DOGE, SHIB Included in Hong Kong’s HKVAC Index [ Crypto Espresso 6.28.23 ]

It's Wednesday and you know what that Means What does that mean oh it's News that's that's right it's news I'm Your host Andrew and this is crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines and my Voice is shot first up Fidelity is Reportedly set to file with the U.S Securities regulator for a spot Bitcoin ETF joining other major asset managers That have recently filed applications These include BlackRock Wisdom Tree Invesco van Eck and bitwise according to Coin market cap data the announcement Caused the price of Bitcoin to spike to Thirty one thousand dollars in a matter Of minutes however this rapidly reversed With the cryptocurrency trading down to Thirty thousand five hundred dollars While Futures based Bitcoin ETFs have Been allowed by Regulators since October 2021 the SEC has rejected applications For spot ETFs due to concerns over Market manipulation the recent filings By Major Asset Management firms are seen As a vote of confidence for the crypto Space Fidelity backed edx Markets Started operating in the US last week Supporting Bitcoin ethereum Bitcoin cash And Litecoin ethereum layer 2 ZK sync Era has introduced ZK stack a modular Framework for a series of custom Blockchains called hyper chains like

Optimism's super chains These Chains Will operate as a new layer on top of The existing layer 2 protocol and will Be composable and interoperable allowing For near immediate liquidity and cash Loan transfers between protocols the Hyper chains will be used by projects With specific requirements around Privacy speed and data availability like Games social networks exchanges and Banks recursive scaling will be used by ZK stack where transactions are batched Into ZK proofs which are then batched Into a single proof for increased Compression the system May Hypothetically scale up to meet any size Demand the code is under the MIT Apache License which is open source and free ZK Sync era has grown considerably since Its launch in March this year and Already has 650 million dollars in total Value locked behind only orbit Trump and Optimism ZK stack is expected to be live On the test net by the end of this year Azuki Elementals a new nft collection by Chiro Labs that we talked about recently Has faced backlash from its holders and Other nft collectors and creators over The artwork which is similar to that of The original anime inspired azuki Collection when the new nft collection Was first released the mint price was to Eth however after the artwork was made Public secondary market prices have

Fallen sharply below the mint price Currently some nfts are priced as low as 1.5 eth the artwork has drawn criticism For resembling the original collection With a few minor differences because of The response there are worries that the Elementals collection may cause those Nfts to be sold off diminishing the Attraction and value of the original Azuki collection however some collectors Have speculated that chiro Labs the Company behind azuki released similar Artwork on purpose to build engagement Around the new collection with plans to Update the metadata with new artwork met Huang co-founder of Paradigm on Venture Capital firm has expressed his Excitement about both artificial Intelligence and cryptocurrency Huang Stated that the company has never been More excited about crypto and is Dedicated to investing in all stages of Development Additionally the company has Been exploring Frontier technology Including AI Huang tweeted we're also a Group of curious nerds and the Developments in AI are too interesting To ignore the two industries in huang's Opinion have a great deal in common and Are not at all at odds with one another He doesn't see crypto vs AI as a Zero-sum competition this occurs at a Time when numerous companies in the Cryptocurrency industry are already

Integrating AI into their products such As utilizing open ai's chat GPT overall The use of AI in the crypto sector Continues to grow and is predicted to do So even more in the future and finally The Hong Kong virtual assets Consortium Or HK vac has released an index that Tracks the 30 biggest crypto assets by Market cap including Dogecoin and Shiba Inu amongst others hkvac aims to provide Investors and Regulators alike with a Reliable point of reference regarding Virtual assets performance and Associated risks the risk rating is Determined by the index using a hybrid Strategy that combines approaches driven By experts and data as well as security Liquidity compliance and governance in May of 2023 hkvac was created with the Support of Johnny Eng a lawmaker in Hong Kong Hobie kucoin and other Business Leaders the group is committed to Promoting accountability and openness in The market for trading virtual assets And for educating the general public About cryptocurrency Investments and Here's me educating the general public To like this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and to click on that Little bell icon to get buzzed whenever A new crypto espresso video goes live Thoughts about our episode today do you Like my gravelly voice well let me know In that comment section below because I

Read those comments and by God I can't Sleep anymore questions about our Headlines or in general take that plunge And ask Alex in that description below Alex is always a great resource for all Things web 3 and the metaverse and that About does it for today as always I've Been your gravelly voice Andrew and We'll see all of your beautiful shining Faces tomorrow


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