Disrupt Berlin DAY 1

2000 companies have you seen some great Exits that you want to mention Uh yeah we've had quite a few exits um Over the last two years I think we had Five exits that were listed in the top 30 list that we shared so we had one That was acquired by Magic leap it was a Company doing virtual reality Conferencing solution uh company Um called Nemesis and it was in the Ubisoft program so Ubisoft does a lot of Great Technologies not only in gaming But also in kind of in the virtual Reality space and we had another uh Company that was acquired by La bunkua I Mentioned earlier Kronos care that was Acquired by a U.S company as well so We've actually had quite a few Acquisitions and we also have Acquisitions that people choose not to Make public so in our first year we had Probably something around 12 Acquisitions only two were made public And I think probably one of my favorite Acquisition stories even though it now Dates back to the first six months of Station F was a company acquired by sap Recast AI chatbot solution founded by a Female founder under 30 years of age so Is it taking all the right boxes for you It's ticking a lot of the right boxes it Has more boxes to take cool


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