the hostility Correct yeah crypto is moving out of the US because of hostility toward crypto Correct so what are you going to do with It well we'll stop it because I don't Want that I don't want that I want that If we're going to embrace it we have to Let him be here yes [Music] Sir smash the like button support the Channel I got to tell you I like Trump's Rhetoric around Bitcoin I wish Joe Biden Would adopt similar Pro Bitcoin rhetoric I would like it if crypto was adopted by All parties since Bitcoin is nonpartisan It's populist it's for everyone and it Seems more and more people are realizing This Bitcoin whale alert Susana International Group is now the biggest Bitcoin ETF whale yet they have 481 Billion asset under management and now Recently disclosed they just reported

Holding 1.2 billion plus Bitcoin cross 10 ETFs that's not all one of many just In Insurance giant Mass Mutual reports Exposure to bitcoin buying the Bitcoin ETF 2 they have exposure now to the ETF Reminder they already had exposure to Real Bitcoin buying 100 million Bitcoin Putting it on its balance sheet back in 20121 amazing at the time Mass Mutual is An OG in the space the traditional Financial space founded in 1851 with 570 Billion assets under management and when You start listening to the Insiders and What they say in regards to how the Bitcoin ETF changed things you really Get a sense of what the future holds Banks are reaching out to us 3.5 billion Bitwise CEO says a lot of traditional And reputable firms have started Engaging with Bitcoin in a way that they Never had before the Bitcoin ETF changed Everything few are saying it but so many Are engaging with us such an interesting Clip our Capital markets team already Has relationships with most of the aps It's a relatively small world and we go Out and we we approach the ones that are Some of the most um accomplished I think Public names uh are virtue and Jan Street uh mcquery is a public name on Our fund uh there's another AP on our Fund that is definitely a household name Bank but uh we have been asked not to Mention um so there's still a range of

People's Comfort uh in in the public Forum but uh we go out and we try to Recruit the best uh counterparties Um and I will tell you that before the Bitcoin ETFs Launched uh you know for those of you Who don't know again I I mentioned Bitwise uh is uh strives to be a best a Breed specialist in this space the same Way you would think of Apollo in private Credit or Brookfield in infrastructure Or Blackstone in private real estate We're purpose building for this space But we're not Fidelity and we're not Black Rock so we had to do a little bit Of begging uh for people to take it Seriously that changed after the launch Uh and we started to have uh inbound From firms that wanted to to join as an AP so I I guess I just can't emphasize Enough I think that the Bitcoin ETFs Have really brought Bitcoin into the Realm of possibility for a lot of Traditional financial institutions uh to The point where you know for the first Time in six and a half years we have Banks reaching out to us looking to be An authorized participant on a on a Bitcoin fund that's a great Evolution I Do think it's funny that you went and Said hey you want to be an AP and They're like yeah yeah but you can't Tell anyone we're associated with you Yeah that's remarkable there's actually

A a a a bank uh with a wealth management Division that recently they spent two Months evaluating Bitcoin ETFs they Approved the bitwise Bitcoin ETF for Advisers to put in portfolios and they Specifically asked that I not tweet Their Name CU you would have otherwise I may Have otherwise uh but yeah they didn't Put out a press release didn't uh so It's not not publicly known I I think That's a remarkable part of the first Quarter of this year is that uh a lot of Traditional and reputable firms have Started engaging uh with Bitcoin in a Way they never have before but so few of Them are saying anything about it if you Just scroll through your LinkedIn or you Read press releases you would think that Nothing has changed versus last year and I'll just tell you the world has Completely changed versus last year but For now most or many uh are preferring Not to have it be public why is Trump Pro Bitcoin now why are so many Financial Giants and entities and Individuals buying Bitcoin well Billionaire investor Lawrence leopard Just summed it up best anybody who has Zero Bitcoin is really missing the most Asymmetrical bet that I have ever seen Listen one other thing I will say about Bitcoin I think people don't understand And this is part of the part of the

Innovation that's really important think About bitcoin's a commodity right the SEC said it's commodity it is a Commodity one coin is the same as the Next okay fine um every commodity in the World if you increase its price the Supply goes up if if gold went to 10,000 Tomorrow we'd mine more gold If corn Went up if oil went to $300 a barrel We'd drill for more oil you would get More higher price you would get more no Matter where the price of Bitcoin goes The issuance schedule is set there's not Going to be anymore it comes out you Know every block is you know 6.25 coins Right now soon to be half of that so um You know it's that's that's unique and As a result of that the world has never Seen anything that really kind of looks Like this which is why you know I mean Ronnie stord had a great chart on I mean Bitcoin from inception has grown at 145% Compound annually and it's got a lower Sharp ratio than any other asset I mean This is an amazing Beast it really is And so so I you know look but it's but It's volatile and to some it's scary and I get all of that but you know I've long Contended that anybody who has zero of This is really really missing the most Asymmetric bet that I've ever seen in 40 Plus years of of making trying to make Asymmetric bets so which US presidential Candidate would be better for crypto

Donald Trump Joe Biden Kennedy things Are really heating up in crypto and Around the world make sure you subscribe To stay up toate on everything going on In the cryptocurrency industry if you're Interested in making money in crypto Subscribe to the channel we'll see you Tomorrow 2024 is turning into a great Year


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