Disrupt International Pavilions

This is where like people like Like-minded talented and smart people Meet that some great things happen you Can meet with potential investors Potential customers and potential Partners it's a good place to actually Interact with most of the founders most Of the teams that are looking to scale Up their technology teams the startup Culture is very different compared to Japan so it's great for them to come Here see everything in person talk to People and learn as much as possible This is such a great place for companies That connect with us they're always is Asking about which events they should go To and Tech crunch is the suggestion That we always give them we've already Had quite a lot of talks and we found a Few people potential for like partners That could do research together you Already connect by the value check and I Think that's like the passion part is Good we get to talk to the local client Understand what are their needs and what Words they use to express the problem so It's a really really good experience to Build those connections and capitalize On those later they're bright minds and Brightest startups are today here on This conference I mean we were so proud To be a part of this delegation and to Be exactly here on this conferences There is no better way to have your

Boots on the ground here in San Francisco the mecca of [Music] Innovation Tech crunch is Serendipity Electric inspiring to Passion excitement And Connection


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