Donald Trump Delivers Greatest Crypto Speech of All Time (Biden Crypto vs Kennedy Crypto)

I will ensure that the future of crypto And the future of Bitcoin will be made In the USA not driven overseas I will Support the right to self- custody to The nation's 50 million crypto holders I Say this with your vote Donald Trump Just delivered one of the greatest Presidential Pro crypto speeches of all Time and if you vote for me on day one I Will commute the sentence of Rossick and that's different than Kennedy and I'm going to put the whole Budget on blockchain and that's Different than Biden President Biden Signed an executive order today Directing the federal government to come Up with a plan to regulate Cryptocurrency listen to the full speech This literally just happened then we'll Talk Biden then we'll talk Kennedy and I Will also stop Joe Biden's crusade to Crush crypto but in the year of a US Presidential election you have no idea How big crypto is about to be and if you Vote for me on day one I will commute The sentence of Rossi to a sentence of time sir Already served 11 years we're going to Get him home we're going to get him home I'm proud that I have put forward a Detailed plan to smash the censorship And industrial complex and restore free Speech on day one I will sign an Executive order Banning federal agencies

From colluding to censor the lawful Speech of American Citizens and I will also stop Joe Biden's crusade to crush crypto we're Going to stop it I will ensure that the Future of crypto and the future of Bitcoin will be made in the USA not Driven overseas I will support the right To self- custody to the nation's 50 Million crypto holders I say this with Your vote I will keep Elizabeth Warren And her goons away from your Bitcoin and I will never allow the Creation of a central bank digital Currency so I liked some things Trump Spoke about just now regarding crypto And I want to hear more on some other Things Trump spoke about of course we'll Talk about Biden's updated policies Regarding crypto of course we'll talk About Kennedy's policies on crypto we Give you all the information on altcoin Daily that's why you subscribe but I Like how Trump spoke about clear Policies or at least more specific Policies on what he'd actually do right Because sometimes he'll just talk posit Positively generally speak to the people In the room without getting specific and I say this uh a lot of people are very Much for it probably a lot of the people In this group uh and I'm fine with it I Want to make sure it's good and solid And everything else but I'm good with it

These were clips from earlier this month And uh if you want if you like crypto in Any form it comes in a lot of different Forms if you're uh in favor of crypto You better vote for Trump but I liked How this time Trump got a little more Specific on actual policy right I will Support the right to self- custody to The nation's 50 million crypto holders Self- custody meaning you're allowed to Hold your own crypto I can hold my Crypto you can hold your crypto instead Of needing legally needing a third party Like a bank they're the only ones Allowed to hold your crypto no Individuals should have this basic right He spoke about how he will never allow The creation of a central bank digital Currency and of course he mentioned he Will commute the sentence of Ross alri Which is very important this has always Been an issue that was very important For the longtime crypto Community again Newer crypto people may not know who Ross Alber is but OG's this is a big Issue I'm going to make sure that There's that Bitcoin is is protected That people can keep their own wallets That and before we get to Biden let's be Fair the now independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr he was Pro crypto First there's a lot of people who are Not in this room for whom Bitcoin may Seem an issue that's too trivial for a

Presidential campaign David Bailey at a Party that we were at last night asked Me how I got uh sold on bitcoin and I Told him that it happened to me in an Instant when I saw the trucker what Happened at the trucker strike in Ottawa Robert F Kennedy junior is promising no Taxes on bitcoin and backing the US Dollar with Bitcoin I'm going to make Sure that there's that Bitcoin is is Protected that people can keep their own Wallets that the current White House war On bitcoin will be over that uh Transactions will be protected and Encouraged um and uh and I I'll look Ultimately at at treating it as a Currency rather than a commodity right Particularly for uh for smaller Bitcoin Owners for transactions owners you know I don't want to be uh I don't want to Provide a windfall for the billionaires Who who accumulated um Bitcoin but I Think smaller actors in transactions That their their transaction should be They should be able To transa to change currencies the same Way that when you go to Canada and You're using the Canadian dollar you Ought to be able to come to the United States um without if if there's some Appreciation in the Canadian dollar you You shouldn't have to to pay for it in Tax honestly to me he is the most Pro Bitcoin candidate in terms of the actual

Policies he's promised thus far and I'm Going to put the whole Budget on Blockchain and so are you because and That means that every American anytime They want will be able to see how every Dollar that they paid in taxes is being Spent so you know you'll have millions Of eyes on our budget and if somebody is Spending you know we the the Pentagon Hasn't passed an audit in 30 years and Then of course Joe Biden playing a Little catchup he probably will take Credit for the recent ethereum ETF that Was just approved our view is that that Was a political shift it was a shift in DC whether it was the Biden admin or Higher ups in the Democratic party it Doesn't really matter as far as we're Concerned this was a this was a shift Politically you can see that with a lot Of the votes that just happened in DC Trump going pro crypto now this is Major I give Biden full credit I'd give Trump Full credit I give any political Candidate Full credit if they want to put in real Policy that helps all Americans and it's Not like you gain any voters by being Anti-crypto those people would vote for The Dems anyway but you lose some by Being so anti- crypto after all crypto Shouldn't be a one party issue and in a Razor razor thin race uh this matters And so yeah I I mean again we don't have

Any like Smoking Gun but all the Circumstantial evidence points to what James said this was political for those Who haven't I highly recommend this Video over a 100,000 people have already Watched I mean are there is there Precedent for this happening and does it Really just work like that that there Can be some sort of political shift and Like just like that the SEC just does a 180 degree pivot I mean just seems Bizarre to me crypto policy is being Passed today in leadup to get your vote For the US presidential election also be Sure to join us at crypto conference Bitcoin Nashville use code altcoin daily For 10% off your ticket link down below And like always see you tomorrow


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