Dogecoin is about to EXPLODE! (5 Coins I Like)

We need to talk about Dogecoin chart Patterns suggests a volatile explosion For Dogecoin is ahead to understand why Dogecoin is going to explode you need to Understand this first Bitcoin recently Went through a major upgrade we've Talked about it now you can do tokens on Bitcoin now you can do nfts on bitcoin This particular story is bitcoin's first Brc20 stablecoin just launched stably USD is available in over 200 regions and 44 U.S states Bitcoin ordinals are about To hit 10 million inscriptions remember Those who said ordinals were a fad so Let's talk about Dogecoin now Dogecoin Transactions surge surpasses Bitcoin Dogecoin surpasses ethereum with 2 Million transactions settled in 24 hours Let's talk about this the leading meme Coin Network Dogecoin has been leaving Behind Network giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the race for daily Transaction settlements while Bitcoin Has averaged around four hundred Thousand to five hundred thousand Confirmed transactions per day over the Past week and ethereum has been Processing approximately a million Transfers daily Dogecoin surpassed them Both since May 22nd the Dogecoin network Has consistently confirmed over a Million transactions each day reaching 1.42 million on May 23rd Saturday May 27th witnessed a milestone for the

Dogecoin Network as it soars to an All-time high processing 2 million plus Transactions the mainstream media is Silent on this only me and Elon Musk Seem to be talking about this morning Morning Oh my God Look at Chris oh okay okay oh very good Very good monkey Whoa make sure you subscribe daily Crypto coverage keeping you informed What the hell is causing this surge why Are charts showing a volatile explosion Ahead it all has to do with dogecoin's New token ecosystem like Bitcoin has Brc20s Dogecoin has drc20s the surge in Dogecoin transactions can be attributed To the introduction of drc20 tokens akin To brc20 tokens minted on bitcoin's Blockchain alongside the surge in Transactions the Dogecoin Network which You may or may not know can be merge Mined with Litecoin and has experienced A notable uptick and hash rate over the Past few weeks an uptick in hash rate is A sign of a healthy strong Network and It's happening to Dogecoin so most People don't even realize this is Happening to Dogecoin and now going to The charts Dogecoin chart pattern Suggests volatile X explosion ahead a Technical analysis indicator called Bollinger Bands bandwidth suggests Dogecoin's unusual calm could end with a

Pronounced move in either direction so This chart pattern is saying an Explosive move is ahead it could be up It could be down I'm connecting it with This so in my opinion it's likely an Explosive move up is coming with Dogecoin and if you follow the crypto Market cycle after cycle like I do you Know that a pump in Dogecoin usually Precedes a bull market get ready China Could actually lead the Dogecoin Bitcoin Crypto web 3 Bull Run if you subscribe To us you remember we reported this to You China's Central television network Just broadcasted it the news that Hong Kong is allowing retail investors to buy Bitcoin China is quietly allowing it Again more news related to that Beijing Unveils web 3 white paper to Foster Innovation and advancing the industry The Beijing Municipal Science and Tech Commission has released a white paper in A bid to Foster Innovation and Development within the web 3 Industry The commission aims to establish Beijing As a global Innovation Hub by allocating A minimum of 14 million annually every Year until 2025. the funding will go Towards advancing policy support and Expediting technological advancements to Foster the growth of web 3 Industry as You recall China has had a mixed Relationship with crypto China banned The use of cryptocurrencies in 2021

However this new white paper depicts Signs of opening up the industry Especially after the crypto segment Which I just shared with you aired on China's Central television May 23rd what Did that segment talk about well the Segment highlighted the significance of Nfts prominently featuring the Bitcoin Logo and Bitcoin ATMs in Hong Kong it's Interesting that the video has since Been removed it is notable that the State-run media Outlet showed a Willingness to discuss cryptocurrencies Positively and this web 3 white paper 14 Million every year for the next few Years this is something let's talk about Other coins that I like in recent news They're making zcash has successfully Activated a major Network upgrade called Overwinter in my mind when it comes to Blue Chip privacy coins there's really Only two worth talking about Monero and Zcash what do you think well the zcash Network upgrade Z cash first of all Cryptocurrency offering privacy to users Has announced the successful completion Of overwinter the first Network upgrade The purpose is to strengthen the Protocol for future network upgrades it Includes versioning replay protection For Network upgrades performance Improvements for transparent Transactions a new feature of trans Action expiry and more I like Z cash I

Like privacy coins at least ones that Have more of a Lindy Network effect this Is good for zcash other coins I like Polygon the story here is that Reddit Polygon nfts now nearly 10 million Holders Reddit nfts originally released July 2022 the customizable collection by Reddit a social media platform has Gained significant traction according to On-chain data there are almost 1 million Reddit non-fungible token nft holders of These holders approximately 7.7 million Are single Collective Avatar holders They hold one these are holders with a Single Avatar and do not use multiple Wallet addresses the Reddit collectible Avatar Marketplace on polygon polygon Features nfts designed by Independent Artists and content creators within the Reddit Community although the initial Surge in Avatar holders stagnated at Around 3 million in November there has Been a rap rapid growth in 2023 Specifically the number of wallets Tripled over the past six months since 2023 the count of Reddit nft holders is Up 80 percent increase so I like polygon There's a lot going on with polygons Ecosystem polygons gaming sector has Been a standout performer polygon gaming Sector has been a standout performer in Q1 of this year polygon had the most Active Gamers of any evm chain the most Popular games in order are as follows I

Like ethereum layer twos especially Seeing metrics like this monthly active Users on ethereum L2 optimism surpassed 1 million in fact the top 25 gas Consuming apps the top 25 apps consuming The op token in the past month are as Follows layer 0 Stargate chain link you Can see them here optimism ethereum L2 Is getting used different L2 starknet Daily active users and monthly active Users for Stark up and up starknet has No token at this point probably an Airdrop like we've seen before is coming If you're using starknot ethereum layer 2 you could get airdrop tokens in the Future ethereum burn metrics ethereum Burns 3.33 million ether valued at 6.1 Billion in 21 months in the past 21 Months 6.1 billion dollars worth ethereum has Been taken off the market forever that's 3.33 million ether taken off the market Forever and ethereum is deflationary Avalanche Alibaba Cloud builds metaverse Launch pad on Avalanche Alibaba cloud Has chosen Avalanche named cloudverse The Launchpad is designed to provide an End-to-end platform for companies to Customize and maintain their metaverse Spaces Avalanche will provide the Technology for Builders and metaverse Spaces while Alibaba Cloud will provide The Computing and storage subscribe to The channel my friends we keep you

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