Do THIS to Make $1000 in 24 Hours! Friend.Tech Crypto App (walkthrough)

Friendtech is the hottest viral crypto App right now it allows anybody to buy And sell shares of your favorite X Twitter accounts people are making crazy Amounts of ethereum making profiles on This app I've made over one ethereum so Far I've only had it a few days by People buying and selling shares of my Profile and the shares that I bought Into are now worth over 20 each this is The definitive video how to create a Friend Tech account how to bridge onto Ethereum's L2 base everything you need To know on how to make money on this Thing save this video send it to a Friend this video is all you need take Two seconds like the video If you Appreciate this on friendtech you earn Money in two ways number one buying Shares of people you like and selling Them for a profit similar to trading Tokens in this case social tokens number Two if you're a content creator on this App if you have a profile you get a 50 Fee share with the platform so the app Charges a 10 fee for all trades 50 Percent of that so five percent goes Directly into your wallet and this can Really add up and put some money in your Pocket why would somebody want to buy a Share of somebody on Twitter though Because you get direct access to a Private chat with them friendtech is Literally a Marketplace for your friends

Owning shares gives you access to Private chats with the person whose Shares you own they can send out a Message which every Holder will see and They can see all holders messages to Them however holders can't see each Other's messages at this point only the Content creator themselves will see how Functionality on this app develops Though imagine buying a share of Elon Musk imagine buying a share of Andrew Tate Olivia Rodrigo or Taylor Swift Having direct access to a private chat With them how much would that be worth To some invaluable a lot of money for Instance just the other day I bought a Share of popular music artists Blau he's Dropping exclusive unreleased content That he's still working on Just for People in his private chat if you buy a Share of my account altcoin daily i o Just like my Twitter handle you get Direct access to me you can suggest Content for the channel you can tell me What coins you want me to research you Can ask me a direct question so you Should create an account and try this Out let's get into it how do I create a Friend Tech account friend Tech is on Coinbase's ethereum layer 2 base so You're going to need some bass ethereum It's not hard I'm going to show you how Right now step one get some ethereum you Can buy ethereum on coinbase bit get

Binance Kraken anywhere where ethereum Is sold feel free to use mybit get or Coinbase links below step two you need To bridge that ethereum to become base Ethereum the layer 2. there are Different ways you can Bridge you can Use a bridge service something like Synapse protocol or I find a very easy Way to do this is download coinbase's Hot wallet basically their version of Metamask I like it for this because Coinbase makes bridging to base very Easy step 3 transfer that ethereum Wherever you got it into your coinbase Hot wallet step 4 click Bridge step five Make sure everything's correct ethereum To base put the correct amount of bass Ethereum you want to have you only need Like 20 bucks or less to set up a Profile for friend Tech but if you want To buy other people's shares you're Going to need as much base ethereum as That takes click next click Bridge step Six get ready to send that base ethereum From your wallet into the friendtech app Let me show you how to set up the Friendtech app so the friendtech app is In beta right now so you're going to Need an invite code to get on either ask A friend who just created a friend Tech Account who just received a fresh set of Invite codes or I find searching friend Tech invite codes on Twitter on the Latest tab you can get one people want

To show their invite codes to you so They get points for the friend Tech Airdrop so get the code get on your Phone type in it's going to Ask you to add the icon to your home Screen do it from there you'll be able To access the app send base ethereum From your wallet to the friend Tech app Wallet you get to Mint your first share Of yourself basically for free and you Can now start buying into other people's Account shares again people trade your Shares and make a percentage commission From those trades from fees so far I've Earned a little over three e cryptocalio Says some of the highest volume traded Accounts like Kobe have earned over 40 Eth by the way these numbers are Probably much more now if you're a Trader and you want to dig into the Charts and try and find an edge buying And selling shares of various accounts I Like it's a great free Tool to help you do that here are my Shares charted since Inception send it To New highs with haste one of the most Promising upside features from the app Is that they're airdropping points to You for being active on the app they Have yet to reveal what the points will Get you here are my points so far from Being active if you prefer a desktop Version of this app these are Instructions on how to access the

Interface on your desktop I got this Info from buying shares into some of my Favorite accounts bookmark this video For when you're ready to set up your Profile this app is only a couple weeks Old still in beta so I think there's Plenty of risk reward upside like this Video if you got value today send it to A friend post on social media subscribe To our YouTube channel altcoin daily we Post a video on crypto every day stay Informed by subscribing to our YouTube Channel and make sure you buy a share of Me altcoin daily i o same exact username As my ax Twitter account see you in my Private chat where I'll be dropping more Crypto Alpha


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