Does ChatGPT’s new voice assistant sound too much like Scarlett Johansson? | TechCrunch Minute

Life imitates art but this time things Have gotten a little weird when open AI Debuted its GPT 40 model last week which Will support voice and video chats with An AI onlookers noted how similar the Whole thing felt to the movie Her in Which Wen Phoenix falls in love with an AI assistant named Sam who's voiced by Scarlett Johansson but one of open ai's Assistants named Sky sounded a lot like Sam from her here's where things get Fishy on Monday open AI announced it Would remove the voice of sky because it Sounded too similar to Scarlet Johansson Open AI said we believe that AI voices Should not deliberately mimic a Celebrity's distinctive voice Sky's Voice is not an imitation of Scarlet Johansson but belongs to a different Professional actress using her own Natural speaking voice to protect their Privacy we cannot share the names of our Voice talents but then later that Evening scarjo comes out and says that Actually open aai CEO Sam Alman Approached her in September about being The voice for the new model of chat GPT Johansson said in a statement quote he Told me that he felt that by my voicing The system I could bridge the gap Between tech companies and creatives and Help consumers to feel comfortable with The seismic shift concerning humans in AI he said he felt that my voice would

Be comforting to people the actress did Consider it but she ultimately passed on Alman's offer so she was surprised when 9 months later people in her personal Life told her how surprised they were That Sky's voice sounded so similar to Hers Johansson hired a lawyer to Confront Altman and open AI about how They created sky and open AI ended up Discontinuing the voice quote out of Respect for Miss Johansson so shout out To scarjo for coming through with the Receipts but speaking of receipts Johansson specifically called out Altman For tweeting the word her as the new Chat GPT model was unveiled honestly you Got a hand to him I cannot understate How remarkable it is to get in trouble For a one-word threel tweet that's an Elite level of posting that even Elon Musk has not reached like he did go to Court over a tweet of his but that one Had two sentences so get good Elon also Can we take a moment to acknowledge how Weird it is that open AI is trying to Emulate the movie Her meanwhile meta Employees joining the VR division used To get a copy of the dystopian novel Ready Player one I think we're missing The point Scarlett Johansson did the Right thing by coming forward about her Talks with open AI as she notes in her Statement in a time when we are all Appling with deep fakes and the

Protection of our own likeness our own Work our own identities I believe these Are questions that deserve absolute Clarity not all artists are able to Generate this much buzz when they feel Like their work is being appropriated by AI without their consent so good on Joe Hanson for drawing attention to this Issue and it surely won't be the last Time we see something like this go down


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