Discord has become a center for the genAI boom | TechCrunch

Is it just me or did Discord Accidentally turn into a SAS company for AI startups stay with me on this one Discord was founded as a place for People to play games together to Communicate with friends in large group Settings basically like if slack was Cool but now it seems like some of the Hottest generative AI startups are Building on top of Discord through Discord's offerings for app developers Companies like vigle and mid Journey Have become some of the most dominant on The platform outputting thousands of AI Generated images and videos in response To users prompts every day by using Discord these young companies can scale Out to millions of users faster than if They just built their own infrastructure Mid Journey hosts the biggest server on Discord with over 20 million users and According to CB insights mid Journey Could be worth over $10 billion and it's All running on a platform that was Originally built to help people Communicate with their League of Legends Teammates a newer company on Discord Word vigle could be the next new big Thing in generative AI when it opened Its server in March it had a few Thousand users but now at the end of May It has 3 million users if you saw that Meme based on lotti's walk out that's Bigle as founder Hong true told Tech

Crunch we're focusing on building what We call the controllable video Generation model when we generate Content we want to control precisely how The character moves or how the scene Looks we also talked to discord's VP of Product Ben shankin about this Unexpected twist in the company's Trajectory he told us it's not easy for Any type of company to scale but Discord Is built for that type of scale and We're able to help them absorb that Pretty well even though the server for a New app like vigle is bigger than the Servers for League of Legends and Valerant combined Discord still sees Connecting groups of friends as its Primary focus but lending infrastructure To some of the biggest generative AI Companies can't hurt


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