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[Music] There's many other events out there all Throughout the year rest the world but If you really want and are engaged and Focus on early stage startup there's no Better place to be there's going to be a Lot of people thinking about what to do Next and since we are one of the Premier Technology companies in the world would Like to talk to this crowd about what we Have coming and being here at Tech Crunch gives us a chance to work with Literally the frontier of companies that Are coming up with new innovation new Ideas so looking at disruption other Industries and how those are fling into The space sector are absolutely Essential to the Aerospace Corporation It's a really important audience for us It's also why our startup program exists Because we want to help those companies Early on and this is where we find them And get in touch with them so we can Help them grow anybody and everybody Who's in the startup space is here They're in a mood to talk to each other Network connect learn more about each Other this is both high impact and super Internet a lot of invest here too so if You're looking for money I think that's Also a good place to Be transformative explosive engaged Inspire inspiring we just dropped as the OG of startup

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